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Pollux Empty Pollux

Post by Topaz on Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:02 pm

Pollux Wolf_WisT1404-Tala-04_zps51d9d25b


Name• Pollux Harmonia Michel

Alias• Polly, Lux

Age• Recently turned two.

Gender• Female

Sexual Orientation• Heterosexual.

Ranking• Hunter.

Breed• Timber Wolf


Physique• Pollux has a lithe, stream-lined figure with compact muscles and thin, toned legs; the body type of a runner. She has tall, pointed ears and a slender mouth, her eyes large and round. Everything about her could be described as 'long' or 'slender'--well, except for her tail, that is. Her tail is thick and bushy, standing out from her groomed and well-kept coat.

Coat Coloration• Pollux's coat is a collage of brown. A beige hue colors her legs, belly, cheeks, and chest, while a darker, more russet hue colors her ears, snout, sides, and tail. Her dorsal is made up of a primarily black shade with blots of beige scattered here and there.

Coat Texture• Her coat is thick and a bit coarse on the outer layer, although the inner layer has a soft, downy texture.

Optical Coloration• Pollux's eyes are of a warm, chocolaty-brown with a few elusive flecks of dark gray.

Scars&Blemishes• A thin, unnoticeable scar along her left hind thigh.


Personality• Pollux is a lively, upbeat individual. She despises negativity in all shapes and forms, and will do anything to lighten the mood. She's arguably too talkative, but that's simply because she always has something to say. You see, she isn't exactly fond of being alone. She much rather prefers to be next to someone, talking about something stupid or funny. I say 'stupid' because Pollux often avoids deep conversations, due to her issues with trust. It takes a lot to get her to open up to someone, so when she does start talking about her past, she's putting all her trust into said person.

History• Pollux was born to a litter of three. She had a pleasant early childhood, filled with leisurely activities such as playfighting, exploring, and learning about the world around her. Her future was bright, promising. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned.
Pollux expected to get through life with ease, to grow up in her native pack, to earn a formidable position, get a mate, reproduce, and grow old with said mate. That's all she desired in life. However, at the tender age of three months, Pollux decided to throw caution into the wind and go out exploring on her own. At night. Yes, the outcome is just as bad as you'd expect. She had a few minutes of pleasant exploring, before she began to grow wary and paranoid of the dark forest around her. And rightfully so; the forest was teeming with predators who would love to come across an unsuspecting pup.
Sure enough, Pollux got herself lost. She couldn't find the milky scent of her den, the warm, welcoming smells of her parents and siblings, or even the cauldron of scents produced by her packmates. And it was in that moment, shrouded in darkness and surrounded by the prying eyes of predatory species, that she realized just how alone she was. That she realized just how close to death she was, and how the possibility of never reuniting with her family again was overwhelmingly high. In that moment, she wanted to go home. She wanted her mother to pick her up by her scruff, scold her a bit, maybe cuff her ear but at this point Pollux didn't care. She just wanted to go home.
Of course, that didn't happen. No, she obviously wasn't gobbled up by predators right then and there, but a wolf did come across her. A large, intimidating wolf. A wolf with gleaming yellow eyes, and a coat as dark as the starless night sky. This wolf picked her up with a not-so-gentle hold, and carried her off to a cozy little den, tucked deep in the heart of the woods. Pollux was dropped carelessly on the ground by the beastly wolf, and before she could ask anything of the stranger, he curled up in front of the entrance and closed his eyes to sleep. Now, sleep was the last thing on this pup's mind, as she was recently abducted by an unknown wolf in the midst of a shadowy forest. Then again, what could she do? The wolf looked far too menacing to sneak past and escape, but even if she could run away, where would she go? And how far could she run? It was inevitable. Pollux couldn't leave this wolf's domain until he gave his explicit permission.
And so, Pollux tried to fall asleep. She tried, and tried, and tried, but unfortunately, the den was freezing. She was so used to being surrounded by the bodies of her brothers and parents, reveling in their warmth and falling asleep soundly, but now... now, she was alone. She would never see them again.
She curled up into a tight ball, trying to keep her whimpers soft and inaudible. Eventually, sleep did come to her, although it was a restless, unsatisfying sleep. In fact, she never fully went to sleep. The entire time, it was just her fading in and out of consciousness until the sun rose and allowed a soft, warm glow to fill the den. With the glow of the early morning, Pollux forced her eyes open, to see that the entrance was unguarded. The wolf was nowhere to be seen.
At first, she felt relieved. Happy, almost, although this happiness was shortlived. While, yes, with the sun high in the sky and nocturnal predators now at rest, she would have a much higher chance of finding her way back home, however… the stranger wolf couldn’t be that far off. I mean, after all. He knows he’s got a pup in his den, and only an idiot would let a captive go unguarded for too long. So, Pollux decided to stay within the den, going over possible scenarios that might occur when the wolf returned.
A short time had passed before the wolf returned to the den, a limp rabbit dangling between his mighty jaws. He sat down in front of her, gently dropping the carcass in front of the pup. When Pollux didn’t respond the way he had hoped, he nudged the carcass towards her, an expectant look in his golden eyes. Of course, Pollux didn’t know what he expected of her. Was she supposed to eat it? Was she supposed to wait for him to chew it up for her? Was he simply taunting her, waiting for her to take a bite so he could snatch it away? The possibilities were practically endless, so Pollux decided to play it safe and simply ignore the meal placed in front of her.
Then again, she was hungry. She hadn’t eaten since yesterday, and she had woken up particularly late today. Plus, the rabbit did look mighty tasty. Plump, fresh. Not regurgitated. The aroma was almost too good… ah, whatever. She gave into her temptation and ripped into the rabbit, swallowing every last bite.
As she had predicted, it was delicious. A perfect balance between fat, juiciness, and actual meat. And it was her first time eating solid food. Huh, not as bad of an experience as she expected. She glanced back up at the stranger, who, to her surprise, was smiling warmly. She flattened her ears against her head fearfully, backing away from the gargantuan wolf to the back of the den.
“Why did you take me here?” she asked, her voice shaky yet strong nonetheless.
The male’s eyes widened in surprise, before he glanced away, his ears flattening to his head in what seemed to be embarrassment.
After an uncomfortably long silence, Pollux spoke again. “Did you hear me? I asked why you took me here,” she growled.
Again, no response.
The pup was starting to get more frustrated than anything. “Why did you take me here?” she repeated, this time puffing out her chest and projecting her voice. There was only so much a pup of her stature could do to seem intimidating.
Silence. However, the male did react. He shook his head furiously, then proceeded to lift his snout to the sky, exposing his throat. His throat which, much to Pollux’s surprise, bore an unsightly scar. Now she understood why he wasn’t speaking. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t respond, it’s just… he couldn’t. The ravaged flesh almost made her gag; it was a miracle that the wolf was standing here today, with an injury so dire.
“So… you can’t speak, can you?” asked Pollux, her voice softer and gentler.
He shook his head.
Okay, now his silence was understandable. At this point, Pollux didn’t even feel any resentment. She just pitied the wolf. He picked her up trying to get her out of the dangerous forest and even gave her something to eat… and what did she do? She yelled at him.
An awkward silence followed their exchange, although Pollux felt it was her duty to make amends.
“Thank you for the rabbit,” she said, quietly. The male looked back at her, surprise practically written across his face.
“So… what should I call you?” she asked. The male thought for a moment, then shrugged.
“Hmm… Oh, I know! I’ll call you Goldie!” Pollux exclaimed, her tail wagging rapidly. The male blinked in confusion.
“What?” she asked. “I’m naming you after your eyes! They’re the prettiest shade of gold I’ve ever seen,” she said, sporting a toothy grin.
The male smiled warmly at Pollux, nodding his head enthusiastically.
“Great! Goldie it is!”
And so, Pollux spent her time with the wolf, or ‘Goldie’. At five months, Pollux had pretty much given up on trying to find her pack again; to her understanding, she and Goldie were much too far off to even get the slightest idea as to where to go. However, spending her time with Goldie wasn’t the worst thing imaginable. He was nice company, and once Pollux reached a suitable age, he began to teach her the basics of hunting, fighting, and healing. Pollux took more to hunting than anything, and so Goldie decided—when she had a basic grasp of how to defend herself and treat injuries—that he would focus on hunting and hunting alone.  
After months of training solely on hunting skills, Pollux had become an adept huntress at a younger age of eleven months. She was one month away from being a yearling; one month away from, unfortunately, having to disperse from Goldie. At this point, it was hard for Pollux to recall her native pack. She only had a faint memory of her parents and siblings, the role of parent being taken by Goldie. Of course, things weren’t all sunshine and smiles. There were times were Pollux felt terribly lonely, times where Pollux wanted to scream, times where Pollux wanted to run away, to find someone to just talk to instead of facing the maddening silence when “conversing” with Goldie. These fits didn’t last long, though. At the end of the day, she would come to terms with Goldie’s disability, and they were able to get along just fine. Goldie was always extremely forgiving, no matter how bad Pollux got. He had taken it upon himself to raise her, and even if Pollux shouted at him, even if her anger got scary, he would always be with her. He loved her like she was his own.
However, as fate would have it, things didn’t go along as Pollux had originally thought. It was two weeks after she turned eleven months, halfway through her last month of puphood. She woke up. She saw Goldie’s static form, a lump of black fur curled up in the middle of the den, and she thought he was asleep.
Pollux had decided to wake him up. It was unusual for him to be asleep this late in the day. And so, she got up slowly, and padded softly over to him. She leaned over him, to get a look at his face.
His eyes were clouded over, wide open and staring into nothing. His jaw hung open, his tongue limp against the cold floor. His neck was torn open. Muscles and tendons frayed out everywhere, and blood dampened the dirt around him. A frightening amount of blood. God, she had never seen so much blood in her life. The sight made her gag, made her want to throw up. Goldie was dead.
She ran, after that. She didn’t bother looking for the thing that killed him, she didn’t bother looking for her natal pack. She just ran. She never looked back, she tried not to think of his soulless eyes, she tried not to think of his limp body. She tried, God, did she try. But, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t keep the nightmares away. She couldn’t forget the image that was burned onto the back of her eyelids.
It took her a long time to get over his death. She’s still not completely over it, although she’s gotten better; she’s even found a method of coping. She decided to talk as much as she could, whenever she could. She was going to talk for Goldie. She was going to make up for all the conversations they never had, all the things that Goldie might have wanted to say to her. She was going to be bursting at the seams with happiness and energy, talking until her jaw hurt and then some. She was going to make up for the injustice that Goldie faced.
And now, she’s here.

Likes• The color gold, hunting, the scent of mint, the taste of rabbit, positive wolves, sunshine, hot days, and anything sweet.

Dislikes• Blood (coming from wolves, that is), negative wolves, being alone in the dark, violence, the cold, and the scent of maple.

Quirks• Twists her paw around when uncomfortable, will ‘bounce’ on her toes when incredibly excited.


Icarus-Biological Father
Iris-Biological Mother
Goldie-Adoptive Father


Offspring• She wants them, when she’s older.

Acquaintances• None, yet.

Friends• None.

Life-Long Friends• None.

Enemies• None.

Infatuation• None, as of now.

Beloved• N/A

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Pollux Empty Re: Pollux

Post by Verine on Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:25 pm

JESUS THE HISTORY. Its so upsetting.
But like. I feeeeeel it. I feel it so hard.
The Talking for Goldie part especially ;-;
Beautiful. 10/10 perfection Iloveyouforever.

Also, she's beautiful c':

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Pollux Empty Re: Pollux

Post by Topaz on Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:52 pm

Thank you so much bb<3

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Pollux Empty Re: Pollux

Post by BM100 on Sat Nov 08, 2014 6:22 am

Ooooh, Pollux is now here! Yay! <333

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Pollux Empty Re: Pollux

Post by Topaz on Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:52 pm

ye, she is<3

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Pollux Empty Re: Pollux

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