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Post by Verine on Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:50 pm

Okay. So to keep this short, simple, and agonizingly sweet, Im going to be moving all of the bios of all the members that joined the High School RP here. The front post can only get so big, and so, all of the bios will be here for everyones convenience.
I love everyone.
Here you go darlings<3


Name; Deyanira

Nicknames; Deya, Nira, Yani

Age+Year; 16, sophomore (10th grade)

Branch Preference?; Decoration Team

Forced?; Deya chose to be in it because it was the kids who wouldn't want to be in it so she wouldn't have to talk to people.

Physical description; She's slim, fit, she's got 'that booty' she's got short black hair with slight curls, very very blue eyes, and she's a very pale china doll sort of look to her. Her eyeslashes are very thick even when she doesn't wear make-up. She's not too tall and very fine with good posture and a keen sense of style.

Riadven High Student Body Jhejia

Personality; Deyanira is a flirt until she is in a real relationship. She will completely despise you unless you are the first girl she meets, or a guy. She will even have a little fun with the teachers from time to time. Deyanira is also very intelligent, she never speaks in class when it could get her placed as a smart one, but she knows every answer. Her life revolves around the music she listens to, and the way to her heart is through her favourite bands, her taste of art, or photography. She has a shadowed side, one she's never shown to anybody and one she hates to speak of, but that's to be discovered.

History; Deya was raised in a 'perfect' family, or that's how they acted. They were dysfunctional alone, verbally abusing one another, Deyanira was also physically abused as well. At the age of seventeen she changed the state that she lived in and moved away from home. Getting a job at a cafe and buying a small house near the school she attended in town. Riadven High.

Family; All entirely disowned.
Not disowned.

Likes; Music, art, photography. She loves to sketch but hates to paint, she loves to take pictures of animals and interesting people. Her favourite bands/artists are: Daughter, Anna Nalick, Katie Costello, and a few more in that area.


Hobbies; She loves to sketch and take pictures.

Sexual Orientation; Pansexual

Relationship?; None

Pets?; Deya has a tortoiseshell cat, a boxer, a bullmastiff, and a chestnut Thoroughbred Barrel Racing gelding.

Job?; Works at the Riadven Cafe near the school.

Other;Deyanira tends to isolate herself, but is never unprepared for a guest or an unexpected movie night. (also I kinda based her off me so this should be interesting eheh)

Name; Kochi ‘’Jeamesero’’ Rei Tamashii (his real name is Kochi but he prefers the name his friends gave him, which is Jeamesero)
Nicknames; Jeames, Jea
Age+Year; 16 years old – Junior
Branch Preference?; Clubs Management
Forced?; He was not forced, he loves to do activities during and after school and that’s why he joined the student council. And he also joined because he wants to make himself useful and make some friends. ;D
Physical description; Jeamesero is rather small in build for his age; he’s quite short and has pretty much the face of a 13 to 14 years old child, even though he’s 16. He also looks rather odd; he has long black hair in a pony tail (red hair thingy) and bright blue eyes. He wears a white shirt and a blue jacket, with very dark grey pants and black shoes. He’s also often seen with a red scarf and red fingerless gloves with on both gloves a YinYang sign.
Reference; Riadven High Student Body Jeames18
Personality; Jeames will be very sweet and caring for others when he’s like this and he will be very great to hang around with. He loves to make friends and to accompany others and will often act childish. He loves playing games and might appear a bit of annoying to others when he goes all laughing screaming and running around the school, pretending he can fly (yes, he’s such a student… .-.). When he’s sad he might cry or act really really cute and tiny, but his sadness never takes too long as he always ends up being happy and jolly again (if someone gives him a better alternative in bad situations). He’s very smart for the way he acts, coming up with solutions when it’s needed. He will always be the shoulder to cry on and will try to help others when they want or need help. He isn’t really good with words when comforting someone, but he’s a real teddy bear and loves to cuddle and pat people’s head, even when those people are bigger in size or build. He will always look up at them and smile like a cute little child, feeling proud to be able to help someone older, like a four years old child who becomes an older sibling for the first time and every time wants to help their mother. He’s a hard worker that always wants people to be happy, this because he longs for the respect of others, and always wants others to be proud of him.
Though, he is a bit complicated, better to say unpredictable; whenever he’s in a bad situation, you never know he’s going to react. You might think he will cry like he often does because he appears to be so cute and small and fragile, but sometimes this kid can become really furious, fighting other students or trying to fight them. When he’s mad you better hold him back if he wants to hurt someone, because he WILL try, throwing insults at them or screaming that they are wrong. It’s like your cute little, fragile brother, possessed by a demon. Though he’s not possessed, he’s just a very emotional and unpredictable boy.

History; Jeamesero was born as a dizygotic twin, born on the same day as his five minutes older brother Mustafa, in a big house near the country side. His father was rich and famous, owner of FedEx Company, and Jeamesero and Mustafa were pretty much famous too because of their father’s job. However, even though that famousness made Mustafa headstrong and haughty, Jeamesero didn’t feel famous at all. He stayed himself and tried to win his father’s love, but Mustafa was their father’s favorite son and his pride, so Jeames was mostly left out. Only when Jeamesero acted cute and fragile, his father would sometimes come to comfort him, so Jeamesero promised himself he would stay cute forever and never mentally grow up to keep his father’s love and respect, because he knew he would never make him proud.
Mustafa soon went to the best boarder schools in town, and Jeamesero as the least favorite son was kept home and was taught home by teachers especially assigned by his father. Jeamesero wanted to go to school too and meet people, make friends, but his father refused and told him school was getting ‘’too expensive’’ for the both of them to go. So Jeamesero stayed homeschooled, until he was fourteen years old. After that his father finally gave in to his prayers and sent him to a boarding school. It wasn’t the same school to which his brother Mustafa went, but either way Jeamesero was glad he could finally make friends.
However, during his first two years at high school he got bullied because he found out he was homosexual, and because he got to date this boy. After these bullies were punished or banned from the school grounds most of the bullying stopped, and it turned more into teasing, but his boyfriend moved to another country and even though they promised each other they would stay together, he cheated on Jeamesero and started to date another boy. Jeamesero had to break up with him and was left behind broken and lonely, with no friends at all and a father who didn’t see him as his son anymore because he was ‘’different’’ from the others (he didn’t accept his sexual orientation). Now Jeamesero has joined the Student Council because he wants to help others and do something fun and make friends, at least to give himself a few last good years at high school.

Family; Yamato (father), Kaya (mother, had a secret affair with his father), Lilly (stepmother, married to his father all along) Mustafa (brother), Hilya (older half brother, same father), Shun (older half brother, same mother), Shaya (older half sister, same mother, identical twin sister of Shun), Daigo (cousin).
Likes; Jeamesero loves to play games like chess or the board game Ludo, or card games like black jack and sevens, as he loves to play thinking games, and he’s pretty good at them as well. He also loves to shop for clothes with people (especially girls) and to hang around with friends or just people he has met. He also loves to be with animals, and that’s why he likes to work with them, or work as a volunteer at animal shelters.
Dislikes; He hates to play sports; Jeamesero isn’t much of a sport’s person and really dislikes soccer and athletics, because he’s just not good at sports. This is why he hates PE class. He also doesn’t like to be bullied or teased because of his sexual orientation and will immediately hate someone when they do such a thing and not give them a second chance to put things right again or make up for it.
Hobbies; Jeamesero doesn’t really have any hobbies, as he doesn’t like to write and can’t draw (his half brother Shun always says his stick figures even look terrible), but he’s often seen reading books, even though he says he doesn’t really like reading that much, either.
Sexual Orientation; Homosexual/gay
Relationship?; He used to date a boy who was a year older than him, when he was around 14 years old, but they broke up because his boyfriend cheated on him with someone else, even from another country. Jeamesero hated him and was left alone broken, he isn’t really looking for someone new, but he hopes he will find someone who he can actually really love and trust.
Pets?; Jeamesero doesn’t have any pets, as his father doesn’t want any animals in the house (who knows why). However, Jeamesero has a sick baby crow that he had found in his garden not too long ago, and saved by a stray cat which attacked it. Now he hides the bird in a box under his bed, and takes care of it. Though, his father doesn’t know about this.
Job?; He doesn’t have a job, but he works as a volunteer at an animal shelter not too far from Riadven High.
Other; He often stays in the classroom after class has ended to chat a bit with the teachers.

Name; Nils

Nicknames; None now

Age+Year;(I.e. Freshmen, Sophomore, etc.) 18 years old, Senior

Branch Preference?;(The three branches are listed above) Clubs Management

Forced?;(This must be accepted or declined. If you choose forced, please explain what you did to be forced to join.) Nils was forced to enter the student council due to the fact that he bunked school and couldn´t be graduated.

Physical description; Nils is pretty tall, 6 feets and 2 inches to be exact. He has raven black, straight hair, which can be sometimes pretty tousled. His iris is shaded in an ocean blue pigment and some greenish speckles around his pupils. His body is fairly muscular due to the fact that he nearly visits every day the gym and alleviate stress there.

Reference;(Preferably anime drawings, as they're generally appropriate) Riadven High Student Body Large (you´ll see him quite often like this xD)

Personality; Nils is pretty aloof to others. He doesn´t like company of anyone and will probaly be the first one who quit conversations. Not speaking much and if, just some short, choppy sentences, some even described him a bit mysterious and even rude. Well, another point, Nils actually doesn´t give a shit on others judgments about him or their oppinion. If he wants to sleep in the student council or at school, he´ll probaly do that. Although his `calm` persona, he really got some anger issues which means that he could randomly burst out and even harm people, physical.

History; Nils originally came from Germany. He was born there and lived his life as every student would. However, as he reached the age of 16, his parents divorced and his father threw his mother out of their appartment. Nils, always being more on his mothers side, followed her quickly, after having a pretty vicious fight with his father. The worried mother immediately alerted the police and soon his father was popped, covicted for 3 years. Nils mother had enough of the trouble she had in germany so she decided it would be better to leave everything behind and go back where she originally came from: Montana. Now he´s living there, visiting Riadven High for 2 years. He almost had his graduation, however, as his mother died (cancer), he plummet. He nearly became addicted to drugs but his failure in school opened his eyes. Now he´s pretty clean, maybe drink sometimes some alcohol but apart from that he´s visiting school again and was forced to join the student council.

Family; Father: Nico – Location Unknown. Mother: Melissa – Dead. Sibling: None

Likes; Swimming, his dog, relaxing on his couch, ice tea, pizza, going to the gym, training, running, silence, music, watching movies, sleeping/relaxing

Dislikes; Having too many people around, his father (he actually hates him), cold, sickness, hecticness

Hobbies; Going to the gym, walking his dog, relaxing at home, chatting with his old friends in germany, sleeping

Sexual Orientation; Straight

Relationship?; Nope

Pets?; Great Dane: Max - 2 years old – Male (

Job?; Works in Riadvens Café

Other; nah

a bit lame, i know but im pretty much idealess cx

Name; Sirius Wolfstar

Nicknames; Mr.Wolf, Sir Sirius

Age+Year; 57

Physical description; Sirius is a rather tall man, standing around 6'7". He has black hair with a few strands of white ones due to his old age. His eyes are of wise gold yellow, giving off a warm yet stern sense of aura. Sirius also wears a pair of glasses because his sight had diminished over the years. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt, green non-sleeved vest, black coat, dark brown trousers, gold yellow tie that is tucked under the vest and leather shoes. Sirius also has a cane to help balance himself when walking. The cane bears a wolf head on the handle.

(Black hair with a few white strands instead of completely white and has yellow eyes instead of green >.<)
Riadven High Student Body Sirius11

Sirius' Walking Cane
Riadven High Student Body Sirius14

Personality; Sirius is a very calm man, patient with everyone and prefers speech over violence. His mind has always been sharp even if he is getting older. His wisdom about histories and mythology are absolute, which is why he became a history teacher for Riadven High. When doing his job, Sirius is very strict and aspects all of his students to pay attention. His stern expression can be frightening if one does something he doesn't like to see. Sirius is also a heartwarming person to his family, constantly guiding his children and grandchildren with advises and lessons he had learned in his life. He doesn't aspect perfection from any of his students and family members, Sirius' only wish is that they have a good start in life with enough knowledge to face the world on their own. Sirius tries his best to understand and see his students from their point of view, though he lacks the modern trends the student have but he is well for his knowing his international student's native languages.

History; Sirius was born second to the three siblings. They were taught differently by their parents and grandparents, but their bond remained as stong as ever. As they all graduated from high school, they each took a different course in their studies. The three siblings excelled in their chosen studies and graduated with flying colors. In their late 20's, Irwin took over their father's company, Sirius became a history teacher while Sheera worked as a nurse. Things went on as usual, then one day Sirius met the love of his life, Rigel. The woman was a mythology teacher. Sirius and Rigel got together for two years before getting married. They had two children; Xavier and Joyce. All seems well when a sad news reached the family. A friend of Sirius' mother got involved in a car accident, only her grandchild survived. So Sirius' mother decided to adopt the orphaned child, his name was Howl. Sirius' mother adored Howl with all of her heart as if he was her own child. Though the child was more than 30 years apart from Sirius and his siblings, they treated him like their own little brother.

Surprisingly, Howl had a gift for creativity. All three siblings suggested to have Howl sent to a special school for talented people. The whole family watched as the gifted boy grew up into a celebrity. He excelled in all of his classes; acting, singing, dancing, arts, music, modeling and even songwriting. And for his 17th birthday, Irwin and Sirius turned one of their home's empty rooms into a music room as his present. Sheera gave Howl an artist's paintbrush set as well as a table for his creativity to bloom. Sirius couldn't be ever more happier for his little brother. He, Irwin and Sheera knew of the pressure the path that Howl chose to walk on, so they supported him every step of the way. With their help, Howl was able to make time for his fame as well as spend time with his family.

Not long after, Irwin also got married and had a daughter, Avalon. Sheera decided to focus entirely in her career and does not seem to be interested in marriage anytime soon. As the years pass by, Joyce managed to get a chance to study aboard. Sirius did nothing to stop her and encourge his daughter to go for her dreams. And so she did, Joyce would write home every now and then. Everything was in place until Joyce suddenly stopped her calls and letters, Sirius and his family tried to search for Joyce but of no value. Heartbroken, Rigel stopped smiling. Sirius tried to comfort his wife but nothing seemed to work. Only by watching Xavier advancing in his own path could calm Rigel's mind from thinking of her daughter. Nothing changes for three years, until a surprise caught the whole family off guard. Joyce had suddenly appeared in Irwin's company, she was accompanied by a guy as well. Her presence shocked Irwin as he asked his niece a few questions regarding her disappearance.

Joyce explained that she got involved in a car accident and lost her memory three years ago, the same moment when she stopped contacting her family. The guy that was with Joyce was named Wes, he rescued Joyce from the car accident and allowed her to stay with him during her memory loss. Satified with the answers, Irwin immediately contacted Sirius and his family. Rigel was the first one to hold Joyce, crying happily to finally see her daughter again. Sirius thanked Wes for caring his daughter, and he requesed for Wes' identity. Wes apparently was the son and future manager of his father's company, he followed Joyce back to her home as he wanted to sign a contract with Irwin. Adding more surprising news was that Wes and Joyce got engaged, Sirius didn't oppose as he could see the spark between the two youths.

Not far behind, Xavier had also proposed to his girlfriend, Vale. The two got married and had a son named Arthur. Sirius and Rigel couldn't be happier to have their first grandchild. Irwin on the other had decided to retire from his work, he hoped that his daughter, Avalon, would take over. But the girl refused as she had no interest, so instead Xavier resumed the family business. During the new years, Wes' younger brothers also came to visit. Wes explained that he also had a sister but went missing after going aboard, just like Joyce but for reasons still unknown. So for now, Sirius and his big family is living with ease near Sirius' school of teaching, Riadven High.

Irwin (Older Brother, 60 Years Old)
Sheera (Younger Sister, 55 Years Old)
Howl Spexiale (Adopted Younger Brother, 21 Years Old)
Avalon (Niece, Irwin's Daughter, 20 Years Old)
Rigel Smith (Wife, 55 Years Old)
Xavier (Son, 25 Years Old), Vale Mackenzie (Daughter-In-Law, 25 Years Old), Arthur (Grandson, 5 Years Old)
Joyce (Daughter, 27 Years Old), Wes Hunter (Joyce's Fiance, 27 Years Old),
[Wayne, Matthew and Sam (Wes' Younger Brothers), Xiu (Wes' Missing Sister)]

Likes; Bonding with his students, spending time with his family and admiring the works of his younger brother, Howl.

Dislikes; Dishonesty, somebody criticizing others without caring for their feelings

Hobbies; Reading novels, strolling in the park with his pets.

Sexual Orientation; Heterosexual

Relationship?; Married


A 3 Month Old Male Husky (Wolfie)
Riadven High Student Body Little10

A 7 Year Old Male Tibetan Mastiff (Huang Di)
Riadven High Student Body Med_4e6d53d1b9724

A 5 Year Old Male Samoyed (White)
Riadven High Student Body White10

A 2 Year Old Silver-Laced Wyandotte Female Chicken (Silvy)
Riadven High Student Body Silvy11

Job?; Head Teacher/Counsellor/Supervisor of Riadven High

Other; For now, Sirius will be in charge for the entire Student Council (The three branches mentioned above)

Silvy is leashed when they go exercising. The three dogs are free to roam; Huang Di and White are old enough to understand to stick by Sirius, they also keep an eye out for Wolfie so he doesn't stray off.

This is Sirius' 25 Year Old Adopted Brother, Howl Spexiale ^_^
Riadven High Student Body Howl10
(He will be making frequent cameo appearances, that's why I have a picture of him. Howl is a carefree character, he doesn't mind having siblings that are wayy much older than him. Howl is a celebrity and his surname Spexiale is also his stage name.)

Riadven High Student Body Verine10
Name; Verine.

Nicknames; Veri.

Age+Year; Seventeen, Junior, Eleventh Year.

Branch Preference?; Decoration Team.

Forced?; Most people would be after knocking out a freshmen that crossed the line.

Physical description; Verine is a slim, lean female with a lithe, muscular body. Graced with a dancers build and a curvaceous form, Veri has no trouble flaunting off her looks, though they are often hidden under layers of clothing. Taller than most females, Veri is nose to nose with the average male, though her face is much sharper, and slender. High cheekbones and an angled jawline give her features an intense look about them, but with a small button nose, a smooth chin, and thin pink lips concealing an even white smile, it all softens out into a very feminine look with much appeal. Large almond eyes are framed by thick black eyelashes, the pupil surrounded by a sea of dark blue twisted together with accents of yellow the closer you come to the edge of the iris. Verine always wears her contacts. Raven black hair flows down like a waterfall of ink, stopping just above the small of her back. Her bangs fall down just a bit lower in the middle, brushing against the bridge of her nose in a gentle dance. Dark as the hair is, it seems to fade into a bluish tint in the moonlight. Pale skin is laced with raised, pink scars that trickle down her legs and the insides of her wrists, and a small tattoo rests under her hairline with the quote What defines us, is how well we rise after we fall…’ in skinny black cursive writing. Other than those and the splotchy burn scar on her right leg, her skin is completely blemish free. Generally, Veri will wear bluish, or darker colored tops with jeans, yoga pants, or sweats. Strip off her sweaters and outer layers, and you will find her in lacy undergarments… ;3

Reference; Riadven High Student Body Verine13  

Personality; There’s a reason nobody messes with quiet people, and there’s a reason nobody messes with Verine. Shy as she comes off as, Verine can and will be violent towards people, though she really yearns for intelligent conversations that she can become a part of, and passionate debates about every subject imaginable. As much as she wishes to be a part of such things, she seldom starts conversations with people. She’d prefer that one would come up to her, so she can throw herself in and keep the conversation going for as long as possible. She’ll openly talk about her highly intelligent thoughts and feelings about anyone and everything, but she’s sheltered about her past and won’t offer up much information about it. Though generally quiet, Verine is loaded with confidence and shamelessness. She admires anyone and everyone; physically, mentally, and emotionally she will boldly note your assets. But, she can also be over-confident, and will cross all of the social boundaries that have been set in place by her peers. While she does have an issue with that, she is extremely respectful of all peers and elders and seldom does she hold a prejudice against one.

History; A single child. A single disappointment. A single burden.
Born in late March, Verines mother only stayed for so long before she was gone forever, dropping the sole child she had birthed into the hands of a listless and detached father.
Locked in her crib most of the time, Veries father would only answer half of her cries, attending to whatever needs she had halfheartedly. Despite the mediocre care she was left in, Verine grew into a strong, healthy young child.
Before school, and even all throughout her early school life, Verine had no friends. Ridiculed, and shamed by her peers, Verine began to draw farther into herself than she already had.
Her father was still detached, and while he provided everything she needed, there was little affection in their relationship, and close to no communication. This didn’t seem strange to her though, and she accepted the aloofness of her father without complaint.
By middle school, the constant bullying of her classmates buried itself far too deep in her thoughts, and she began to turn towards self harm; She would do anything to feel something that wasn’t shame, or sadness. Or alone.
While she was careful about cleaning up any blood, as well as keeping her blades sanitary and clean, her father eventually noticed. And he changed.
It wasn’t a massive tilt of the axis, just small steps. He encouraged her, and her grades continued to rise again as she began to have a small sense of positive human interaction.
After Middle School, Verine moved on as a Freshmen at a large public school, where she was no longer forced to see the same people that had bullied her in days past. She almost fit in, and found herself a group to eat lunch with; People who understood her better than she could ever hope.
In her small circle of friends, her confidence grew, and soon any form of self harm dwindled to nothing and became nothing more than a painful memory. She began going out with her friends, spending midnights in the park under the stars and playing whatever instruments that had been brought. She laughed.
School became easy, and before long, people began to notice her—After all, puberty is a wonderful time. As she began to blossom into a young woman, there was a heavy increase with male interaction, which her father greatly encouraged. However, while she appreciated their ‘kind’ words, she continued to remain heavily attached to her father and friends.
Until the new guy came.
Ivan was tall, taller than Verine even. Around six feet, with stunning eyes that glowed silver with intelligence, Ivan was a quiet young man with a muscled exterior. He quickly became eye candy for many of the people at school—Both male and female eye candy.
Verine fell for him just like everyone else.
They began to talk. Ivan sat next to her at lunch, his thigh resting against hers and his biceps brushing against her shoulder periodically. Soon things progressed from seeing each other at lunch to after school. Then late into the night. Then till morning.
Soon, Verine decided that it was time she introduced Ivan to her father. The two bonded instantaneously; she thought it was a good sign. She openly started holding his hand, and began to spend nights at his house.
And then she decided that he was the one.
The first love she had, the first true connection she had ever had, Verine was consumed by the passion of it all, and lost in the ecstasy. She made no move to him, and for the longest time he made no move to her; He was a gentleman indeed.
Throughout the summer they lasted, and early in their Sophomore year, Verine gave herself to Ivan.
Things were nothing less than blissful after that, until Ivan left. Cutting off all communication, Ivan had packed up and moved to an unknown place far from Verine and her now shattered heart.
Unable to confess what had truly happened between her and Ivan, Verine became the hollow shell she was in middle school, slowly detaching herself from her friends once more. She skipped meals, and turned to cutting again.
But she felt nothing. She could only last for so long.
Her suicide attempt wasn’t dramatic.
Popping a few pills and passing out with slit wrists in the bathtub, Veri awoke with her face pressed against the crinkly surface of the worlds shittiest pillow, an open gown concealing her body and a thin, itchy blanket covering her body.
The sterile scent of the hospital, and the steady beep of machines brought tears to her eyes. She had lived, thanks to doctor Navin. Not that she felt it was something she should be happy about.
A few weeks later, she was out of the hospital, and switched to homeschooling. The schooling ended without much flair or dramatic events. During the summer, they packed everything and left, moving so her father could enroll her into the nearest boarding school, where he thought it would be safer for her. She stopped all forms of self harm, instead turning to intense workouts and kick boxing classes at her local gym. She soon became the top of the class, and started different self-defense classes with a personal trainer.
She now starts the school year recovering, once more morphing into a confident young woman that hopes to have some friends.  

Riadven High Student Body Verine14

Family; A single male figure is in her life, who goes by the name of… Oliver.

Likes; Rain, Nighttime, Solitude, Candles, Tea, Intelligent Conversation, Mist, Dew, Forests, Outside in General, Hoodies, Cuddling, Showering, Animals, Fruit, Various Kinds of Rock and a Large Selection of Other Genres of Music, Admiring People, Kick Boxing, Writing, Reading…

Dislikes; Flip-Flops, Bras(Though she will and does wear them), Drawing, Swimming, Judgmental People…

Hobbies; Running till she vomits, Challenging Herself, Anything That Will Cause a Rush of Adrenaline, Reading, Writing, Song Writing, Creating Poetry, Various Kinds of Gaming, and Kick Boxing…

Sexual Orientation; Generally, Veri is attracted to the male gender, though she could be easily convinced of trying anything<3

Relationship?; She’s recovering from one, though mostly over it now. Soo… She’s up for grabs ;3 NAH BRUH. Cayden IS KISSING HER AND WHATNOT SO LIKE. I DUNNO ITS COMPLICATED.

Pets?; A large, all black male Siamese/Main-Coon mix cat named Porter; A female Rottweiler named Essex.

Job?; Veterinary Assistant, Handles Books at the Library, Busses Tables at the Café when they’re short a person…

Other; I’m so addicted to, all the things you do, when you’re going down on me, in-between the sheets, all the sounds you make, with every breath you take, it’s not like anything, when you’re loving me…
Ooo girl let’s take it slow, so as for you, well you know where to go, I wanna take my love, and hate you to the end…
It’s not like you to turn away, from all the bullshit I can take; it’s not like me to walk away…
I’m so addicted to, all the things you do, when you’re going down on me, in-between the sheets, all the sounds you make, with every breath you take, it’s not like anything, when you’re loving me…
I know when it’s getting rough, all the times we spend when we try to make this love something better than just making love again…
It’s not like you to turn away, all the bullshit I can take, just when I think I can walk away…
I’m so addicted to, all the things you do, when you’re going down on be, in-between the sheets, all the sounds you make, with every breath you take, it’s not like anything…
I’m so addicted to, the things you do, when you’re going down on me… All the sounds you make, with every breath you take, it’s not like anything, when you’re loving me…
How can I make it through, all the things you do? There’s just got to be, more to you and me…
I’m so addicted to, all the things you do! When you’re going down on me, in-between the sheets! All the sounds you make, with every breath you take! It’s not like anything, it’s not like anything!
I’m so addicted to, all the things you do, when you’re going down on me… All the sounds you make, with every breath you take, it’s not like anything…
I’m so addicted to you…
Addicted to you…
What Raven listens to when she makes bios. Lmao.

Name; Kai

Nicknames; if you can think of one feel free

Age+Year; 17, junior

Branch Preference?; Clubs Management

Forced?; No

Physical description;
Slim, tall guy who is always eel dressed and smiling. His mop is bright orange and his eyes are very very blue.

Reference; Riadven High Student Body 14qoa8

Personality; Kai is always the one that’s ready to help, he’s very intuitive, curious, and smart. He’s got a grand sense o humour and knows how to keep people interested.

History; He was raised by both his mother and father, who later had his sister (Rachel) and she he was eight years old, Kai’s parents got a divorce. Kai’s life was normal, a week with his mother a week with his father. Same went for Rachel. When Kai’s mother got a boyfriend, however, things began to change. He started getting in fights at his school and smoking, getting suspensions and eventually expulsion. This is what caused him to join the school as a boarding student of Riadven high. Not having to deal with his abusive step-father gave Kai a chance to change, and so he has at Riadven High.(YEs is it short and undefiled I JUST WANNA START IT)


Likes; Long walks, studying, being outside, people.

Dislikes; Getting in fights, breaking rules, hurting people’s feelings.

Hobbies; Studying, styling hair, math

Sexual Orientation; Bisexual favoring boys

Relationship?; N/A

Pets?; N/A

Job?; Volunteers at the Library and dog section of animal shelter


Eyy, here's my joining app er whatever.

Name; Cayden Atkinson

Nicknames; He hates them.

Age+Year; 16, Sophomore

Branch Preference?; Decoration Team

Forced?; He wasn't exactly forced, more just peer pressured into picking a branch, and he decided the easiest for him would be the Decoration Team.

Physical description; Cayden's height is around 5'10"; tall, but not staggeringly tall. He has messy black hair and fairly pale skin, with brown eyes so dark they can appear black when under the right light. He has smooth skin, and soft, petite features. Some might say his face edges on feminine, but that's just him. Believe it or not, he's actually quite lean and muscular. He could easily qualify to be on the track team, although he hates competitive sports, so that never really became a thing. You'll normally see him dressed in jeans, a plain shirt and a baggy hoodie, mainly because he wants to look as unassuming as possible.

Reference; Riadven High Student Body 7911626

Personality; Cayden's best described as irritable. It doesn't really matter who it is, he's just generally annoyed by 90% of the people he meets. So he doesn't get along with others that well. Because of this, he tends to keep to himself a lot. Don't take that to mean he won't respond to you if you do approach him first, but just don't expect a warm welcome. He does eventually let his guard down, once you get to know him. So he's far from socially savvy. He isn't all like this, though. One redeeming quality of his is the fact that he's a good listener, and is always there for people to vent to. He really doesn't mind; he doesn't get emotionally drained easily, and it's also really one of the only ways he knows how to help people. All in all, he's a quiet -- and slightly anti-social -- normal teenage boy.

History; Cayden's home life wasn't exactly the best, but not the worst either. Cayden was adopted at an older age of 9, so he had a bit of difficulty fitting in to his new family. His parents -- Jade and Glenn -- obviously welcomed him with open arms, as did his siblings Gabriel and Anna, although his brother Micheal didn't react nearly as well as the rest of Cayden's family did. Micheal never really treated Cayden like a brother, more like an unwelcome stranger. Cayden himself has never really felt "at home", and it only worsened when they put him in school. He didn't have the best social skills, and so he didn't really had friends. Come to think of it, he's never really had a friend, just people he was friendly with. Because of this near-isolation from others, he began to feel unwelcome in large groups of people, and eventually began to feel panicked and trapped in them. He's definitely been a victim of bullying, don't think that he was ignored his entire life. It was mainly because of his 'pretty' face, although as time went on, he learned to deal with the bullying quite well. Now, he finds that more people actually respect him than look down on him, although even after all these years, he still finds himself out of place in practically every situation.

Jade| Adoptive Mother
Glenn| Adoptive Father
Micheal| Adoptive Brother
Gabriel| Adoptive Brother
Anna| Adoptive Sister

Likes; Music, reading, rainy days.

Dislikes; Lots of people, obnoxious people, being the center of attention.

Hobbies; Writing is his main hobby.

Sexual Orientation; Pansexual.

Relationship?; Single

Pets?; A cat named Molly

Job?; Volunteers at a local library.

Other; None

Name: Shizuka
Age + Year: 17, Junior
Branch: The Treasury(First member yayyy<3)
Forced: Shizuka wasn´t forced

Physical Describtion: Shizuka is pretty average sized for her age, maybe a bit taller than the average girl (5´9). This Girl is quite slim, with long and lean legs though she still has her feminine features. Her hair is originally a darkish brown, however Shizuka dyed them in an orchid purple, they´re a bit longer than shoulder height and straight (Pic below). Her eyes are shaded in an icy blue hue. Shizuka has her own style which she´ll wear nearly every day (except something ´special´ happen). She wears a strapless, pretty big sized sweater and a miniskirt. Most part of her legs are covered under knee socks and she´ll always wear her white ballerinas.
Riadven High Student Body Rosario-Vampire-Mizore-Shirayuki-Cosplay-Costume-Version-03-sale-image
Personality: Shizuka tends to be more quiet and shy than anyone you´ve ever seen. She´ll never really say anything when she´s not encouraged to. However, she´s not one of the shy girls who are just embarassed to talk, no, she just doesn´t like talking much and is not even interested in making any kind of conversation as long as she doesn´t know you. If she gets interested in you, she´ll do everything she can to be with you though, you won´t notice her everytime: She likes to ´stalk´ people. So if you find her behind a tree or somewhere else hiding, you can be sure that she´s just watching her crush or someone else. Still, she´s surely not someone to mess up with. She knows greatly how to defend herself and how to beat the shit out of someone. But after all Shizuka is just a lonely girl who does wish company but can´t handle any social gesture or conversation.

History: Being born as the only child her mother, Mariko, could ever have, Shizuka was treated with much love and affection from both parents. They never wanted to hurt her and would do everything to avoid any damage against her- even if that meant to isolate her from others. Shizuka was never allowed to go out, playing with the childrens on the streets or visit a normal school. Instead, she had nothing better to do than reading, writing and some other things a little girl would do when she´s bored. Since she wasn´t allowed to visit a normal school, Shizuka was home teached by the best private teachers her parents could find. I mean, hey, they had the money for quite everything so why not? Anyways, soon Shizuka grew and the only wish she had was to visit the school nearby: Riadven High. But as always, her parents didn´t allowed her to visit such a `savage´ place like that school so was still forced to stay home while other girls in her age began with their real life. As she reached the age of 16, her father, Takumi, unfortunately died due to sudden heart failure. Her mother suffered from depression after her loss and soon took her own life to reunite with her husband but she couldn´t just let Shizuka life on her own right? So she did what a completely insane mother would do, she tried to kill Shizuka to reunite with her hole family. Shizuka of course fought back, trying to escape her mother who tried to stab her own child with a knife. Luckily Shizuka could lock herself up in the bathroom, frightened about what happened. She shivered and sobbed like she never before. As a loud, painful scream reached her ears, she almost jumped and opened carefully the door just to see her mother on the ground, blood was still spilling out her chest. She stabbed herself and wrote until her last breath was done „I love you“ on the wall with her own blood. Now, since her parents were dead and she alone in a big, luxury house, she could at least fulfill the onliest wish she ever had: visit the Riadven High. However, being locked up for her entire life in a house, never having a conversation with someone else than her parents made her look like a shy girl.
Family: Father: Takumi-Dead
Mother: Mariko-Dead
Likes: Stalking (hehe), reading, silence, swimming, lonesomeness, reading, drawing (often her crush), writing, Faith, fighting with others (though, she´ll often remain in silence), sport
Dislikes: Loud sounds, sudden movements, getting too much attention, remembering her past, talking, disrespect, dishonesty, rudeness, these ´hipsters´
Hobbies: Stalking people, drawing some pictures of her crush, cuddling with her phyton, she´ll always be outside since she was locked up for her entire life
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual but prefers Males.
Relation: She never had a boyfriend but she´s up for everything :3
Pets: black-tailed Python: Faith-Female (
Job: She´s not working anywhere.

Name; Mikazaru Noah Mason Breezing (full name)
Nicknames; Mika, Noah, Mason
Age+Year; 17 years old, Junior
Branch Preference?; The Treasury
Forced?; Nope, he joined because he agreed with his parents that he had to get a bit more brave, try new things. And he really wanted to try and make some friends.
Physical description; Mikazaru is sleek and actually pretty small compared to other people from his age. He has short black hair and amber colored eyes.
Mikazaru often wears blue jeans, a white t-shirt with long sleeves and white shoes (they're kind of sport shoes but it's not really visible). He sometimes also wears a dark blue jacket.
Riadven High Student Body Mikaza10
Personality; He's kind and caring, but shy often. He doesn't talk much and always tries to be on the 'sideline', as he doesn't like attention that much. But when someone needs his help or asks him a question he will always answer that person's question without hesitating, making him a pretty serious male.
Also, when he sees someone doing something that might be seen wrong by others, he keeps it a secret to other people. He will never tell anyone someone's secret when that person doesn't allow him to, and he will never tell mean jokes about someone or say mean things to anyone. This is why he got the name Mikazaru (speak no evil).
When he's all alone or with friends or family, he can be a real joker, making fun of almost everything. This is his other side, which he only shows at company he knows well. He can also be very jokingly when being bored during class. Then he can start making strange noises and mess with his table. Or he can lose his motivation during class and start drawing/doodling wolves, dogs or other things that interest him.
When around friends who annoy him, Mikazaru isn't too shy to become annoyed or angry, yelling at his friends and telling them to stop. He can have these sudden burst outs and leave, then all of a sudden return when he has calmed down again. Sometimes he even apologizes by then, but sometimes he doesn't.
He always tries to help his friends. He prefers to hang around with younger people, as he likes to feel older, wiser and more the parent-like figure. But him willing to be the 'parent' of his friends sometimes ends up in trouble or fights, which he tries to avoid but often makes him end up crying or angry.
History; Mikazaru was born in a lovely family, being the oldest he was quite spoiled, until his two siblings came. Being often at home and on the internet, Mikazaru wasn’t very social and never really got to make friends. And in the beginning he didn’t really care about not having friends, as he was a loner anyway. But after making a friend on the internet who lived close near his home, he began to want more friends to accompany him, even though he was still not really a talker and just really shy. He didn’t get more friends after this one, even though he tried his hardest to talk to people.
Moving to another part of the country, he had to go to a new school, so his parents decided to send him to Riadven High, a boarding school in the city. At first Mikazaru didn’t want to, but now he’s kind of used to it, cycling to the building everyday on his bike. This is his first year at this school, and he hopes to make some friends and have a fun time staying here.
Family; His father Makelan, his mother Adeline, his little brother Yoshimu and his baby sister Katja
Likes;  Mikazaru likes to travel to other countries, but not for too long and also not too often as he might get homesick. He prefers to be at home and listen to music while draw or write and stuff than to do things with family and friends, this makes him pretty much a loner.
Mikazaru likes to be lazy all day long, except when he's together with friends, then he loves to hang around and chat, but not too much. When being around friends he can be a real joker, even act a bit crazy, but he can fall silent pretty often.
He also likes to swim, but not for too long. Mostly he only swims for an hour, and only when's the weather's nicely warm. He also likes water slides, and every kind of animal as he’s a real animal lover.
Dislikes; Mikazaru doesn't like to be busy the whole day (especially not with school).
He doesn't like talking that much to others, as he's really shy and never knows what to say to others, and he also doesn't like dancing (others say he can dance but he knows he can't).
He also hates it when he starts fights with his friends or when his friends don't listen to him, and when his parents nag about his homework, his tests, or just school in general. He also doesn’t like to work, so he tries to avoid having a job.
Hobbies; Drawing, writing, being on the internet, playing horror games, watching horror movies, roleplaying on roleplay sites and playing his favorite sport badminton.
Sexual Orientation; Bisexual, more attracted towards boys.
Relationship?; None, he never had a relationship, either.
Pets?; None
Job?; He doesn’t have one.
Other; He lives with his parents near the school and not in a dorm room, as he prefers to be close near his parents. He also has claustrophobia, acrophobia (fear of heights) and is often troubled by terrible migraine attacks.
As for his fears, Mikazaru is afraid of dolls, narrow or small spaces, being locked up (he will get breathing problems and have the feeling like he gets no oxygen at all), clowns, deep darkness and enormous heights.

Name; Bennette [Ben-ett-a] Drownedelle [Drowned- ell]

Nicknames; Ben

Age+Year; 16 ½ sophomore

Branch Preference?; Decoration team

Forced?; my choice

Physical description; Although being slim she is very well built. Having just enough muscle to provide for her needs and then a small bit extra. She is a little bit short for her age but it has its advantages when needed. Being about 5’ 2” seems to be ok for her but not always in others views. She has light - medium brown hair pulled in flowy pigtails held with two bows that are green and gold. She has deep mesmerizing green eyes. She generally wears green with gold like her bows but prefers a flowy top with matching green leggings.

Reference; Riadven High Student Body Anime_11

Personality; She is a sensitive young girl that can easily take something the wrong way if not careful about how things are worded. Even though she can be sensitive she can be quite tough especially having a sharp tongue. She has a tendency to get paranoid when things are tense or she feels there is betrayal or someone has spoken about her. Being left alone is one thing that she can not handle well when she is alone many things tend to cross her mind that frighten her. Although these things happen she can still manage a while on her own until she reaches breaking point. Nobody knows why but she enjoys the taste of blood, she doesn’t murder but she does find ways to get someones blood somehow. She feels safe carrying a very small knife in her top for protection due to the fact she was bullied as a child to the point where it was very physical. She loves to read Creepypastas hence her choice in clothing copying the colors of BEN Drowned and some of the style and behaviors he possesses.

History; Bennette Drownedelle was born into a busy and abusive family and there was never time for Bennette unless she was being beaten. A lot of times Ben would sit in her room on her computer listening to music while reading creepypastas to escape her family. Her favorite one of all was BEN Drowned. Bennette’s parents would beat her everyday but yet the next day there was no evidence of what terrible things happened in that beautiful big house. Ben’s family didn’t really care what she did so she had her name legally changed to what it is now. Bennette Drownedelle. First chance Ben had she moved out of her family’s house to where she now lives and attends Riadven High.

Family; Mother: Marina Jordan
Father: Phillip Jordan
Sister (Older): Elizabeth Jordan

Likes; Creepypastas, Friends, Music, Animals

Dislikes; Being Alone, Being Bullied, Rumors

Hobbies; Reading Creepypasta, Listening to Music

Sexual Orientation; Straight

Relationship?; Single like a pringle

Pets?; Aiden [I-den]- Pure white polar wolf with icey blue eyes Lily- Grey tabby with white socks and green eyes

Job?; Hot Topic


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