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Riadven High

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Riadven High

Post by Verine on Sun Jul 06, 2014 9:40 pm

First topic message reminder :

Welcome to Highschool Student...

Dear member of the student body, you are once again welcomed to
Riadven High.
A large boarding school that resides in a small town in Montana, you'll have a ball here at our esteemed place of education. Surrounded by various forms of vegetation and nature, the air is cool and comfortable with a beautiful view from every classroom.
Since you are now becoming a part of our legacy, as well as creating your own during your stay, you should know a small selection of our goals and values here at our beloved Riadven High.
Do keep in mind that this information is only a small part of what we hope to achieve here, but to keep it short and simple, remember the following things;

School colors consist of Black, green, and white, and the school mascot is the wolf. We encourage you to show your school spirit!

While we do hope to keep a comfortable and relaxed air about the school, remember to be respectful and kind to your peers. You are indeed allowed to throw a cuss around here or there, but keep it to a minimal. This means the ceaseless use of curses is prohibited.

PDA, or Public Display of Affection is prohibited. Holding hands, lap-sitting, hugs, declarations of said affection and friendly gestures and actions that are well within reason and mature are allowed, however grinding, moaning, and other such things are restricted; You will be severely punished if caught doing so.

Absolutely NO discrimination. This is very important, and never will we hold judgment over another pupil on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or physical/mental/emotional disabilities or handicaps. If you are found doing so, you will be promptly escorted from campus and banned from the grounds.

Those are the main rules that are strictly enforced here at Riadven High. Stray from these guidelines, and you could potentially be banned from the grounds.
But please keep a positive outlook for the beginning of your stay here as well as throughout the rest of the year.
To end this letter, we will once again welcome you. Looking forward to meeting you this year,

Headmistress Sylvia Rousseau

Aha... Hello darlings cx
'Tis meh, Verine. I will be handling this thread for all of you lovely beings. ;3
As you can see, all of you have received a letter from the headmistress at Riadven High. While she seems to have given you a basic idea of what is expected at the boarding school, I will offer up a bit more information on how to go about spending time on this thread.

First, the plot.
Each of you have become a part of the student council. Some of you with a good demeanor that have joined of your own free will, but in order to fluff up numbers, a few of you have been forced to join as a punishment for breaking rules rather than being banned from the grounds.
At this point in time, school has just started this fall and everyone is settling in and getting into the swing of things. There is a slight chill in the air, and the leaves are starting to fade into shades of yellow, orange, and red.  
Besides that, there is a thing that I will have to accept or decline through your request, and that happens to be whether or not you are a part of Clubs Management, The Treasury, or the Decoration Team. To clear up any confusion, I will explain the duties of the three branches below.

Clubs Management members oversee all school related activities. These activities include daily school life, dances, recreation, and Freshmen Orientation. These members will frequently stop at other various parts of the school to evaluate students and how they conduct themselves.

The Treasury members calculate the budget for school expenses and organize various school drives to raise money for future endeavors. They are also responsible for dividing the budget to the various clubs and recreational events throughout the year.

Decoration Team members are generally considered regular members, though they mostly consist of those who are there to fill out punishment. They are responsible for passing out various kinds of flyers, and manning tables at school functions. Obviously, they also decorate for all events. ;3

The joining form is to be personally PMed to me, with the heading Riadven High Application. Once accepted, I will then post the application here for everyone to see and observe. c:

Each of you will be able to roleplay as a single character, whom will be the first you used to join on the site. However, there is the loophole, of which you can roleplay as a second person on your second account.<3

Clearly, I expect you not to godmod. There will be no "She looked across the room to stare at him, his eyes meeting hers instantly as though they were mentally connected." Just as it is with the roleplay, you must wait for someone to react in their reply post, and all posts will be done in third person.

Keep your... Human-I don't know what else to call it- similar to your wolf. Its personality should be much the same, though the history that you fill out can and should be modified to fit a human life.

Have fun guyssss. I want this to be a carefree environment for all, and I want everyone to enjoy it. Any suggestions or ideas can and should be PMed to me, and I will consider them and try to make this the best for everyone.<3




Age+Year; (I.e. Freshmen, Sophomore, etc.)

Branch Preference?; (The three branches are listed above)

Forced?; (This must be accepted or declined. If you choose forced, please explain what you did to be forced to join.)

Physical description;

Reference; (Preferably anime drawings, as they're generally appropriate)







Sexual Orientation;





ALSO. Please remember that Sirius-as of now-, will be the only staff member at the school, as well as the consular. I will be roleplaying as Verine, as well as the Headmistress from time to time.    

And, as a last thing to remember, all bios have been moved to a separate topic in order to keep this post within its character limit c:

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Re: Riadven High

Post by Motomo on Wed Oct 07, 2015 3:17 pm

I read back, gosh it was intense!

If you need any help bringing it back I will try help in any way I can. PM me if you do need a hand <3

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