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Ranks and their Availability

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Ranks and their Availability Empty Ranks and their Availability

Post by Maverick on Fri Mar 21, 2014 10:41 pm

* Rank is open and needs more members!
* Rank is closed until and no one else will be put here
* Rank needs to be earned; no new members will be placed here

High Ranks - The Staff
* Alpha: The pair of alphas can be a pair of siblings, lovers, or best friends. They often get along well with each other and have the final say in the pack. Their word is expected to be followed as they are the ones fully in charge

* Beta: The betas, just like the alphas, can be a pair of siblings, lovers, or best friends. They assist the alphas and are often the ones the members can turn to if the alphas are not around. They are second in command and are often the main teachers to the deltas

* Delta: A pair of siblings, best friends, or lovers (only if both wolves are at least two years old) that are in-training to be a beta some day. They are third in command and are the ones that answer questions regarding the pack from normal pack members. Wolves in this rank can either be the alpha or beta pup, an adopted pup, or a grown wolf that would be a good beta someday

Lower Ranks - The Normal Members
* Warrior: The wolves that fight off predators and other wolves to protect the pack. They do the best they can to save another pack member's life and most are willing to give up their life for another. The lead warrior often gets directions straight from the higher ranks and is to then lead the others in what to do

Guard: The guards are more of the wolves that will sit and protect, looking out for danger and being prepared for an unexpected battle. They are usually found guarding the high ranks, elders, pups, and yearlings, though they do their best to protect everyone. They are the backups just in case the warriors need help in a fight and are directed by the lead guard for guarding rotations and who to look out for

Hunter: These wolves, as the name implies, go out to hunt and bring back food for the pack. They are very important because they supply the pack with most of the meat. The lead hunter often thinks up of the plans and strategies and often picks out the target for the hunters to bring down

Tracker: The wolves with great noses and smelling abilities. They are the ones that will often scout the territory for anything new and strange, and will report it back to the lead tracker, who will report it back to a wolf of high rank. Trackers also often help the hunters find their prey and also usually help the healers find their herbs. They are directed by the lead tracker, who decides who does what task each day

Healer: Healers are very important to the pack. They heal wounds, illnesses, and just random pains such as stomach aches and scraped pawpads. They know how to use herbs, not just with healing, but they know the ones that could potentially kill as well. When the pack is in battle, the healers are the last hope for two reasons. One, they are the only ones that can possibly save the life of a wounded pack member. And two, if all hope is lost, they can instruct the trackers and send them out to give a foe a poisonous herb. They could be the difference in winning or losing a fight. The lead healer is to be very respected because if you don't then watch out they could kill you

* Nanny: The nannies are the ones that watch over pups and yearlings. They help the young wolves learn who is who in the pack with what rank and give them information about the pack. They tell them bits and pieces of each rank to inspire them to get interested in one. The lead nanny sets up yearlings to be taught by a wolf of another rank to train them in that skill. They also assist the elders as well

* Elder: The wolves in this rank are of at least seven years of age. They are too old to serve the pack, but everyone still respects them because of their seniority and wisdom. They like to tell stories and teach lessons to the younger wolves especially, but they will speak to anyone that listens. They are wise and can always be talked to for advice

Yearling: Yearlings are wolves between the ages of one and two. They are being taught by their assigned mentor to become a member of that rank someday. They are too young to yet have lovers

* Pup: The wolves younger than one who need to be watched over at all times. Pups often get themselves into mischief (or danger!) because of their wonder of the world around them. They do nothing for the pack except guarantee a bright future

* Omega: The bottom of the pack. These wolves are usually the ones that are weak (physically or mentally), that break rules, that are timid, or even just the ones that assume the role in this rank. They have no specific job, but will sometimes assist in battles or taking care of pups

Not Ranked - Unofficial Members
Pack Friend: These wolves aren't exactly "wolves", because they aren't allowed to post a bio or roleplay. They may post where ever they like, but aren't counted as official members. They usually don't come online as often a normal member would, but when they do, they often join the chatbox

Dead Account: The accounts on the website that are assumed to be "dead". An account may be moved here if they haven't logged in for three months, and after three more months without logging in, the account will be deleted. After being moved in here, you have to reapply to be in the pack, as you are no longer actually counted as a member
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