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Second/Third Character FAQ

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Second/Third Character FAQ Empty Second/Third Character FAQ

Post by Maverick on Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:18 pm

Are we allowed to have second characters?

What are the second character requirements?
You must have been a member of the pack for at least 10 days (starting from the day you register) and have at least 40% of the alpha's trust

How do I know how much of the alpha's trust I have?
Go here and look for your wolf's name

How do I gain trust?
Stay active and over time you will

Can I still apply even if I don't meet the requirements?
No, and don't try. The alpha will check to be sure whether or not you meet the requirements

If I have met the requirements, how do I get a second character?
Send the alpha an application via pm

What application do I use for applying?
The same one you used when you first applied to this pack

Do I use the same secret word?
No, the secret word for second accounts is 'swiggity sworse it is a horse'

The alpha declined my second character! What do I do?
This probably means that you either didn't have enough trust or seniority (days registered) or you're applying for a third character. Just wait until you do meet the requirements (or if it's a different reason, discuss it with the alpha via pm)

If my second character gets accepted, do I have to create another account?

It says that the username has already been taken! What do I do?
Just add a 1 to the end of your username and the alpha will change your username for you

It says that the email is already in use! What now?
Use a backup email if you have one or make up an email

Do I have to create a bio for my second character or can I jump straight into rp?
Nope, bios first

I don't want people to know that I have a second character (besides the alpha). Is it possible that it could stay a secret?
No, everyone shall know

My second account has been deleted! Why?
It's probably because that account fell way too inactive. Either that or there was a mistake (you may discuss it with the alpha via pm)

I no longer want my second character. What do I do?
Just pm the alpha and you can choose if you want to donate your account, have it deleted, or get a new character

Are we allowed to have third characters?

Are there any third character requirements?
You must have at least 80% alpha's trust and three months of seniority, AND you must have special permission from an alpha (this usually comes with the three months and trust)

Anything else I should know?
Refer to the other questions and answers above, but think of it in terms of your third account, not the second one

My concern isn't here! What do I do?
Send an alpha a pm and they'll answer it for you

I have a suggestion of something to put on here
Great! Pm an alpha the question/s and they'll add it on here

People and their second/third accounts; see who is who!

Primary account | Secondary account | Tertiary account | Inactive account

Maverick | Kiokkia

Shadow | Serena | Shadow Manuel Alana Hati Yuki Erol Serena Izzi

Cassiel | TopazKamon Adriel Maiko Pollux

Kazimir | Deyanira Navin Kyo Abaddon Feather

VerineWinter | Keane | Axl

Kanaya | Dido | Ophelia

CaroMeadow Mirage

Lupa | Motomo

Secret word was thought of by Cassiel/Topaz! c:

Second/Third Character FAQ KUzYCgz
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