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Dukanira Pups' Info and applications and such.

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Dukanira Pups' Info and applications and such.

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:00 pm

The Dukane x Deya pups have been chosen and given names! The following will tell you more about them, and also contains pup and adult references of the four wolves. Willow and Takoda, the second and third born, are looking for Role-players! If none are found by their birth (will be quite a while), the two will be stillborn.
If you are considering Role-playing one of the two available, please PM me and/or Deya. We hope to have an active member partake in the character adoption so all four pups will interact more. I've included personalities and such with each wolf, though, they may be tweaked or changed completely. If you decided to take on one of the pups, you will have a say in what he/she likes and what they are like too.

Male - First Born - Largest - Blue eyes (Color From Deya) - Brown/Tan/White Pelt (Colors from both)
Played by: Dukane
Personality, Looks, Likes, etc. : Ares will grown to be as large as his father one day. He is much like Dukane in many ways, though when he's older- he wishes to be a warrior like his mom. And will master fighting techniques as well as Deya has. Ares sees himself as the protector of his siblings, simply because he has Duke's over protective nature and because he s the eldest. Ares as an undying need to prove himself and claim the leadership role he believes he deserves. Though he may get himself and his siblings in trouble due to his strong drive to explore. Ares contains a very large curiosity, and is interested in everything. He absorbs knowledge like a sponge with water. This young wolf is a natural leader and hopes to lead his own pack when he's older. Ares likes storms, running, the night, and adventures. Though dislikes fighting without purpose, cocky wolves, and disrespect. (Chip off the ole block.)

Female - Second Born - Third Largest - Green Eyes (Color From Duke) - Silvery/white coat (Colors from Deya)
Played by: APPLY NOW
Personality, Looks, Likes, etc. : Willow often keeps to herself when around strangers, but is very active around her friends and family especially when around the other pups. It's often her idea to hike out and go in search of something. She hopes to be a hunter one day like her father, she will grown to Deya's height and contain the thin physique of her mother helping her fly over the earth with ease. Willow's nose is often always being used, she enjoys tracking things and chasing them down. He legs are lean and built for speed. She enjoys racing her siblings, often beating them each time. Willow is intelligent and likes to come up with plans for her brood when she convinces them to help her catch something. Whether it be a mouse, or their pup-sitters tail. She's able to decipher strengths and weaknesses of her prey and always makes the right choice. Strength may not be her strong suite, but her agility and brains make up for it.

Takoda (Koda):
Male - Third Born - Second Largest - Pale blue eyes (Colors From Deya) - Brown/gold coat (Colors from Duke)
Played by: APPLY NOW
Personality, Looks, Likes, etc. : Koda enjoys keeping to himself, he is more of the strong silent type. Though violence isn't quite in his nature. Coming from a former alpha/warrior and warrior, he's quite unique. While his siblings partake in play fights, Koda enjoy sitting off to the side and watching. If something were to go wrong, he would surely intervene and protect whom ever needs it. He's a powerful wolf, only fighting when it means protection, not just for fun. Takoda enjoys learning about healing and things that herbs can do. It fascinates him that a plant contains such immense power. Koda has a very strong connection with each of his siblings. especially Willow, if she wanted to track something down, Koda would give her a herb to sniff and find the rest of the stash. They work well with one another, and Koda can't help but love his life. This little fuzzball hopes to maybe become a well known healer in a pack and help many throughout life.


Female - Fourth Born - Smallest - Green eyes (From Duke) - Pale russet/white/ brown coat (Colors from Both)
Played by:  Deyanira

Personality, Looks, Likes, etc. : (ESSENCE'S PERSONALITY WILL MOST LIKELY BE CHANGED, DEYA STILL NEEDS TO CHOOSE WHAT SHE WILL BE LIKE.) Essence is the youngest and smallest sibling. She was given the name Essence due to the fact that she resembles Deya's young sister. Making her the essence of her. This small she-wolf enjoys fighting with her oldest brother, and he never takes it easy on her. She's got the spirit of a dire wolf in a fox's body. When she is older, she will be slightly smaller than her mother, though her legs will be long and sleek, making her very fast. Once fully grown she will be able to out run even Willow. Like Ares, Essence has a strong need to travel and scope things out. This curious little she wolf has not thought of what rank fits her, she's fast and strong, with the temper of Deya and intelligence of Duke. Essence is scared of thunder storms and loud noises, and loves the sunset and moon rise. [/size][/size]


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Re: Dukanira Pups' Info and applications and such.

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:30 pm

Can I rp Willow? I'll pm Deya about it also ^^


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Re: Dukanira Pups' Info and applications and such.

Post by Verine on Tue Aug 05, 2014 1:10 pm

I love Ares ;-;
Verine is going to adore these pups<3
Although she'll probably take a liking to Ares and Takoda the most, unless Takoda ends up being a still born ><


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Re: Dukanira Pups' Info and applications and such.

Post by Maverick on Mon Aug 11, 2014 5:57 pm

as i have mentioned in your other pup post, you two need to be mates first, so lets let the pups idea rest for a while until things are how id like them to be. please pm me and we'll get this whole thing settled


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Re: Dukanira Pups' Info and applications and such.

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