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★ ☆Ember☆ ★

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★ ☆Ember☆ ★

Post by Ember on Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:53 am

(I'll flesh this out and whatnot later, and I'll fix that history. Coffee always helps.)

Name: Ember.

Nickname: None. All of her life she has been called Ember, and she won't respond to anything else.

Gender: Female.

Age: Around two and a half years.

Breed: 50% Eurasian (Sire) and 50% Tundra (Mother)

S.O.: Heterosexual/Straight.

Occupation: Hunter.

Birth Place: Norway.

Accent: Scottish.

Physique: Ember towers over most wolves. Most of her height comes from her legs,  which are incredibly long. She has stamina and speed, helping her cover expansive amounts of ground quickly.  Ember has a muscular build, although not too muscular, otherwise she would be slower. At a distance she could be mistaken for a male (if your eyesight sucks), although her features are feminine. Her tail is very long, she has to hold it up to prevent it from trailing behind her.

Eye Colour: Her eyes are a deep ocean blue, often moonlight makes them appear silver. They stand out sharply on her face, you would have expected her to have amber eyes.

Texture/Scars: Her long pelt makes her appear larger than she is. Her fur is soft and fluffy to the touch. She has long scars on her flank, but no one would know they exist, as her pelt keeps them hidden.

Colouring/Markings: Her muzzle is white with a red stripe down the middle of it. Jer chest is also white. Her flanks and back consist of black, red, and some grey mixed in. Her legs are solid grey, ending with amber paws. He tail is the least colorful part of her, solid black.

Personality: Ember may be a little shy at first, but once you get to know her, her shyness will evaporate. She is kind and intelligent, always striving to do what is best for her pack. She has learned how to fake emotions and keep her face void of them. You can tell when she is truly happy when her eyes light up, although this may never happen again. Ember observes others, and she is very good at sensing emotions. If she is ever in a fight, she would do anything to protect her loved ones (including sacrificing her life for theirs), and she hates being helpless. One day Ember wishes to have a family, although she doubts that will happen.

History: A pair of loners roamed the mountains of Norway, looking for a pack to help them. The female was pregnant, and would give birth soon. Her name was Tamaska, and her mate was Night Watcher, Night for short. As night fell Tamaska rested in a cave while Night went off to hunt. He found and killed a cow elk, and when he returned to his mate he found that she had given birth to two pups, the firstborn was a female, colours splattered across her pelt. The other one was a male, and he was solid grey, except for the tip of his tail which was amber. They named the female Ember and the male Smoke. The pups grew and grew, and so did their hunger. Once they were weaned, Night was unable to find enough prey to keep his family healthy. One sunny day Night discovered the territory of a pack, and he ran to Tamaska. They both agrees that he should investigate if they would except their small family into the pack. After Night left, they waited patently as Day turned into Night, and night into day. Night Watcher never returned. They found his body at the edge of the territory, obviously killed by wolves. When Tamaska plunged into depression, Ember had to lead her family. Smoke tried to comfort her, and he was able to make her come with them when they left. Ember was confused, but she was nearly as tall of her petite mother by then. They wandered for days, and days turned into weeks. Ember found a small cave near good hunting grounds, so she had her family live there. Ember quickly became better at hunting, and soon Smoke and Ember were thriving, health wise, at least.. Tamaska had started to eat less, and she grew weak. The pups soon forced her to eat. On one bright, sunny day Tamaska realized her pups needed her. She had to let go of Night. She came out of the den, and Ember was joyful. Ember and Smoke were in a tree when suddenly a strange scent washed over them. A massive striped cat was stalked out of the forest and it growled at them. Smoke leapt out of a tree and growled at the tiger.  Before me or Tamaska could react, the tiger knocked him aside. The tiger attacked my mother and killed her, then carried her body away, I think it ate her. I found Smoke, grateful he was alive and (mostly) unharmed.  We traveled away from the place where my Mother died. By the time I was seven months old we arrived at a huge lake. This was called the Atlantic Ocean. I soon learned it was not a lake, it was to salty to drink. Smoke and I were playing in a forest when these strange creatures came along. Hunters. I was confused by them, and when Smoke ran up a tree I realized they were deadly. They hadn't seen Smoke, they were shooting these pelted at me. i soon say that those could kill me, and I ran. I ran and ran and ran. I ran onto a floating beast, and some other Hunters came on. Although these Hunters didn't have death-sticks. I soon learned they were Humans. And that this was a boat. I was scared, Smoke was gone and this humans were huge. When the boat started to swim away in the ocean, I was terrified. It traveled for a few days when it eventually stopped at another place. It was called "Scotland." I ran away as fast as I could. I ran into a pack's territory. When there Beta discovered me gasping near a river, she grabbed my scrub and dragged me away. I was presented before the Alpha pair and I told them everything that had happened to me. The Beta snarled at me the whole time, and growled when the Alphas offered me a stop in the pack. I accepted and I was a hunter. I befriended the Alpha's son, his name was Arnou. He was even my age! We were the best of friends, inseparable. When we were yearlings, the Beta died and Arnou was promoted.  I was happy for him, but saddened deeply. He would be to busy organizing everyone and discussing things with the Alphas to spend time with me now. I faked a happy face and everyone though it was real. Except for him. He followed me that night, and said that nothing could separate us. Then, he asked me to be his mate.
I accepted.
We would announce it to the pack and then become a mated pair.
Sadly, that was not to be.
Before we arrived back at the camp, the very air I breathed look green. The wind picked up, and soon, spilling before us, was a tornado. I had heard of them before, but I never expected to see one. It tore apart our pack, killing the others. Arnou and I watched helplessly as our friends we blown away. I shoved Arnou, telling him to run. He look numb as he ran away. I chased after him, focused on getting us to safety. Luck was not with us, though. We ran straight into Hunters, and they shot us with little darts. Darkness surrounded me.
I awakened, then tried to run. I ran into a thin wall, little metal hairs crisscrossing together. Anyway, I could not get out. Arnou was in a similar thing next to me, and he called them cages. For many day we lay there, being tossed and turned. The Humans would feed us small, nasty pellets. I eventually realized we were on a boat, but were we were going was a mystery to me. It was called "New Jersey." One day the boat was being thrown back and forth, when a  loud screech deafened me. Water lapped at my paws, and there was no way out! We were terrified, and to make matters worse a pointy piece of metal broke my cage, and scratched my flank. It shifted, breaking into Arnou's cage... I watched helplessly as it impaled his body. His last word to me was "Run..." I ran. I ran to top of the boat and leaped into the ocean, glad to see that land was close. I swam to a rock and collapsed. I let out a howl of grief, all of my loved ones are lost to me. Smoke may be alive, but I will never see him again. When I could finally stand, I licked my wound clean, then walked. I walked and walked, and my wound healed. By the time I was two years old I found a land called South Dakota. I had finished my grieving, and although I would never forget him, I had moved on past Arnou.  I wandered around in the state of Montana, looking for a pack...

Likes: Being busy, the sun, the moon, the starts, hunting, swimming, climbing trees, puppies(!), and friends.

Dislikes: Speaking about her past, tigers, rude wolves, and extremely hot days.

Sire-Night Watcher-Deceased

Formor Mate-Arnou-Deceased

Current Mate-None.
Offspring-None, although one day she wants to have a family again.

Scent: For some reason Ember smells of smoke. She is a fan of running upwind of something/someone and watching it run away from her scent, probably thinking that there is a real fire.

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Re: ★ ☆Ember☆ ★

Post by Maverick on Fri Jun 26, 2015 12:56 pm

Lovely bio and history Ember, welcome to the pack! Just one thing though: please include your rank and you will be good to go to start rp!! c:


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Re: ★ ☆Ember☆ ★

Post by Ember on Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:19 pm

I fixed ze problem!

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Re: ★ ☆Ember☆ ★

Post by Topaz on Fri Jun 26, 2015 3:46 pm

Welcome to the pack, Ember! I love your bio c:

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Re: ★ ☆Ember☆ ★

Post by Jeamesero on Fri Jun 26, 2015 5:01 pm

Welcome to the pack Ember~ ^^


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Re: ★ ☆Ember☆ ★

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