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Seehara, The Amber Wolf

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Seehara, The Amber Wolf Empty Seehara, The Amber Wolf

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:53 pm


Original name: Srema
Name meaning: Just a generic random name. Almost the same as "thing". For the brazilians out there, the same as "Fulano".
Used name: Seehara
Name's meaning: The one who loves
Nicknames: Seeh or Sea (both are pronounced the same way)
Age: 3 to 4 years
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Species: Pure arctic wolf
Heigth: 24 inches (60 cm)
Top Speed: 80km/h (50mph)

Rank: Tracker

Seehara, The Amber Wolf 2e6f30_350ff1af1d9776060da8db0ec851e522

Appearence: Seehara is plainly thin and slender, having a greyhound, borzoi or even a maned wolf's profile, except for his stature, Seehara is obviously short for his age and species. He carries a pair of short ears, whose tips became rounded due to many burns, just as his medium to long muzzle. His nose and pawpads are pitch black, except for a few burned scars, who become salmon-coloured. His fur changes its colour from ivory to light brown during the seasons: during summer it's short, thin and light brown with a few black and dark brown marks in his flanks, back, tail and muzzle; during autumn and spring, it grows longer to a medium-lengh, becoming shaggy and beige-sand colour, the black markings vanish, remaining only a "V" black mark on his back, and brownish tear marks on his muzzle; and finally during winter, Seeh's fur becomes ivory, also called cream-colour, shaggy and thick  when grown to it's full lengh, leaving only one single black mark in his back, with a "V" format. He has a short tail, with a white tip during all seasons; tiny paws with long limbs; long whiskers, giving him a cat-look; besides his golden amberish rounded irises. Everything leading him to the perfect runner.


Seehara, The Amber Wolf Arctic_wolf___polarwolf_1_by_bluesgrass-d5sfxv0


Seehara, The Amber Wolf _origin_Ziema-ir-klat-pilna-3


Seehara, The Amber Wolf 1399326146_925789108

Personality: Seehara doesn't talks much and prefers to do his job rather than just be loitering around, he hides his shyness by being often sarcastic or even ironic, doesn't seem to be able to think twice before acting or speaking, so he usually just end up stating unnecessary jokes. Normally well tempered, loyal and respectfull with those who respect him, is afraid of building new relationships because of his past, and can be aggressive and protective when threatened, though, he isn't a fight lover. 

Usually, Seehara will do his best to avoid unnecessary fights and discussions, although he makes sure to state his own point of view. He's curious, what usually leads him to awkward situations. Seeh won't open himself easily, since he has trusting issues; he hardly will talk about himself or his past, what remains as a mystery for everyone around him. The idea of building new strong relationships based on trust, don't please him, though he wishes to make friends. 

Seehara will often find uncomfortable to have adult females or pups to close to him, though he enjoys their presence. 

He can be emotionless when needed, or even hide his own pretty well. Most wolves can't spot the diference anyway.

Likes: Cold, snow, moonlight, night, respect, sincerity, hunting, a good friend, running, a good company, a good talk, cubs, making others happy, laughing, a good story.

Dislikes/makes him uncomfortable: Blue eyes, heat, sunlight, daytime, lies, desrespect, fights, monologues, unnecessary scolding, unfairness, cubs, annoyance, talking about himself.

Fears: Larger stronger male wolves, fire, fireguns.

Seehara, The Amber Wolf JMYDCRTsmRU

Disease: Due to the extensive history of numerous incestuous breeding in his family, Seehara was born with some genetic mutations:


- Depleted Personality (bipolarity, anxiety, aggressivity)
- Extremely Weak bones and skin (making him incapable of proper healing himself. During summer, when his fur gets short, light salmon coloured scars and burned marks on all his body extension become visible under his pelt.)
- Photophobia (His eyes are amber instead of the usual arctic wolf's brown, making him more sensitive to luminosity.)
-Apparently infertile (the only time it is believed that he was able to have a litter, the puppies were born dead and malformed.)


- Three layers of coat, instead of two (what makes him capable of changing them to adapt to each season)
- He was born with a lower stature and lighter bones (making himself lighter and consequently, faster).

Advantages: Smell and hearing.

Vision and physical strength.

Seehara, The Amber Wolf WOLF

Past Life:
              I have no idea of in what season I was born in. I don't remember it. I don't remember nothing from back then, nothing but the cold. My "mother", if I can call her so, she was named Valinaah. A great, white, strong and stupidly big arctic wolf. She had ordinary brown eyes, and she was as cold as our territory. My "father", Kaloosa, was nothing different from her, of course, as they were brother and sister. Well, that's an old, how can I say? Tradition. They though that inbreeding would make their offspring even greater. Well, they were wrong.
             From what the few wolves who spoke to me told, and from the little I remember, I had two brothers. Both born dead. And I? I was born weak, small and premature. Oh, and I forgot to mention: "Mommy" left me outside to die. She was ashamed that her first litter as alphess camed out like that, and I don't blame her.
             Well, I have no idea on how, but I made throw it. Someone helped me? I don't know. It was a miracle? Probably not. Anyways, I'm here now.
             The first time I happened to open my eyes, I could only see, well, nothing. It was night. It was always night. And when my sensible pupils and irises started to get used to that lack of luminosity, I could only see white, snow.
             I made my way to their "eating area", if that's how they called it, and fed myself with the blood, bones, visceras and fur left behind to the vultures.
             By the time I reached two months, I was "formally presented" to my "family". That was the time I started getting to know everyone around me, though any of them never actually talked to me. Nothing but insults. "Daddy" hated me and Valinaah pretended I didn't exist, though everyone around pretended she didn't exist as well, since she was lowered to omega after her disasaster as the alpha's mate. Kaloosa started mating his cousin, sorry, I don't remember her name. They had a beautiful litter full of healthy puppies, oh, how sweet.
             That was also the time, when my dearest brothers started bullying me. Not just bullying and insulting, but beating, torturing, molesting and even ra... I don't wanna talk about it, sorry.
             And that kept happening over and over again, every single day, seven days per week, during a whole entire year.
             I was always dreaming of leaving. But, they were right, I was weak. My speed wouldn't guarantee my life, I could never fight for it. So I kept myself there, just following the flow and letting it be.
             Until then.
             Kaloosa finally died from old age, I mean, that wolf lasted almost forever, when I was born he was already an elder... Well, nevermind. After his death, one of my half brothers, the bigest, stronger, and dumber one took place. The first thing Halokan did was to kill Valinaah and the other stronger males, raped the females, including our sisters and then went out for the weakest ones, I mean, me.
             First I tried to hide, but well, he inevitably found me.  He bit my throat, and ripped it all out, and I was a lucky boy, as he didn't get to my julgular. I fell down on our snowy terrain staining it all on crimson under the full moon's light and played dead while he howled his victory to his stupid gods. And when everything calmed down, I ran.
             I ran as fast as I could, until my paws started burning from the ground's heat when I     got south. I had never seen a place without snow. I had never seen daylight.
             For now, you just need to know I've had two, hum? Mates? Növa and Iara. Both dead. Both killed.
             And now, I'm kinda depressed. I'm searching for a new family, though. Hope everything turns out just fine. I hope.


Father: Kaloosa - Died from old age.
Mother: Valinaah - Killed by Halokan.
Older Brother: Halokan - Unknown.
Adoptive Father: Ivair Raoni (Iwa) - Died during camp takeover.
Past Mates: Iara (female) - Died during delivery/camp takeover.
                  Növa (male) - Killed by humans.
Past Litter: Born dead.

Friends: None
Enemies: Halokan
Current Crush: Unknown
Current Mate: None

Seehara, The Amber Wolf -oW26gQvcq4

All images were took from google images.

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Seehara, The Amber Wolf Empty Re: Seehara, The Amber Wolf

Post by Verine on Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:59 pm

Your bio is beaut, Seehara. Welcome to the pack ^^

I'll add you to the tracker rank~

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Seehara, The Amber Wolf Empty Re: Seehara, The Amber Wolf

Post by Jeamesero on Sat Dec 13, 2014 2:09 pm

Omg the bio is lovely, and he's beaut! <3
Jeames might like him. c;

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Seehara, The Amber Wolf Empty Re: Seehara, The Amber Wolf

Post by Kain on Sat Dec 13, 2014 2:46 pm

Welcome to the pack Seeh glad to see you here too.

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Seehara, The Amber Wolf Empty Re: Seehara, The Amber Wolf

Post by Kanaya on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:31 pm


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Seehara, The Amber Wolf Empty Re: Seehara, The Amber Wolf

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:26 am



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Seehara, The Amber Wolf Empty Re: Seehara, The Amber Wolf

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