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Hello there! We are a fun-loving wolf roleplay group and feel free to look around and apply to join if you'd like<3
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Applications and Getting Yourself Started

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Applications and Getting Yourself Started Empty Applications and Getting Yourself Started

Post by Maverick on Fri Mar 21, 2014 10:37 pm

Joining Form
Secret Word*:

Pack Friend Form
Secret Word*:

Ally/Rival Form
Pack Name:
Ally or Rival:
Why would you like to be an ally/rival?
Pack Link:

* The secret word is in the rules, which can be found here: > Link <

How to Apply

WQ Users
If you wish to join, and have a WQ account, please go to our thread and apply from there > Link < Simply select the application, fill it out, then post it on our thread. Or, if you're a COPPA user (meaning you cannot post), simply do the same except pm the application to WQ user Nevara. Please wait until Nevara accepts your application before you register on the site (this only applies if you're applying to join or be a pack friend). Once you are accepted and have registered, you may post anywhere, though it's recommended that you post your bio first.

Non-WQ Users
However, if you do not have a WQ account, there's two things you can do. One, you can go make one and then apply just like what it says above. Or, if you don't want to or cannot make one, things get a little more complicated.
What you do is register on this site with your wolf/character's name. Please do not join with some random words/numbers/letters. What you do next is take the selected application above, fill it out, then pm it to one alpha. They will either accept or reject your application. If you are accepted, then you may begin posting around the site. If you are confused on how to get yourself started or confused on anything in general, feel free to pm a staff member! Our staff are the alpha/s, beta/s, and delta/s. And please note, absolutely NO posting ANYWHERE on the site until you are accepted!!

Getting Yourself Started
If you were accepted on WQ, then you need to register. If you applied from here, then this first step has already been done. As soon as a staff member has seen that you've signed up, they'll add you to the usergroup of the rank you selected.
Once that's all done, then you will need to post a biography for your wolf. If your wolf is male, you'll post it here: > Link < If your wolf is female, you'll post it here: > Link < Once it's been posted, wait for an alpha to accept the bio -- you will know based on what the alpha says when they post on the topic. Once the alpha has accepted your bio, then you may start roleplaying. Absolutely NO jumping into any of the roleplays before your wolf's biography is accepted! Once that is all done, you should be good to go! If you have any further questions don't hesitate to pm a staff member!
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