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Zephyr Aej Eros.

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Zephyr Aej Eros. Empty Zephyr Aej Eros.

Post by Keane on Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:26 pm

HEY HI HELLO FRIENDS. This is by no means done, but I was making it all day and I wanted to share it for everyone bc I like to show off my charries -3-
But ye. this is Zephyr. He is for Kazis upcoming pack, or something else. Who knows. but I actually really like him c':

Zephyr Aej Eros. From_p10

Zephyr Aej Eros

IDENTIFICATION ; ; Zephyr Aej Eros.

KNOWN AS ; ; Zephyr.

PET NAMES ; ; He has no pet names, for he is no pet.

BIRTH ; ; Three or so years ago, February Seventh.

GENDER ; ; Zephyr is seen as and sees himself as male.


POSITION ; ; Hunter.

SEXUAL ORIENTATION ; ; Zephyr is asexual. He is dissatisfied with many wolves and sees life to be more fulfilling, when lived in solitude. This could potentially change, but don't expect it to, and don't expect him to reciprocate flirtations, or affections.

Zephyr Aej Eros. __10

COLORATION ; ; Zephyr is decked out in dark blacks, browns, and tannish creams.  While the entirety of him is a mottled, chaotic mess of these colors, one can find a slight strategic influence throughout him, as though is coat is meant to capture the eyes of those around him. Personally, he hates how appealing his coat is, and for that reason he will usually remain in the shadows, rather than unleash the light upon himself. His ears are framed in a slight amber color, but backed by blackish brown, that spreads down to his ruff, and over the rest of his body. His legs and underside, such as with many wolves, happen to be paler in comparison and his stomach is a soft, creamy white.

LENGTH ; ; Naturally, Zephyrs coat alternates in thickness with the seasons. While always fluffy, regardless of the lack or excess of heat, Zephyrs coat does thicken exponentially towards the end of Autumn, allowing Winter to pass by with little discomfort, and when spring rolls around he will gradually start to shed some of the excess layers he has built up.

MARKINGS ; ; While his coat is strewn with odd coloration and splotches of light and dark, there is nothing so noticeable to be sited specifically. Regarding scars, Zephyr has the typical scars gained throughout life, from scats with brutes to irresponsible and poorly thoughtout actions. There is nothing too terribly noticeable, as his fur happens to disguise all of these painful, if not humorous reminders.

BUILD ; ; Zephyr is, much to his distaste, a wonderful balance of speed and strength. He is rather tall, with long powerful legs, which allows him to move just as fast as small, light wolves. His torso is heavily muscled, though is no hindrance in any way. He is both capable of flight, and fight, and will choose both, or neither, in accordance to what he believes necessary. He is neither a pansy, nor a showoff.

EYE COLOR ; ; Like the bark of the pine trees he has become so familiar with, Zephyr has a syrupy brown, kind of dark amber in color, with streaks of shadowed gold intermingling. His eyes are broken apart by these lines of lighter color, which contrast against the dark brown.

FRAGRANCE ; ; Zephyr has gained an intoxicating scent from his travels along the west coast, and has donned a tasteful mix of Pine trees and sea salt. There is neither a stronger tinge, nor softer one between the two, and both of the fresh, invigorating scents have found a peaceful balance that easily lures those that are sensitive to various sorts of fragrance.

Zephyr tends to scowl when thinking, listening, or relaxing. In other words, he has resting distaste face.
Zephyr will only sleep next to a tree. If there are no trees around, he will not sleep. More than this, he has to like the tree. If he is not fond of the tree more so than he is others, he wont sleep well. However, he will tolerate some trees. He hates Willow trees.
Zephyr will only enter pools of water a certain way, meaning he will only walk along the edge, with the water to his left side, then turn and place his right front fore-paw into the water, before anything else. This applies for even when he wants a drink; Until his left side turns, and right paw enters, he will not touch water.
If a young pup approaches him, he will flinch away, but he recovers quickly and the pups seldom notice with everything else going on in their world.

PAST ; ; Zephyr was born in the shelter of a warming spring cave, within the forested parts of Alaska. Born of a litter of three, his sister, Vivika, and his brother, Aalto, were born right before him, leaving him to be the youngest, but oddly enough, the largest.
All three of the pups were striking, and Zephyr was by no means the pup with the most desirable markings, for all three of the pups were beautiful in different ways. Vivika was far darker than Zephyr and Aalto, decked in a black coat swirled with large swatches of dark brown, and together she formed an image of shadows balanced by lightness. Aalto, on the other hand, was far more similar to a daughter from a previous litter, Devora. Devora had been a soft, snowy gray, with striking blue eyes, and Aalto was a reincarnation of her, just a tad smaller. He had also gained flecks of silvery black throughout his coat, whereas Devora had been simpler in appearance.
From the beginning, it was clearly established to both his parents and siblings that Zephyr would always be distant, would always be aloof, and would be the first to leave when the time came to disperse.
His childhood was fairly uneventful; He would occasionally romp around with his siblings, but for the most part, he just spent his time alone, wandering in solitude. Oddly enough, his parents would allow him to do so, where as with their previous litter, which had died off one by one before they reached a year, it was completely out of the question. Even stranger still, Alaska is quite the dangerous place for a pup; Mountains, cliffs, bears, fast flowing rivers and birds of prey make for quite the adversary for pups, and his parents didn't mind him wandering about.
For Vivika and Aalto, exploring didn't hold much wanderlust for them, and even when they did wish to go off on their own, they weren't permitted to do so, for their parents didn't trust them in the same way that they did Zephyr.
Around the age of one and a half, Vivika started to socialize with the distant neighboring packs rather than her small family of five. Eventually, she started to bring a new wolf around the territory, inviting him in and offering him refuge from his parents, whom were very peaceful on the outside, but tortuous to their son in private.
The stranger was small; Far smaller than typical Alaskan wolves, and with a thin coat. It was peculiar to see such a frail, sandy creature in the mountains of Alaska, especially since both parents were as local featured as one could get. Nonetheless, the loner turned packmate was kind of adorable, and when the sun hit his coat directly, he seemed to glow.
The stranger was called Osheen, and Osheen and Vivika grew rather close, rather quickly. Neither his parents, brother, or himself bothered to try and deny what was sure to happen; Besides, pups were exciting news in the pack, especially when one living in Alaska had such hardships with infants.
However, unbeknownst to all, Aalto was jealous, slowly becoming possessive without suggesting so. He spent no time with Vivika and Osheen, apart or together, so nobody thought to predict such tragedy.
Not a single wolf had suspected that Aalto identified as homosexual, and if he had, not a single would would have had a problem with it. However, Aalto had a problem with Vivika and Osheen becoming too close, for he wanted the small, frail, and reserved stranger to himself. He was just in love, but love is blinding, and love is reckless.
Before the couple could decide to disperse, Aalto attempted to rid Vivika from the picture. Vivika, being the second strongest, easily overpowered her younger brother, but while Viv had been focused on keeping Osheen, Aalto had been focused on getting Osheen, and he would stop at nothing.
Zephyr, unable to see his brother murder his sister, went to defend his sibling, and attempt to break it up. Aalto instead turned his rage on his youngest brother, and after a lot of putting it off, Zephyr went to grab his brothers throat.
Aalto, realizing what was about to happen, fled the scene, escaping the territory.

A couple months passed, and Osheen and Vivika had their first litter of pups. Zephyr was surprised that they were as far from ugly as they happened to be, what with their parents being totally different. If anything, it made them all the more beautiful, because all five pups, but one, got the best of both worlds. The youngest pup was a striking replica of his grandfather, Zephyr and Vivikas father, Roux, who was a deep, striking red color.
A couple more months passed, and Vivika and Zephyr were a little over two years old, and the pups were starting to romp about. Zephyr was actually fairly close to the pups, and was just as heartbroken as their parents when Aalto came back to slaughter them all, whilst everyone else was on a hunt. Osheen, who had stayed at the den with the pups, was no match for Aalto, and was slaughtered as well, for having picked Vivika over Aalto.
With little to show for from the hunt, it was just another blow to the chest when they came back to find five deceased pups, and Osheen shredded into something you could barely call a carcass. It was clear that he had suffered.
There was little anyone could do but bury the bodies, and try not to dwell on the pain of it all.
Zephyr departed from his family shortly after, deciding to wander down the coast, since you cant go much further north than Alaska. He slowly made his way down to Alaska, alone the whole time, handling everything fine by himself. He broke into California, and has been wandering about since.

Intoxicated with Sadness, Im in love with my Madness.



LOVER ; ; Zephyr has no lover.

OFFSPRING ; ; Zephyr has never attempted to make children, so there is no chance for him to have any.


Mother_____ Father
Rhea  ___________ Roux

First Generation Pups
Devora♀_____ Draven♂ _____ Ryker♂ _____ Bathsheba♀ ____Montague

Second Generation Pups
Vivika____ Aalto____ Zephyr

Third Generation Pups, born of Vivika and mate, Osheen.

Sixtine♀_____ Aurelian♂ _____ Kaska♀ _____ Silja♀ ____Eos

FRIENDSHIPS ; ; As of now, none.

RIVALRIES ; ; As much as he hates to admit it, Zephyr would consider his brother, Aalto, a rival of his.

THEME ; ; Office of Strategic Influence - The Escape Artist.

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Zephyr Aej Eros. Empty Re: Zephyr Aej Eros.

Post by Jeamesero on Mon Aug 24, 2015 3:02 am


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Zephyr Aej Eros. Empty Re: Zephyr Aej Eros.

Post by Maverick on Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:53 am

I love him!!

(Though can you please remove the word "asshole" from this? Thanks luff!)

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Zephyr Aej Eros. Empty Re: Zephyr Aej Eros.

Post by Keane on Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:57 pm

Thank you guys .3.
And ye, I guess I can do that cx

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Zephyr Aej Eros. Empty Re: Zephyr Aej Eros.

Post by Cassiel on Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:11 pm

ten out of ten. perfect. beautiful. flawless. utterly amazing. terrific. literally every positive adjective you could imagine.

i love him. s o much. <3333
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Zephyr Aej Eros. Empty Re: Zephyr Aej Eros.

Post by Verine on Thu Aug 27, 2015 4:00 pm

Cassiel wrote:ten out of ten. perfect. beautiful. flawless. utterly amazing. terrific. literally every positive adjective you could imagine.

i love him. s o much. <3333

I adore every fiber of your being. You are the most spectacular human to have ever existed.
Thank you<3

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Zephyr Aej Eros. Empty Re: Zephyr Aej Eros.

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