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Roki's Bio

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Roki's Bio Empty Roki's Bio

Post by Roki on Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:44 pm


Name: Roki.
Age: 1 year.
Gender: Male.
Rank: Yearling.
Personality: Roki is very mischievous and Hardheaded. He loves to play tricks on other pups and usually takes it a bit far if not stopped.


Length of Pelt: Short length and very soft.
Color of Pelt: Had a light red and tan colored pelt dotted with dozens of tiny black flecks.
Color of Orbs: Rich golden colored.
Build: As a small build, but has a fair amount of strength behind it.
Scent: Water lilies.

~Other stuff~

Weaknesses: Roki gets jealous of others very easily and takes stuff to extreme measures when getting back at them.
Strengths: Roki has a strong will and a open mind. He has great determination when focusing on something he believes in.
Likes: When people pay attention to only him. Being snuggled next, but only when he is crying, tired or upset.
Dislikes: Being ignored and shoved aside.
Mate: None yet.
Pups: Still is one.
Relatives: Saiai (Mother deceased), Rida (Father), and Toru (Brother).


Saiai and Rida were leaders of a pack that could be found in the swamps of South America. They had quite a large pack and both started at the very bottom before earning their way up to the Alpha male and female positions. After some time Saiai had a pup named Toru who was the only pup she was expecting to have. Much to her and Rida's surprise however a second smaller pup followed with his paws wrapped around Toru's back left leg. They decided to name this surprise pup Roki.
Roki's parents knew after a few days that he was going to be a pawful and a trouble maker. His first few weeks he acted just like any other pup. However on his sixth week is when he started in.
Roki was an attention seeker and hated when the adult wolves would called attention to other pups and not him. Because of this several times Roki got into a lot of trouble. Now not everything he did was bad, most things were small little digs to get back at other pups for getting more attention then him.
When he was two months old his cousins were playing around while visiting and his brother Toru chose to play with them instead of him. This upset Roki greatly who chose to get back at them with something dreadful. He had told them he had found a great secret that no wolf had ever seen before. He said that he was choosing them to be the first to see it since they were such good friends. His cousins ever curious followed him blindly while his brother Toru decided against going knowing his brother all to well.
Roki lead them to beautiful waterfall quite a ways off from the camp. He snuck off into the bushes and threw a rock off the side into the water below. His cousins assumed it to be him screamed in fear before jumping over the side in a panic to help him out. He laughed and took off back to the camp happy his trick had worked. He rushed his brother playfully glad he had his brother to himself to play with.
Later that night however he saw his aunt crying while his mother comforted her. Upon asking what was wrong his mother replied that they had found his cousins bodies submerged at the bottom of a waterfall not to far from the camp. Roki had felt his blood run cold as he realized he had killed his cousins with his trick. Not wanting to get in trouble he kept him month shut as his tears fell onto the ground. His mother had then asked what was troubling him before he broke. Being so young and innocent he told her everything that had happened.
After that his aunt and uncle refused to come by any more and paid him no mind the last bit of time they were there. His father was furious when he found out and made him stay in the cave with his mother and him for seven days telling him to never do something to that accord again.
This didn't last long however and three months later he tricked his brother into following him to a village. The night before his father had mentioned that Toru was an excellent chose for the male Alpha position when his passed on. He told Toru that he was going to began his training when he reached the age of six months. Roki had asked about himself only to hear his father tell him he might train him later one.
Roki the next day lead Toru to the village of humans telling Toru that these were the beasts that had killed several of their pack mates. He told Toru that their father would be thrilled to hear of their departure by him. After which he had gone on to say only an Alpha Male in-training could pull off such a great feat.
Toru took the bait and decided to make sure the humans paid even if only a little bit for what they had done to their pack mates. As he and Roki made their way into the village Toru had gone and begun attacking the humans causing them to rush off in every direction. He bite and scratch at their heels and arms causing as much panic as he could showing them that he was indeed the future Alpha Male of his fathers pack.
No long after it started his mother came out of the bushes hollowing for them both to stop. She explained this was not the way to go about getting revenge and nudged them frantically with her head pushing them towards the edge of the village. A gun shot rang out and Saiai fell to the ground. Roki and Toru watched in horror as the human with the gun unload two more shots before reloading and aiming at them. They took off Toru heading away from the main den path and Roki head straight for it.
Roki burst through the trees and screamed at his father to help him as the human with the gun followed him taking shots at the wolves laying around the den. After retreating to a safer place and finding his brother Roki told his father he was glad they were safe. Radi screamed at him with rage as he attack Roki. He yelled at him telling him his foolishness had cost them several pack mates as well as his wife, and Roki's mother. Roki screamed in fears as his father scratched and bite at him making him bleed. His father stopped finally telling Roki he would decide his punishment tomorrow and he would deal with him as an outsider not his son. That night Roki waited for every wolf to fall asleep before sneaking out and running away from the new camp.
He continued to run as fast as he could not knowing what the world had in store for him. One thing he did know was he would have to work hard to change his whole attitude around if he wanted to be welcomed into another pack.

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Roki's Bio Empty Re: Roki's Bio

Post by Cassiel on Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:47 pm

Well... It's lacking a few things, but I'll let it slide for now, as long as you add the necessary details as soon as you can.

But, for the time being, accepted! Go ahead and start RP ^^
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Roki's Bio Empty Re: Roki's Bio

Post by Jeamesero on Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:12 pm

Welcome to the pack bb! <3

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Roki's Bio Empty Re: Roki's Bio

Post by Kanaya on Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:04 pm

HE'S. SO. CUTE! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Welcome to the pack, love!

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Roki's Bio Empty Re: Roki's Bio

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