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Survivors - a dog based rp Empty Survivors - a dog based rp

Post by Shadow on Sat Jul 05, 2014 11:47 am

Survivors - a dog based rp Coolte19

Hello, Guest!

The world we all were used to had changed. Look at the streets, rotten flesh of the twolegs is still decaying there. Well, not for too long, trust me. I´ve seen so many of them, falling, collapsing, dying. But... something was different. They didn´t die for some reasons. No. Instead, they woke, up, attacking every living creature who get in their way. There are no `special´ ones. If you die, either by them or in quite ´natural´ways, you WILL turn. It doesn´t really matter if you´re dog, cat or human. Everyone turns into one. However, there are some different kind of these things. Some we call "Runners" due to their abnormal great agility. If i say abnormal, i really mean abnormal. Trust me, i tried to run away from them, it´s impossible. You have to trick them. These brainles creatures are the siliest things i´ve ever seen. However, don´t underestimate them; NEVER! If they graze you with their teeth or eventually bite you, you can say good.bye to the world and the only thing you can do is killing yourself instead of turning into one of them. It´s better to die with a sane mind then killing innocent creatures. The Runners are the one´s who just become one of them or is just infected for several years. If they´re infected and survive pretty long (over 4 months) they´ll turn nastier, some kind of mushrooms will grown all around their frames. We call them "Clickers". Clickers, you ask? Well, we called them so because they´re using the same technique to find their `prey` as bats. All the time they´re making these Click Click Click thing. You should better hide and DON`T MAKE SUDDEN MOVES OR NOISES! The Clickers are deviantly strong. Their strength must have grown while they had the Virus inside them but well, i´m not a scientist or something like that. I´m just a regular dog who lost his master in this sick world. Actually i killed him, but we´re getting off the track. Well, if you ever, ever, ever, ever see a Bloater, say your last prayers, because you will die. The Bloaster is an infected creature who has been infected for over 1 year. Yeah, a pretty long time for such a fatso, huh? I´ve seen one, one time and i already settle my affairs. I really thought: I HAVE TO DIE, but, as you can see, i´m alive. You wanna hear how i outrun that monstrum? Oh dear, you have to find that out yourself. But lemme tell you one last thing about the Bloaters: No one can handle such strong beasts like them. No one...
one last advise before i´ll leave you: Sometime´s you should rather watch out the livings then the deads.
Well, if we´re done now, i shall welcome you into the sick world we call `Live`. Have fun and don´t loose your head. Literally.

 It doesn´t matter what kind of breed you are, as long as you´re 90% dog! You can just be 10% wolf, however, you can of course be a mix of two or more breeds of dogs.

Swearing is allowed, but please, i don´t wanna see them in every post/sentence! So keep them acceptable and minimum. Since this is an apocalypse based Rp, there might be some gory scenes here.

You can just have ONE character first. If i see you´re pretty active here and you really want a secondary character, you can pm me and i´ll consider whether it will be accepted or declined.

 No godmodding! So don´t control anyone´s character, kill Clickers/Bloasters with one hit or by yourself and be immortal. You´re not Superman, so please, don´t act like you are.

 100 words per post! I know, we don´t have any word requirements in our main rp but i just don´t want to see post with just 50 words or something like that. I know we all can do it! cx

 No chat speak! No smiles, no `lol`,`lmao`, or `brb`s, please.

▶ If you already chose a dog breed you wanted to rp with, please regard their health. So you should have some knowledge what your dog can do and what not!

 Secret word is: Woof! Woof!

 Have Fun!


The Living Dead: The Living Dead is the Alpha of the pack. He´s the one who will command the providers when they can go, where they do go and for what they´ll go. Often these dominant Leaders are one of the most valuable part of the pack due to their excperience and strenght. What this canine says is law!
General: Is the second in charge. This canine is choosen by the Living Dead and has almost the same privileges than the Leader, though, can´t command the Providers where they should go and search for food but they can go and check some new areas with or without  the Alpha, of course just if the Alpha allows them to.
Provider: The Providers are the Hunters of the pack. It´s pretty dangerous to hunt in such a sick world so often the Living Deads are ordering them where they should go etc. Though, this is one of the most dangerous ranks you can have. Often things change and the predator becomes the prey. Watch out for the humans, doesn´t matter if infected or not. Fact is; They all are hungry and wouldn´t hesitate to gore an arrow through your body.
Healer: These Canines have an extraordinary knowledge of drugs and herbs. They´re pretty important for the pack, since they can avoid unnecessary deaths what would case some new infected at the camp. Also they should better know the symptoms of the infected one´s so the pack can get rid of the already infected canines as soon as possible (symptoms: Poor vision, some growths around the head, headaches, insanity, etc).
Combatant: Just like the name says, these are the one´s who will kill the Runners and Stalkers when they´re too close to their camp. Though, no Combatant will ever kill any infected creatures, doesn´t matter if dog, cat or human, they´ll always kill the infected ones in groups (minimum 2 wolves!)
Followers: These are dogs who can´t either fight or hunt (Pups, mothers, yearlings etc). They´ll often stay at the camp and maybe, just if they want to, examine some buildings nearby (of course with some combatants as guards) to find some useful things like water, bottles, drugs (yeah, our dogs can use drugs instead herbs) or food. The younger canines will just train at the camp (yearlings) or just play and enjoy their puphood (pups).

Important Informations:

For humans that have been exposed to a mutated strain of Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis, the fungus attacks the brain and begins to alter the behavior of its host. The host will then go through four different stages of infection: Runner, Stalker, Clicker, and Bloater; each stage is more dangerous than the last.
The infection is also spread directly through contact with an Infected or via their corpse - that is, the infectious spores created by the Cordyceps and released from the host's body upon death. Spore development is the last stage in the life cycle of the Infected. This lifeless carcass serves as a breeding ground for the fungus to spread throughout the environment. When an Infected feels it is close to death, it will find dark, moist corners to die in. While this may be the end of the line for the host, the fungus will live on.
In order for the fungus to infect a host body, the host must first be alive, dead victims who come into contact with the infection do not undergo transformation.

All of the infected are weak to fire.(
Runners: Runners still can feel and think, however, they don´t have any control over themselves. Their vision is becoming poor, therefore their speed is rising. So be aware in their company and try not to make any sounds, since they have to trust their hear abilitys. Runners CAN still feel pain and KNOW what they´re doing.
Stalkers: Stalkers have the same speed and vision of Runners but DON`T have conscience anymore. They have some growths of the fungus over their faces (it often covers one eye) and are VERY dangerous! They´ll attack you without hesitation after they identyfied your location so be careful! (1 week after infection)
Clickers: Clickers are even more aggressive and dangerous then Stalkers. Due to the fact that the fungus already growed all over their face, except their mouths, Clickers utilize echolocation to maneuver themselves through their areas or just to detect any sources of sounds. If they sense any noise around, they won´t go and check every corner until they finally find their prey. (4 months after infection)
Bloaters: Are the fourth, final and most dangerous stage of the infected. They´re also extremely aggressive and strong, though are rather slow-moving what causes them to be more predictable than other infected. Like Clickers Bloaters ´see´using echolocation to locate and trap a survivors. They´re covered by thick fungus which makes it nearly impossible to kill them. The Bloaters will either grab you, rip your jaws apart by using brute force, or smash your head if one of them really accomplish to grab you. There is no way to defend yourself if grabbed. They´ll also throw sacks of toxin, produced by many fungi in the real world. 

Survivors - a dog based rp 45a4f97ddb96cd4adf7696ae7f5082d9

Joining Application:

Name of Character:
Appearence (Fur, Eye Color, Build, etc):
Do you wish to be in the pack or to fend for yourself?
(Desired Rank:)
Anything else?:
Secret Word:

Just pm me your filled application and i´ll either accept it or decline it. After that, i´ll  add your bio right here so others can easily see it.


Member count: 6


Username: Jeamesero

Name of Character: Joey

Nickname: Jo

Gender: Male

Age: 1 ½ years old

Breed: Bohemian shepherd

Appearance (Fur, Eye Color, Build, etc): A black coat with brown markings and brown eyes. He has a bit more fluffy fur around his neck and ears, which both stand up straight.


Personality: Joey is a really happy and cheerful guy, very playful and energetic; a real pup even though he’s already getting closer to adulthood. He’s really friendly and has a lot of trust in almost anyone, trusting others way too easily and too quick. Joey’s as loyal as a dog should be, always taking orders from older and bigger dogs and taking care of the small, protecting them. He will never back down from other dogs when they threat him, but instead he will happily wag his tail and go greet them, as naïve as this dog is. The only thing he backs down for are those runners, clickers and boaters as they are called, because those were the ones that attacked him when he came outside. But overall it’s a very sweet and caring dog, mentally too young for his actual age, who loves to make friends and who hopes to one day become happy again and find a new owner. Because, Joey is a dog that never gives up hope.

Past: Joey was born in a litter of three, with him being the youngest and smallest. His mother was a Bohemian shepherd and his father a German shepherd. Both his siblings were German shepherds, just like their father, but Joey was just like his mother a Bohemian shepherd.

Around eight weeks old he was put for sale by his former owners and his siblings were bought by someone else first. He stayed there for another week with his mother, never able to see his father because his former owners thought his father would not see his children as his. After that week of being without his siblings a few people came to see him, but they all left. Another week later when he was ten weeks old, his former owners began to give up on selling him and decided to keep him, but just as they wanted to give him a name a woman called and asked if there were still pups for sale. They decided to try it one more time before keeping the pup themselves.

A woman came along, probably the woman who called the other day, together with her thirteen years old son. It was the boy’s birthday and he was allowed to have a dog as birthday present. The pup was first a bit scared, as he had always hidden in the corner of the room when strangers came along, but slowly he came up to meet the boy, and he immediately felt a lot safer.

The boy adopted him and called him Joey, promising his mother he would take good care of the pup. Soon after coming home his new owner gave Joey a fun and soft bed near his own, so the pup could always sleep near him. he got plushies and snacks and food but soon there came no snacks anymore as the boy didn’t go outside together with his mom or alone that often. Sometimes he went out and came back with fruit or meat to feed his precious dog but Joey didn’t like that kind of food. Still there was no other food around which he liked, so he ate it all anyway because he knew he would starve if he didn’t. Soon Joey found out he was the boy’s most precious possession, and the kid’s only friend. The boy had a disorder, and having Joey around him made him feel safe, calm and responsible for once, he felt more needed. And Joey loved his job as the boy’s assistance dog (seizure response dog due to the boy’s epileptic attacks), he loved the kid.

But one thing out there was something Joey didn’t like at all; people got attacked on the streets and died, but they came back as something else, they smelled nasty and they scared Joey. Due to the dangers outside the boy and his mother stayed in the house all day and only went out to find food for them and the dog. Joey was forced to stay in one room when things outside became worse than he had ever imagined, just like he had to ten weeks after his birth. He couldn’t go outside anymore after staying with them for a few months, as it became way too dangerous outside for him. His owner sometimes came in the room to pet him and to feed him, something cuddling while crying, rocking back and forth broken. But soon after he would leave again and Joey would be all alone in that room.

One day the boy came back in the room, crying like never before. Joey soon came to realize that his mother had died while looking for food, killed by one of those horrible things Joey was afraid of so bad. The kid cried again, holding Joey, now a yearling, in his lap and rocking back and forth. His sobs were nothing like Joey had ever heard before so he tried to calm his owner by licking his face, but all the boy did was pushing him away.

After what seemed like hours of crying and whining the kids left the room, but came back with a gun. Joey sat there in the corner, watching his owner pointing the gun at him. He didn’t feel scared, because he had always strongly believed his owner would protect him, even though now it was different.

However, the boy hesitated and looked at the gun, lowering it; he couldn’t kill his own dog, his only and best friend in the whole world. So instead the boy walked over to Joey and took off the yearling’s green colored collar, petting the pup’s head. He then opened the door of the room and the only window in the room and smiled weakly at t5he yearling; he was giving the dog two options to flee. Then the kid spoke to Joey, his soft voice like a whisper but so raw with sad feelings, like his soul had broken. He said to Joey ‘’I love you, buddy’’ and brought the gun up to his own head, pulling the trigger.

The gunshot and the spilled blood on the carpet and the walls made Joey jump in fear and he howled in sadness and terror, running to his owner and nuzzling him sorrowful. But the boy didn’t wake up, how much Joey tried to wake him, how much he begged for the kid to open his eyes and pet him, cuddle him. he was dead and Joey was now on his own. No owner, no house, no food. How could he survive?

In fear he left his owner’s dead body and ran down the hallway, but soon he saw that the front door was locked. Bumping into it a few good times didn’t open it either, so the yearling ran back upstairs and once more he cuddled with the boy’s corpse. After laying there for three hours Joey lifted his head to the sound of barking dogs outside. Raising to his paws he walked over to the opened window and tried to look outside, but it was too high.

He tried to lift his front paws to make himself taller and look through it, but he guessed that was no use either. So he jumped out of the window, onto the flat roof. Looking down he saw dogs, wild ones and they seemed to accept his presence as they barked for him to come. Joey decided to go meet them, jumping down the roof. He fell but seemed to be alright and he happily went to meet the wild dogs, wagging his tail.

But after meeting them he wanted to get back up to his dead owner, still hoping for the boy to wake up. However, the roof he had jumped from was too high and once he checked the front door he realized it was locked. Howling in sadness he knew he would never see his owner again, not even his dead body and die alongside him. He would be lonely, no owner, no house, no snacks and food like his owner used to give him.

Sitting there, hungry and tired, for three more days, the memories of his now dead owner slowly seemed to fade, and the calling of the wild dogs grew stronger. Joey decided to join them and went along with them, looking one last time at the house he used to live in; he was now free, a wild dog, but he would never forget his lovely owner, his best friend. The boy would stay in his mind forever.

Do you wish to be in the pack or to fend for yourself? Pack please~

(Desired Rank:) Nothing really, he’s still not really an adult yet.

Anything else?: When he’s in danger (I mean when the monsters come) or when someone else’s in danger he will get too terrified to even turn around and run. Instead he will freeze on the spot and lay down there, shivering until the last moment. When he’s close to death he will finally start fleeing and he’s always just in time (or someone else comes to save him just in time).


Username: Sirius

Name of Character: Huang Di

Nickname: Emperor

Gender: Male

Age: 7 Years Old

Breed: Tibetan Mastiff / Samoyed Mix

Appearence (Fur, Eye Color, Build, etc): Huang Di is a massive dog with golden fur, especially around his neck which resembles a lion's mane. His size, broad face and loud bark makes him stand out more towards the rest. His long golden fur shimmers under the light, though thick and dense it is very soft and comfortable to cuddle up with. Though no longer a young adult, the old dog can still stand his own grounds. His robust body makes it so that he can be defensive when it comes to protecting his comrades. Large paws to give powerful blows on his enemies, they can pack a punch if Huang Di lands a hit on it's weak spot. His fluffy tail is somewhat long due to his Samoyed genes, and it lays relaxing on his back. Overall, he's looks are much like a pure Tibetan Mastiff and the only difference is his longer tail and muzzle. Huang Di's bark can be extended to a howling bark when he needs to make a longer call. 


Survivors - a dog based rp Med_4e6d53d1b9724
Personality: Huang Di may look fierce but he is really gentle and caring.
 He would care and look out for the youths, watching their backs even in the distants. He is very protective of those he loves, especially his human. His mind sees the world with the memories of his beloved human. He knows that she is safe, and longs to return to her side. He is very wise and knows when to make the right decisions. Huang Di rarely get angry and is very patient with everyone, he prefers speech over violence among comrades.

Past: Huang Di lived all his life in a small family of four. When he was born, a pair of humans picked him to be their child's companian. He was given to a 10 year old girl on her birthday. The girl's name is Avalon and she adored him like an emperor, hence his name Huang Di. The two of them played together and were never apart. And on Huang Di's 5th birthday, Avalon presented him with a sash. The same sash Avalon wore when she was little, it was too short for her now but perfect for Huang Di. Three years passed enjoybly for both Avalon and Huang Di, but then a virus broke out which forced Avalon's family to move away. They had to leave Huang Di behind since pets aren't allowed to be moved as well. Avalon was heartbroken to be forced away and leave Huang Di in the dangerous enviroment. She even threatened to go suicide if Huang Di didn't come with her. But it was no use as Avalon was dragged into a car and taken away. Huang Di howl-barked until the vechicle vanished from his sight. He still wore the sash Avalon gave him, it was the only thing that help him feel that she is still there with him. Huang Di made a promise to him and her that they will reunite one day, then the dog moves off in search of other pets that are left behind.

Do you wish to be in the pack or to fend for yourself? : Pack

(Desired Rank: Follower )

Anything else?: Huang Di wears a white sash which hangs around his neck and both ends come down close to his front paws. The sash was given to him by his human on his 5th birthday. Huang Di speaks fluently in his native language, Chinese. But his english is a bit off, so when he speaks he tends to throw in a bit of his native language when he doesn't know a word in English. He knows things by the name of his native language but not sure in English.


Username: Kahlua

Name of Character: Mackenzie

Nickname: Kenzi

Gender: Female

Age: Two and a half years

Breed: Irish Wolfhound

Appearance (Fur, Eye Color, Build, etc): Mackenzie is very tall at 32 inches at the shoulder and weighing 115lbs. She's very slim and lithe with long legs that make her very quick and agile. Her white fur is slightly long and coarse and her eyes are a dark green.

Reference: Survivors - a dog based rp Tumblr_m97aiyVbIY1qcb074

Personality: Like most Irish Wolfhounds, Kenzi is very gentle and she doesn't care for fighting. Naturally she is always happy to help others and she almost never asks for anything in return. However, since growing up in such a hostile environment she has become more reserved and cautious than usual. Since she left to find her own way she has met more violent canines than friendly ones so she has learned not to trust others like she did before. Now she avoids contact with others as much as she can. If she ever finds a place she feels safe, then her normal personality may resurface.

Past: Mackenzie was born into this dangerous world with her four siblings, Kae, Kiara, Kale, and Kana. Mackenzie was the only white pup of the bunch with the others being grey, black or fawn. Her mother, Kara, was black with green eyes and her father, Kane, was dark grey with brown eyes.

Kenzi was one of the lucky ones; she had survived her puphood and was now an adult along with Kale. Most of her other siblings hadn't been so lucky. Kiara and Kae had been bitten by a Stalker as yearlings and Kana was killed by a Bloater. Once Kenzi and Kale hit two years old, they decided to head out on their own and try to find some place to live as peacefully as they could.

Do you wish to be in the pack or to fend for yourself? In the pack eventually, but she's gonna start out alone and very distrusting of other survivors(bad experiences).

Desired Rank: Provider


Username: Shadow

Name of Character: Joel

Nickname: Jo

Gender: Male

Age: roughly 4 years

Breed: Doberman x Rottweiler

Appearence (Fur, Eye Color, Build, etc): Joel has, like most Dobermans, a pure obsidian black pigmented canvas with rusty red eyebrows and snout. Also his four limbs have ´sock´like markings, shaded in a rusty red, too. Joel has a pretty masculine, muscular and noble appearence, though since he´s a breed of a Rottweiler as well, which is a pretty broad breed, he has the typical strenght of a full blooded Rottie and the swiftness and endurance of a Doberman. Joels iris is shaded in a mix of Chestnut and Mahogany pigments. He´s 28 inches tall (shoulder height) and weighs 100 lbs.


Personality: Ruthless: Joel does not feel any kind of compassion for the infected one´s. He´ll kill everyone when he believes they´re infected.

Sarcastic: Even if Joel was born in a world where humor isn´t really common, he often state some pretty sarcastic comments. But don´t understand him wrong, he can also be a pretty harsh and strict person, too. Just don´t take everything to heart what he says, alright?

Independent: This Brute pretty much enjoy lonesomeness after his Master died and also he´s pretty good on his own. Determined and strong-willed would describe him pretty well.

Past: Abandoned by his family while he was only 8 weeks old, he patheticly crawled over the ground, whimpering, crying. Just as Joel almost died by starvation, a black silhoette slowly moved in his direction. The little pup was sure, his life was over and there was just one question he could ask himself: Will he die either of starvation or will that Runner tear his limbs apart? The answer was: None of them. Just as the Runner arrived by him and lunged for Joel´s little frame, a loud, thunderous noise scared the little pup almost out of his wits. An accurate shot right through the head and the Runner collapsed onto the ground. Dead. „Na kleiner Mann.“ the mysterious voice addressed the scared Joel. However, he understood that this man saved his life and his little, raven black tail started to wag as he crawled forward toward the stranger in front of him. The stranger took him to a camp where the man raised him with maybe not much love but still, they had a precious friendship. As Joel was old enough, the man trained him the way how to sense the infected one´s, how to find out who is bitten/infected and how to actually kill them. Practising for over 2 years, they both killed many of them. Doesn´t mattered if Runner, Stalker or Clicker, they could handle everything. Everything... or at least they thought they could. One day, a Bloater, a thing they never had to handle before showed up and was dangerously near their camp. They had to do something before it would actually arrive their camp and destroy the only place Joel and his master belonged to. So armed with many guns and weapons, his master explained him his plan, how he would set him in fire first and then shot him down. Though, he said that Joel should better wait at the camp for his return. The Brute woofed some arguments but well, how could his master understand him? So the human tie him up, just in case if Joel would follow him, and went away, determined to get rid off the Bloater. The fight was vicious but in the end, his master really accomplished to kill the Bloater. As he came back, Joel was welcoming him like a dog would always do, his tail wagged he woofed sometimes, happy to see his master, Alive! „Ich sagte doch... ich würde zurück kommen... oh gott... ich muss mich... hinsetzten“ The Brute tilted his head as his master mumbled these words while he released him. Joel´s master let himself slowly onto the ground, his hands covering his head while he moaned sometimes. Immediately Joel´s chestnut optics widened as he saw the swollen scratch on his masters hand. It was clear, no doubt that he was infected. „Joel... es... Es tut mir Leid.“ The doberman mix knew what he had to do. He had to kill his master before he would turn. It was the same thing Joel would wanted if his master had the choice to either kill him or let him turn. Better to die with a sane mind, right? With a low whimper inside his maw, he locked his jaws around his masters neck and closed them firmly. „Es tut mir Leid...“ the Human whispered one more time before he closed his eyelids closed, forever. After his loss, Joel turned more aggressive, aloof and actually independent from others. With the attidude to kill every infected runner, stalker, clicker and bloater, he remaind at the camp, preparing for his next kill.

Do you wish to be in the pack or to fend for yourself? In the Pack

(Desired Rank:) The Living Dead

Anything else?: Joel is wearing a silverish collar (Reference). Also Joel can speak german


Username: Cassiel

Name of Character: Chrono

Nickname: None

Gender: Male

Age: 2 years, 4 months

Breed: Siberian Husky

Appearence (Fur, Eye Color, Build, etc): Chrono's fur has the standard markings for a ginger Siberian husky, meaning he has brown-colored markings on his dorsal, upper thighs, nape, ears, and the top of his head, while everything else is white. He suffers from heterochromia, meaning he has two different colored eyes; his right eye is a shockingly-light blue -- greatly lacking in melanin, and his left eye is a deep brown color. As for his build, well. Chrono has a long, muscular frame with slender legs. He was built for running, and while he can hold his own in a fight, fighting isn't necessarily his strong point.


Personality: Chrono has an upbeat, energetic personality that edges on annoying. He certainly is an optimist, and tries his hardest to bring everyone's spirits up. He understands that times are difficult, and well, he wants to be the one who's always there for people.

Past: Chrono grew up in a litter of three, him being the middle-aged one. He grew up without a father, although his mother was always there for them and tried her hardest to support the three. Chrono's siblings never really appreciated their mother's hard work to support them, but Chrono knew how hard his mother worked. Often times, he'd try to help out as much as he could, even though at the time he really couldn't do much. Sadly, as his siblings grew, they slowly began to despise Chrono more and more. They were convinced he was simply sucking up to their mother, trying to be the favorite, but really they just didn't understand why he was so kind to her. Eventually, when he reached a year old, their mother sent them away to live on their own. Chrono was especially reluctant to leave her, although he knew it wouldn't turn out well if he stuck with her, and so he dispersed from her along with his siblings. He never knew what it was like, to be owned by a human, and honestly the entire concept of being 'owned' just weirds him out.

Do you wish to be in the pack or to fend for yourself?: Pack

(Desired Rank:) Provider

Anything else?: Nope


Username  ::  Snare

Name of Character  ::  Pentobarbital

Nickname  ::  Pento

Gender  ::  Male

Age  ::  2 years old/24 years old human

Breed  ::  Ibizan Hound mutt

Appearence (Fur, Eye Color, Build, etc)  ::  Pento is a medium-sized dog with a very slim and muscular build. His chest is deep, his tail is long and skinny, and his legs and paws are rather small. He has a long, slender snout tipped with a peachy-tan nose, small brown eyes, and large erect bat ears on his head. The very tip of his right ear is limp and flops around. His fur is very, very short and is the base colour of white with some large coppery-red-brown spots on his back and head.

Reference  ::  Survivors - a dog based rp Ibizan-hound

Personality  ::  Pento is very careless, laid back, and naive. He rarely takes things seriously, and doesn't take the time to. The world is just a game to him. Even things like how they are currently and what has happened in the past, he doesn't take seriously and doesn't understand.

He's overly outgoing, confident but not arrogant, friendly, always positive, light-hearted, and rather flirtatious. 

He loves making friends and mingling with the ladies, enjoys getting into trouble, roaming around and enjoying the "view", pups, junkyards/garbage cans, and just about everything.

He dislikes dogs who can't take a joke, serious relationships (basically anything longer than three days), and sitting around.

Past  ::  Pento was born to a stray in the rubbish, poor streets of Colombia. The city was insanely poor with houses that seemed to be staying up with scrap metals and was filled with homeless humands and hundreds of stray dogs. The streets were filled with trash and the scent of the city was horrible, but the site was beautiful. Dozens of litters would be born everyday just to be captured and sent to the dog pound, where all without collars were euthanized.

Just as stated, he was born to a stray mother who had left him and his four other siblings to fend for themselves soon after they weaned. His mother never gave them names, and Pento was always jealous of the dogs with one. He would go about naming himself after human words he thought sounded pretty, such as Cigarette, Bottle-cap, Pavement, and Handlebars (xD). 

He lived a rather laid-back life of digging in trashcans and scaring off the local cats, and even got accepted into several cliches/packs, but was run off every time since he'd do something stupid and get them in trouble. 

When he was around a year of age, Pento roamed as a loner until, after months of running, he was finally caught by the "dog catcher" and sent to a pound.

After hearing lies members of his past cliche would tell him, Pento believed the pound was a great place and had a wonderful thing for him, and the only reason why he ran was because his cliche told him to.

As days went bye, Pento happily said goodbye to his cagemates and the dogs nearby as the humans picked them off one by one, thinking they were all sent to a good home when they were all euthanized. When it was his turn, Pento couldn't be more happier.

The humans handled him a little more rougher than he expected to be, especially when they were going to reward him with a new home, but he let is all happen happily, eager to find a new home.

As they pricked Pento with things that made him very woozy, Pento overheard the humans say the word "Pentobarbital" several times and quickly fell inlove with the name, thinking it was the most beautiful word he has ever heard, and has made it his name for now and ever more.

As time and more pricks went by, the newly-named Pentobarbital hung on to reality as he fought to stay awake, and alive, as he was too excited to nap like the humans wanted him to. He felt guilty about it, but faked his sleep and the humans believed him.

The things they pricked him with would take him in and out of consciousness, occasionally making his body convulse viciously, and taking him in and out of control of his own body. But, being naive like how he is, Pento believed they were just getting him ready for his new home. But, when things got quiet and it seemed it was all over, everything went black.  

He didn't know how long it had been since he was on the pound's metallic, magic table with the humans and their pricky tools of wonder, but he woke up in a small dark black plastic bag in the back of a truck packed with other bags filled with bodies. The situation was very cramped to Pento, has stunk with scents more than just the nasty tiny plastic bags, but he assumed this was just his travel bag and went along with it.

Long story short, the truck crashed and the bags flew out from the back and scattered along the area. Pento wasn't hurt, but he decided this was the place he was suppose to be. He kicked and bite at the bag with his weak, sick body until he burst out to find he was in the middle of nowhere. The truck ride had been so painfully long and Pento was insanely malnourished, so he spent the rest of his year traveling in the wild, unknowing of what happened to the truck and what was to happen to the rest of the world.

Do you wish to be in the pack or to fend for yourself?  Pack, pls.

(Desired Rank:)  Provider

Anything else?  ::  Pentobarbital is the drug used to euthanize dogs. Also Pento can speak Spanish

Username: Deyanira

Name of Character: Deyanira

Nickname: Deya, Nira, Yani

Gender: Female

Age: 3

Breed: Border Collie

Appearence (Fur, Eye Color, Build, etc): The average collie, black and white. Her eyes are blue, like some Collie’s, and she has thick well groomed fur that she cares for often. Agile, common frame and well collected self.


Survivors - a dog based rp 104gr3b
Survivors - a dog based rp 2rvydxv

Personality: She sympathizes for no one. She is loyal and will do her duty but answers to only the highest of rankings. She is determined to survive, always ready to find fire and always on guard. She sees no sense in finding a mate, survival is her first priorate.

Adopted moments after she was 8 weeks old, as well as her four siblings, she still had no name. The pup was brought to a huge mansion and she had her own room. Until she was almost three months old, they did nothing with her, only trained her to hold it until she was outside. Once her owners had owned her for one month, they began training. 
Deya learned her name, sit, and come without a problem. All of the basics, from lay down to roll over to shake a paw. They were simple. By the time she was four months, the real boot camp began. There were walks, she had to stay directly beside her owners. If she barked off command, she would be punished. She learned to stalk, hunt, and kill. She was not fed the days she killed, she was forced to eat her own prey. 
Deyanira was taken to agility classes, hunting classes, and taught all of the weak spots on another dog, and human. She was trained to guard and kill any intruders. Rarely touched, and kept in the basement days and gated by the door during the night. 
Deya was hardly fed. She learned to kill the rats in the basement to feel herself, agile and ready to fight.
When the infection happened, Deyanira's owners had the best doctors to keep the house in condition and the highest security against the drugs. Feeling that they would be safe, they had a child. One day, the owners had to get groceries, they were running low on food. Deyanira knew she would get no dog food, once again. Deya waited until they were back, beside their baby. Neither of the owners looked or smelled healthy. They began walking into things and losing speech. Deya knew the infection had taken them after four years of fighting to stay safe. Deyanira had to kill her owners, even their child. She began with the adults, first the man and then the woman. When she reached the child’s room, there was no sign of infection. Deyanira brought the boy in a blanket and began to pull him through the house, out the door. Before the infection got him too. 
The streets were empty as she pulled the baby through. She kept her scent concentrated on dogs. Fearful that there would be dangers around her and the baby. The two survived in the forest ouside the fenced house for a year, until the child began to speak and scream when anything happened because he was so hungry, though Deyanira had done her best. One morning, a loud explosion woke both of them up. The child began to cry, louder than Deyanira had ever heard. Monsters came from behind every house, every tree, until they were surrounded. The baby stopped crying and reached up to them, knowing it was too late, Deyanira looked at the child. Sadness overwhelmed her at the baby’s sight. He would die. Deyanira had to save herself before the child. She had to find the dogs. She had to protect them and herself. ”I am so sorry child. I will not forget you.” she nuzzled the baby and the baby grabbed her ears. Deyanira chuckled and turned from the baby as sadness overwhelmed her. The child began to cry again but as the first of the infected touched the child, he stopped crying and was picked up and taken to the shadows. Deyanira snarled as a few of the infected began to chase her but as she neared the wreckage of a burning car they all screamed and turned back. This is where Deyanira’s story began with the dogs. She found them. Now she wishes to be with them.
Do you wish to be in the pack or to fend for yourself? In the pack please

(Desired Rank:) Combatant

Anything else?: She’s Spanish :3:3

I was inspired by the game `The Last of us` so of course i´ll give them full credit i also got most of the informations from `´

Survivors - a dog based rp Coolte20

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Post by Maverick on Sat Jul 05, 2014 2:03 pm

Minor roleplay accepted, Shadow! You all may begin roleplaying here ^^

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Post by Shadow on Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:47 pm

Alright, i´ve added the applications of Sirius, Kahlua Jeames and me in the thread. You can go ahead and read them if you want to ^^. Also i´ll open this rp now so lets get this started guys! 
(For anyone who still wanna join, just pm me your application which i will either accept or decline and i´ll add you promptly on the thread! For everyone else, Have fun and enjoy your time <3)

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Post by Shadow on Mon Jul 07, 2014 6:27 pm

A large frame, broad but still noble in appearence, walked slowly through the streets. Where previously were houses are now ruins and the nasty odor of old, rotten flesh was hoovering in the air as Joel made his way back to the camp. `It was pretty much calm today. Just two Runners and one Clicker. Maybe the fence works.` the brute thought as his rear legs pushed him off the ground, through the window, right in the only house which seemed pretty solid and restistance. The doberman mix opened the door to the basement with the towel which was tied up on the doorhandle. That was one of the works of his previous master, to help the dog out if he wasn´t there. Luckily Joel wasn´t one of the dumb canines. He was smart enough to understand that pulling the towel would open the door. So as Joel padded down, after closing the door, he entered the basement. Food was stored in some cans, which he could easily open with his fangs. However, not much was left anymore. He soon had to go out and investigate the other houses. Maybe he would find some cans with beans, since they were actually long durable... or at least that was what his master would tell him often. `Ich sollte später rausgehen und mich mal nach was zum Essen umschauen. Diese scheiss Runner machen die Situation jedoch nicht einfacher für mich. Pfft, naund. Dann reiss ich eben noch mehr von denen den Kopf ab. Mir macht das ganz sicherlich nichts aus!´ a deep growl rumbled inside his throat as he thought about the Runners, how he would tear their heads apart. Although, he was quite lost in that imagination, Joel came back to reality quite soon due to his growling stomach. The dog shook his skull, trying to calm himself down before padding up to the cupboard. Again, he pulled on a towel and the door of it opened, releasing its substance. Cans filled most of it and the left space was filled with water bottles, quite enough to last for months. Even if not, Joel could quickly rush out, over or under the fence and fill some bottles with the water of the lake nearby, before he gets bothered by the infected animals or humans. He even had to watch out some crows, since they ate the carrion of an infected dog, it seemed like they got the virus, too. `Ich sollte mir was gegen diese Miestviecher überlegen.` he thought as he placed his jaws around the can, carefully taking it down. As he successfully placed the can down, he shred it open, beans spreaded over the ground. The dobermann ate every single bean, he wouldn´t waste food in such a crisis where he could barely find some. After his ´meal´, Joel padded toward the already haywire couch and jumped on it, laying down in a comfortable position, his skull placed on his fore legs. His eyelids slowly dropped and the lonely doberman fell asleep.

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Post by Guest on Sat Jul 12, 2014 11:12 am

A large noble canine padded along the empty streets. Looking around for any signs of danger. Huang Di doesn't run very fast so has to be on his best guard. Already the dog had ran into a few Runners earlier. He had managed to take them all down, now he is starving. His scarf swayed to the side as the wind blew. ‘時間差不多了。。。該回家了。’ he thought in his native language. Though living in a place where English is the main language, Huang Di often spoke in that language as he and his mistress' family all came from a foreign land. The noble canine turns to another street and walks into a house. Through a secret hole in the wall that is hidden behind some steel material. Huang Di walks into the kitchen and stuck his head into one of the cabinets, he then pulls out a tiny bag of marshmallows. He knew the term 'Supermarket', where his mistress went for new things. He had once been there as they took him in a ‘車’ (Car) before and he knew the way there. So every now and then, Huang Di would move around to that place and take home foods that haven't turned bad yet. He ripped open the package and eats every single one of the soft sugar. Then he went up the stairs, on the second floor there is also a ladder up. The dog went up the ladder and entered the attic. There was a large cushion as well as a refillable water bowl. Huang Di opened the tap and closed when when his water bowl was full. The old dog took a good drink and turns to close the attic door, he then pulls a big heavy trunk case over the closed entrance. Huang Di got into his comfortable cushion and lays his head down. ‘晚安。。。’ he thought to himself before closing his eyes, slumber taking over.

Translation: 1. It's almost time...I should be going home now. 2. Goodnight...

(Huang Di's refillable water bowl ^^)
Survivors - a dog based rp Rpi_sir_aqua_in_use

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Post by Kahlua on Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:50 am

Survivors - a dog based rp 2vakyol
Long white legs shone in the sunlight as they carried the slim body across the ground. A loud clicking noise could be heard behind the Irish Wolfhound as she raced down the street. She had made a mistake. She had been in too much of a hurry and she hadn't been as careful as she needed to be and the Clicker had noticed her. Which led her to running for her life through the city. She ran down a couple more blocks before taking a sharp turn into an alleyway. The moment she made the turn she realized it was a mistake. She slid to a stop before she could run headlong into the huge brick wall blocking her path.

Looking up, she couldn't even see the top. Fear rushed through her as she tried to think of something to do. She heard a scuffling noise and glanced to her left; a cat had slipped out behind the trashcans and darted into a hole in the side of the wall. Kenzi hurried to examine it. It was small, but it looked like she just might be able to squeeze through. Just then she heard the clicking again and without a second thought, she scrambled through the hole. After several moments of struggling, she managed to slip through to the other side. She took several steps forward and then glanced behind her. The Clicker was too big to fit.

With a sigh she hurried away from that place. She didn't know if the Clicker would be able to find it's way around, but she didn't want to be there to find out. She quickly loped away, her heart beating fast and her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she panted from her exertion. As the adrenaline rush faded, she realized she was exhausted and starving. She had managed to find a small pond the previous day so she was good on water for the moment, but she hadn't eaten in several days and she was beginning to feel the effects. She felt lightheaded and her vision blurred sometimes. She needed to find food and soon.

(( I would appreciate it if those who use a foreign language in their post would include a translation at the bottom. ))

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Post by Dawn on Mon Jul 14, 2014 4:21 am

Paws padded silently in the shadows, wary of every sound, every rustle in the leaves. She inhaled, the scent of dog growing closer. If they were sick she would kill them all. If not, she would live with them.
Deyanira kept silent, her claws not even touching the cracked asphalt on the road she had walked before. Thoughts of the child raced through her mind and she began to breathe harder but forced the ideas away. The infant would not have survived anyways. It was not longer a world belonging to humans. It was a prison made for the healthy.
She turned and found a deeply shadowed area, there was no scent of infection and faint scent of dog. This was the old dog park. She turned and scanned around her, not the slighted amount of infection to be seen. She smiled and turned herself into a ball in the nook of a tree for the night, hidden by the shadows. The female fell into a light sleep as she had done the days before.


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`Komm schon Joel, du packst das! Du musst nur darauf aufpassen, dass sie dich nicht erwischen und selbst wenn, vergisst nicht wie du dich befreien musst! Du kannst das. Ich weiß es.`
Joels eyes shut open, his body was quite tensed as his brownish pools shifted from side to side, briefly examining his surroundings. He still laid on that shredded couch, the cold air of the basement gave him a weak chill. The dobermann mix arose to his paws and jumped down from the couch, briefly stretching his entire body. Joel shook his body and skull gingerly before he padded toward the stair which led him back upstairs. He opened the door with that towel again made his way outside. Still the same sick world. A sigh escaped his muzzle but it instantly. He had to accept the condition of this deranged world, right? Not far away he could hear a quite familiar sound: A Clicker. Again? He thought the fence would work but it seemed like these creatures still find some weak parts of the fence where they could squeeze their corpses. Anyways, Joel had to get rid of that thing before it infects any other dumb creature here who doesn´t know how to defend itself.
Carefully walking toward the noise, Joel crouched down, he could see the Clicker trying to squeeze it´s body into a small hole. But why? `Ok, er ist abgelenkt. Das macht die ganze Sache um einiges einfacher.` the Doberman thought, sneaking up behind the infected creature. A low growl rumbled inside his throat before his rear legs pushed him off the ground, his front paws were stretched and his jaws widened as he landed on the once totally normal man, who probaly had family a good job and a probaly perfect life. Luckily Joel had some Rottweiler blood in him, that helped him to actually bring that thing down so he just had to make a quick though, hard bite in the head of the creature. With loud screaming and clicking noises, the Clicker tried to defend himself, but it was hopeless. Joel already made his move and soon the screams faded into silence. With a satisfied smile, Joel jumped off the corpse, mumbling, „Der hier wäre erledigt.“. Though, the dobermann still wondered: Why was that Clicker trying to get through that hole? Maybe there was a survivor? In his territory? Without thinking twice, Joel sliped through to the other side of the hole. He arose to his paws, glancing around, his musclus were quite tensed. You can´t be sure what´s out here so it´s probaly better to be prepared for quite everything. But... nothing was around. `Wait... i can smell someone. It´s the scent of Fear.` he thought, taking some other breaths. `Someone was here... not long ago.`
The 4 years old dog followed the strong smell of anxiousness, it wasn´t really hard for him, the scent was really strong. Whoever was here, he or she was quite scared. Walking for several minutes, Joel arrived near a pond. Actually he knew that pond, it was that pond where he often get some fresh water. Looking around, he cold find a tall, white frame not too far away from him. The doberman first growled, crouching down in a defensive stance but he soon realized: That mutt wasn´t infected at all! She was still alive. So instead of lunging at her, Joel arose to his normal stance though, he decided to meet that mutt in a quite dominance stance, just in case if she was one of those damn things who thought they could do whatever they want. „You! What are you doing here?“ he called out with a loud woof.

Translation: 1.C´mon Joel, you can do that! Just watch out that they don´t get you, but even if, don´t forget how to free yourself! You can do that, i know that. 2. Alright he´s quite distracted. That makes it easier for me. 3. He´s done.

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