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Post by Topaz on Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:20 am

●kamon● 8xuefb


identification; Kamon  Lasonde.

alias; Her name’s short enough, although if someone were to come up with a nickname, it’s doubtful she’d object to it.

age; Three years, seven months.

position; Guard.

sexual orientation; Heterosexual

species; Eastern Wolf.


optical; Kamon, as you may have already seen, has heterochromic irises. One is a different color from the other. Her parents and siblings all had either golden-brown or icy blue eyes, while Kamon’s right eye is a golden-brown, and her left is a steely-gray, believed to be inherited from her grandmother.

coat coloration; Kamon has a primarily white coat, with a collage of grays brushing over the top of her head and dorsal. Her ears are more of a brownish hue, and her cheeks are of a creamy white. Two peculiar dark lines hook under her eyes, connected to  two gray stripes leading away from her eyes.

build; Kamon’s face is round and smooth, with a small and slender snout, widely spaced eyes, and short, roundish ears. One word to describe her face could be ‘soft’ or even ‘plump’. The rest of her body, however, is covered with hard, compact muscles and sharp angles. Her legs are long and muscular, leading up to her bulky, compact abdomen and flowing out into a long, bushy tail. She was practically built for fighting.

coat texture; Thick and soft, it usually sticks up at all angles and looks quite… well, messy and unkempt. It’s not like Kamon can’t smooth it out, more like she doesn’t really care about it and would rather have her, erm, ‘natural’ look, than anything else.

scent; Faint and sweet, it easily goes undetected by those unaware of their surroundings. Which is… strange, considering her scent greatly resembles that of honeycomb—a scent not commonly smelled by other wolves.


Kamon is a very quiet wolf. She doesn’t care for socializing; never has, never will. Idle conversation rarely captures her interest, and she’ll only open her mouth if she absolutely needs to know something. To her, her thoughts are her own, and she hates the idea of sharing them with anyone. Her mind is her own place. The only place she truly has to herself. It’ll take a hell of a lot of effort to get an actual, profound conversation out of her.
When Kamon isn’t speaking, she’s thinking. Constantly. The gears in her head are always spinning, no matter what the situation. Even if she’s just sitting there, staring off into space, she’s likely daydreaming of some spectacular chain of events that have little to no possibility of ever happening. Of course, this isn’t entirely a bad thing, nor is it entirely a good thing. Constant thinking’s gotta sharpen the mind at least a little bit, right? But it’s not all beneficial. She gets so caught up in her own thoughts, sometimes it takes a moment or two for you to get her attention.
Kamon isn’t what you’d call an opinionated person. She prefers to stay passive when things get heated, and will only take a side in a situation if absolutely necessary. And by ‘absolutely necessary’, it’s gotta be a life or death situation.
…Okay, yes, good is a verybroad term. But what else is there to describe it? Kamon has a heart of gold, and would never dream of hurting anybody. She couldn’t bring herself to criticize anyone, and she rarely, if ever, gets into fights. Even if she does something that could be seen as… kind of bad, she only has the best of intentions.

history;  W.I.P

-Alone time
-Warm days
-The color blue—mainly the darker shades
-Helping others
-Feeling wanted

-Loud, sudden noises
-Talkative wolves
-Cold days
-Being surrounded by others
-Public speaking


immediate kin;
Cain|Biological Father
May|Biological Mother
Cinder|Biological Sister
Thorne|Biological Brother

offspring; None, and will probably stay that way for a while.

friendships; None.

rivalries; Also none.

lover; Still none.

infatuation; Nope.

theme; TheFatRat - Xenogenesis

yes i used dubstep for Kamon's theme song. no i am not sorry. okay maybe a little sorry. a lotta sorry. i'm ashamed.

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●kamon● Empty Re: ●kamon●

Post by Verine on Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:54 pm

Everything about Kamon is wonderful.
She's def one of my top three favorite charries by other people.
Seriously. She's sick. I love her. <3

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●kamon● Empty Re: ●kamon●

Post by Topaz on Sun Jan 11, 2015 2:05 pm

awwW thank you<33

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