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Pack News & Updates, 10/3/15

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Pack News & Updates, 10/3/15 Empty Pack News & Updates, 10/3/15

Post by Verine on Sat Oct 03, 2015 7:06 pm

Thank you for checking up on the updates, Guest! Thats so very mature, responsible, and very much appreciated by the rest of the staff and myself! c:

Member News
We have also regained two former members whom some of you may remember; Rovva, formally Kahlua, has rejoined Riadven and is here to stay, for the time being, and the same goes for Sirius c: If you haven't done so already, please welcome them both back and introduce yourself! Make them feel welcome once more<3
It is also worth noting that we have had two promotions, consisting of Lupa to Lead Warrior and Kazimir to Lead Guard! Once again, congratulations you two!
In other pleasant news, beloved members Dido and Shadow have each  gained another character to roleplay with; Ophelia for Dido, and Serena. If you're ever confused about who has what other charries, please click HERE!!!!, and that will provide you with the information you're looking for, along with how to get a second character of your own! If you still have any further questions, feel free to PM either myself, or one of our other two spectacular and much loved staffies.<3
And lastly, please welcome new member Torpedo to the pack, if you haven't done so already~

Roleplay News
While its not official, former roleplay alpha Maverick has kind of started to take things under his wing, and eventually this will(probably) transition him into becoming the official alpha of Riadven once more!
There has been romantic, aggressive, and various other sorts of tension otherwise occurring in the roleplay, all of which is a very interesting read~ If you're not posting in the roleplay as of late, I suggest you hop in while you have the chance! Also keep in mind that if you go too long without making an appearance in RP, there may be some repercussions!

Site/Contest News
There is a new Banner Contest!! Detailed information regarding the contest can be found HERE, and the deadline for this contest has been extended to October 17. Please, I strongly ask that you all seriously consider participating! There are prizes and you can show off your artistic talent(Or lack thereof, when it comes to me ^^")!
There seems to have been a bit of an excitement going around regarding the re-boot of Riadven High, and I may end up remaking it a bit before I end up restarting it, if that should happen. Most of the old members will have to be removed from the census, and there are countless other updates. But, since chances are good regarding its upstart once more, I would consider thinking about making your current wolf charrie into an accurate human representation ^^

Other News
Various threads around the site have been updated, including the rules, ranks, and "About" threads. Click on the links and check them out c:

ALSO-- Please remember that the Staff are always available to answer questions or to deal with anything needed. All you need is PM us c:

Pack News & Updates, 10/3/15 19823310

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Pack News & Updates, 10/3/15 Empty Re: Pack News & Updates, 10/3/15

Post by Maverick on Sat Oct 03, 2015 7:45 pm

Woop woop, thanks for posting this Veri, it looks great!

Pack News & Updates, 10/3/15 KUzYCgz
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Pack News & Updates, 10/3/15 Empty Re: Pack News & Updates, 10/3/15

Post by Motomo on Sun Oct 04, 2015 4:06 am

Yay! All of this is good to know, thanks Veri!

Verine wrote:Thank you for checking up on the updates, Motomo! Thats so very mature, responsible, and very much appreciated by the rest of the staff and myself! c:
Hehe, not a problem <3

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Pack News & Updates, 10/3/15 Empty Re: Pack News & Updates, 10/3/15

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