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Post by Chevika on Tue May 26, 2015 7:43 pm



It's finished, not yet pretty and well edited like I want but the information is here and i'll write her Past later, the resume, the detailed and dramatic version of it comes when I have the patience... Ahem, I'm a lazy person.


TITLE -  Chevika, she is called Chev by closer friends.

SEX - A big bae I MEAN, female.

HOURGLASS -  She has had a beating heart for four years.

CLASSIFICATION - Pure genetics of a gray wolf.

BIRTH INFORMATION - Chevika was born in Yellowstone in early Spring.

SEXUALITY - She is bi-sexual, but the chances of falling for a female are scarce. She is 95% males and 5% females.


ANATOMICAL STRUCTURE - Chevika is a very large wolf, in fact, she is larger than many males, with a very bulky and strong musculature, a big head with a strong jaws and a broad muzzle, she might look quite tomboyish and when seen in the distance she is often mistaken for a male due to her size and bulkyness, however, her facial features are still feminine, she has big eyes and her ears are avarage size and round at the tips. Her large size makes Chevika a natural born fighter, she was build for brutal combats but is not very agile and she does not move as swiftly and elegantly as smaller slender wolves.

COAT COMPOSITION - Chevika is your avarage gray wolf, her pelt is classic coloring with a variation of shades between Black to Off-White throughout all of her body, the off-white pigments consentrates around her cheeks, chest, belly and the edge of her limbs, while the darker shades of gray fall on her back, runniing to her shoulders, tail, and forehead, with a classic "wolf mask" that laves her eyebrows light cream with a stripe of gray connecting her nose to the forehead that also takes gray pigment. She has some brown tones to her coat aswell, they consentrate on the edge of her muzzle, the back of her ears, and some on the shoulder. Well defined hackles with black fur running around the region and a little more down along her spine. Tail tip is also black. She has a long and very fluffy coat, you can easily bury your head onto her fluff, it makes her look bigger than she already is. Her fur is not soft to the touch, she is a wolf and a well adapted one, the fur is very thick and almost feels artificial, it was build to ilolate the cold weather, maintaining the body heat in the harsh winters.

EYE DESIGN - Different shades of light brown, orange and gray that combined together to form a nebulous consistence to the eye structure generate a very light shade of amber, yellow pigment consentrates around the border of her pupils and it is covered if the pupil grows.


PERSONALITY - Chevika is above all, a very intelligent she-wolf, she thinks before acting and dosen't jump into conclusions very quickly. She takes her time to analize the facts. She is however, stubborn with a natural dominant nature, bossing her around with direct orders will not work, she will not tolerate being put in a "inferior" position and be treated unequally. She is very adaptable to the way she is approached and treated as. Usually seen as a grumpy wolf, she is very serious and most of the time she keeps her feelings, thoughts and opinions to herself. She is very tatical and observant, with a sharp tongue, she is able to read other wolves quickly and it dosen't take long until she knows just exactly what they want and what they fear. She has a sarcastic nature and usually kicks in with her sadistic humor, she finds it fun to joke about the negative turns of life and about any wolf that she believes to have bad intentions. Despite her hard and cold exterior she is a very trustworthy she-wolf but with serious trust issues, willing to die for the wolves who prove themselves worthy of her trust and fighting for those who cannot defend themselves. She is never afraid to speak up if she believes something is unfair. Chevika is good giving advice to any troubled soul that comes to her for help, always giving the advice that she believes to be best. She has very strong ideals and opinions, opinions that can never be changed or manipulated, she will get extremely furious if such opinions are not accepted or at least respected. Chev is far from being a formal wolf, she has a very innapropriate vocabulary most of the time and she is hella proud of it. This female is a loyal friend, one that will fight the battle till the end for the ones she loves, and give them good laughs too. But if her patience is tested enough for her to hate a specific wolf, she can still be sly and manipulative threat, to their physical and most importantly, mental health.

LIKES - She loves the cold weather, that's when she is more active. She enjoys being in safe cozy dens or caves. The company of easy-going wolves is always welcomed.

DISLIKES - Bossy wolves with superiority complex. Hot weather, disrespect, fakery, lies, unloyaly. She feels uncomfortable around pups, it brings her bad memorys. She absolutely hates being mistaken for a male, that is one thing that makes her blood boil.

FEARS - The loss of a friend, ally, companion.... Anything she is attached to. The thought of loosing the special individuals is a torture to her and any threat to their lives will create a big paranoia on Chevika.


RANKING - Chev is part of the Guard category, she will try to perform her jobs and task the best she can, but still, she would have preffered to start off as a Warrior, a rank that truly fits for her. She hopes for it, maybe soon...

MATE - Chevika is single, she takes a long time to trust a wolf enough for this and any anticipated move could lead to her being serious and cold, possibly even avoiding the wolf who have "proposed" something.

OFFSPRING - In fact, Chevika has had a litter of pups before, she was 2 years old and birthed three pups, none of them survived to adulthood. Chevika is very sensitive about the puppy subject. But still she does wish she could have another litter, maybe make up for the mistakes of the past.

SIBLINGS - She had four siblings born in her litter, they are the following: Fenrir ♂, Atanka ♀, Chetan ♂ and Rahla ♀. Chevika dosen't know if they are alive or not, she haven't heard a word about them since she was 2 years old.

FRIENDS - Currently she haven't met any other pack members.

NEUTRAL - Currently she haven't met any other pack members.

FOES - Currently she haven't met any other pack members.


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