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Post by Castor on Tue May 19, 2015 9:10 pm

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N A M E : Castor Lycos Genesi
N I C K N A M E S : Cast, Cas, Lycos
A G E : Just past his third year
G E N D E R : Male
B R E E D : 25% Tundra 25% Arctic 25% Eurasian 25% Eastern
B I R T H L A N D : Unknown
F O R M E R - R A N K : Warrior, Offered alpha, Dispersal
R A N K - D E S I R E D : Warrior Or Hunter
B I R T H - S E A S O N : Cast was born in the heart of winter, along with two other pups.

. : || C A S T O R || : . 010
P H Y S I Q U E : Cast
is larger than the average male, mainly because he has long powerful legs. His frame is only slightly  broader than the common adult male. Castor's build was designed for brute power, with a large muzzle full of long sharp ivories, to his wide paws to support his structure. Along with his broad paws, he has long and sturdy talons for traction, making him sure footed and able to be agile with a long frame. Castor has ears a tad larger than the average size, sharply pointed more than rounded. This masculine towers over petite females, and has a few inches over each male.. While much of his body is longer or larger than it should be, his tail is no exception. It's quite long, the tail-tip almost touching the ground.
F U R - T E X T U R E : Castor's coat like most wolves, has two layers. And under layer built for various weather- trapping heat in winter and cool air in summer. Keeping him content in most situation. It's plus and soft. While his outer layer is more sleek and thinner. Though, his pelt is not the most water resistant. Yet Cast loves that, storms are one of his favorite things and he enjoys feeling the droplets seep through.
P E L T - C O L O R : Cast's coat is completely achromatic, consisting of no colors whatsoever. Only shades coat this male. With a base of rich, deep ashy-grey. With some white on his muzzle, paws, and under belly.
I R I S - S H A D E : Cas's eye color is a bright, intense silvery-blue. Though seeming to be an icy color, his gaze actually holds a subtle warm look. Small flecks of silver can be found scattered through out his eyes. In the light of day, Castor's eyes look like a pale sky blue, or clear water. Though in the luminous glow of the moon, they appear more silver.
S C A R S - OR - M A R K I N G S : Castor's frame is the host of numerous healed wounds, small and large scars coat his body from war. Though his pelt has grown in nicely and covers all former injuries.
. : || C A S T O R || : . _oooo10

P E R S O N A : Castor is a well rounded male - caring, protective, intelligent, loves pups, and would do anything to keep others safe and happy. Due to his past, he is very protective of females, kind of like a big brother. Especially clumsy ones or ones that are scolded for their mistakes. A female named Escape  is to thank for his new trait. Cas has a strong love for young pups. He enjoys playing and teaching them new things, he used to enjoy helping with the offspring of his former clan, but has always wanted his own small family. Wolves he can love and protect.
since Castor was young, he wished to do all in his power to keep his loved ones safe, no matter what it cost him. This over-protective canine will not hesitate to give his life to keep others safe. Though luckily, even after his bold moments of attack he has survived. With an intelligent mind, and brute power, it helps him greatly in battle. Being able to decipher strengths and weaknesses of prey and opponents. Though this rather large wolf is not quite that fast, he is sure footed and makes sure his motions have meaning.

H I S T O R Y :
Around five years ago, a new couple had taken the leading role in their pack of 15. A large brown and white male named Kalos, and a black and grey female named Vigilance. The couple were well rulers, kind and caring. Leading their family with wisdom and grace, they had few liters, though each brood grew to be powerful and well defined wolves. two years later, a new liter was birthed, Three small and healthy yelping young ones were brought into the world on a frightfully freezing night. A solid black she-wolf  with glowing green eyes, Kalos named her Echo, a large male painted with white and ash gray - Vigilance naming him Castor, and finally another young female, she was light golden tan, kissed by the sun itself. Kalos named her Soleil. The small family of five was already very closely knit. Throughout the night, the family stuck close for maximum warmth.
Over the next couple months, much changed for they three young pups. They learned to walk and travel small distances, their hearing and sight finally kicked in, and a healthy appetite as well. They were three months old when it started, Castor and his siblings were playing by the den entrance with their mother happily sunbathing when suddenly frantic terror and panic rose on the scene. It was unforgettable, Castor's ears swiveled as the familiar tone of his father's thunderous howl echoed from the hunting ground to the den. Vigilance was in a frenzy, snatching up Soleil and Echo, rushing them inside. Castor, however, had found a small rock to perch himself on. His small den home was atop a large hill in the center of his land, making his tiny rock enough to see what was happening.
Small icy blue eyes widened at the sight of scrambling pack mates, the large warriors were nuzzling their families and bounding off to the territory boundaries. And Kalos was no where in sight. Confusion filled him, though soon his mother grabbed him and placed him inside as well. "What's going on mommy?" Castor questioned Vigil as he watched her paced back and forth. "My dears, another pack close to our was pushed from their land, and now they want ours. And will do anything to take it from us." Castor and his sibling whined lowly, still confused on why someone would do such a thing.
For the next 9 months, food was scarce, and the war raged on. The small trio was now one year of age, the new age to fully participate in full pack life due to the war. Castor was nearly the size of a fully grown wolf, and was slowly taking on the role of beta, since the former one had lost his life in the war. Echo was taught to heal, helping those who survive the battles, and Soleil a huntress, trying her best to feed the slowly deteriorating pack.
Castor, like all males, was taught to fight and fend for himself in he needed to be sent out into the war. But for now, he held down the fort and took care of his pack mates. Being the authority figure at home, making sure each family had enough food and care,the beta title slowly taking him. Though soon the day came, Castor's mother's biggest fear. Kalos returned to the den, and spoke to his mate, Cast could hear her yelling and sobbing. And soon Kalos yelling back "This is what he was trained for! Our pack and land will soon be gone, he must go, he has to!" Cas knew what that meant, it was time for him to join the battles erupting on the front line.
He promised his mother he would return to her, for three months, Castor fought out there. Soon the final battle had begun, the rival clan's alpha and elite titled wolves were on the front lines, and they were aiming for Kalos and Castor. Hours passed, each side losing more and more wolves, though soon, Castor and Kalos defeated the rival leaders. The war was over, for good, or so they hoped.
Castor and his alpha returned home, limping, bloody, though happy. Vigilance graciously greeting them and never leaving their side for another month. When Castor was one year and four months, they had a strange visitor. An alpha of a near pack, he was older, possibly 8 or 9 years of age. His name was Denali, and he wished to converse with Kalos and Vigilance in private. Castor couldn't help but notice the way the elder looked at him, almost in awe and much interest. Castor just stared back, and soon left to mingle with his pack.
Inside the den, the leaders talked, Denali wished to arrange a mating ceremony with a powerful warrior and his beloved only daughter. He was soon to retired and his mate was already deceased, he seemed highly interested in the thought of Castor being his new son.
While the leaders spoke, it was soon time for Denali to take his leave, and Castor's parents wished to speak with him. "Denali has offered an alliance with our family, and also use of their generous hunting grounds." Kalos spoke to him, a small smile there on his face. "That's great." Castor happily replied with a slow wagging tail, though his mother did not seem so happy about the words, which worried Cast. "Why has he shown interest in us? We are still recovering from war, there is nothing we have to interest him, what was the deal father, tell me." Castor's face and voice was stern and needed to know what the elder wanted. Soon his mother's voice chimed in. "He is interested in something we have, he is interested in you. He has a young daughter your age, he wishes to join you two and allow you to lead his pack. He needs a heir." Castor gulped, he was not even two yet, love and mating was something he had not yet thought about, though he agreed. Stating it was best for his family, and he may find love with this new wolf.
The next day, Castor was arranged to meet his new future mate, she was slim and breath taking to look at. Mixtures of honey, brown, and white painted her, with a sweet voice to match. "Hello sir, my name is Oaklee. You are Castor, I assume?" Her high voice was followed by a small giggle and shy smile.Cast happily allowed his tail to wag and began a small conversation. The two young wolves spent the day together, and accidentally the night together too. When the sun fell and the moon rose, the two young canines fell asleep under a tree and did not wake until morning. Their new relationship seemed be be working very well, and it did for a month.
The duo was one year and five months, and just that month of assistance from Oaklee's pack, Castor's family was once again powerful and thriving. Dispersal wolves once again entered the land and seeked new lives, and one day a new she-wolf joined. The same age as Castor. She was pure white with pale green eyes, claiming she was kicked out of her old pack but was still welcomed here with open arms. Though Castor was busy with his new (almost) mate, he was still considered beta and had to show the new she-wolf around. And allow her to pick a rank to join.
Though oddly enough, Castor enjoyed spending his time with her, she was kind and sweet. Her name was Escape. For the next few weeks, e did his best to get her settled in, Oaklee allowing it simply because it was his job to do so. Though there was something off about Scape, she was highly clumsy and unskilled in every possible task. She would always mess up and the others would snap a her and scold her. It was that way for about two months. With Scape, Castor, and Oaklee all around the age of a year and seven months, Oaklee and Cast were meant to be mates in just 5 more months and he was to take on her birth pack. Yet he still found himself spending as much time as he could with Escape. Days with Oaklee, Nights with Scape. Until it was nearly time for the mating ritual. The night before the ceremony itslef, Castor couldn't sleep. He was turning two tomorrow, as well as becoming an alpha and to mate for life. He was preparing for this for months, though it didn't seem right...
He left to find Escape. they traveled to the solitude of an abandoned den not too far off. There he told her what he felt was right, "Essy, I'm supposed to mate with Oaklee tomorrow... though, I think I love you.." Escape smiled and said she felt the same way, the two decided to run away together. And all would be well. They left that night. Though kept close to see what would happen. The next morning, alpha Denali was angered, and he took out his hate on the family of Castor. He sent his best warriors into the land and battle. Another war was beginning and it was all Castor's fault. He bound back to his family, only to find his father dead, giving his life to protect Echo, Vigilance, and Soleil. Castor soon joined his warriors and fought back, he found Denali. "You left her for that worthless dog?" Denali spoke, nodding to the shaking, submissive female behind Cast. It was Escape, she was worried though now scared for her life.
Denali leapt towards her, and Castor at Denali, soon he struck, killing Denali himself.
It all ended just a few days later, the pack both in mourning, their beloved leaders gone. Castor apologized for his sudden irresponsible course of actions and humbly denied the alpha title from both packs. He and Escape had other plans in mind.
Oaklee was not mad, and understood, she too fell in love with another and soon ruled her pack beside him, Castor's sisters and mother still rules their family and still worked together with Oaklee's.
On the other hand, the two year old couple dispersed and began their lives.
Scape and Castor did not hesitate to make their mating official, by fulfilling the deed and soon were glad to see Scape had become pregnant. Though nature was currently not agreeing with them...
No pack would take them, this winter was not kind. The herds fled and the snow covered the earth with no mercy for life whatsoever. Many froze to death. The very pregnant Scape could not travel nor hunt, it was all up to Castor. With not pack to hunt with and no prey to hunt, everything was falling apart...
The female was small, brittle, and weak. And now, she was going into labor. Castor did his best, but it was no where near enough to keep his love with him.
"Essy, please... please don't leave me.. Please, I need you. I know it's been rough, but we'll get through this.." Castor sobbed as Scape tried her best to birth the pups. "My sweet Castor, do not worry. No matter what happens, I will always be by your side." As she said this, she leaned up to nuzzle her mate, three small pups falling from her, and soon he head fell to the earth.
"NO!" Castor yelled with tears streaming helplessly down his face. Escape couldn't handle the weight and stress on her fragile, ill frame. And the young pups did not get the nutrition they needed. All three were still born...
A small female with markings like Castor, a female of solid black, and a female that resembled Escape. A small smile and tears masked Castor. "Oh my girls, my sweet little girls... sleep well with your mother, she will keep you loved and safe." That winter night, Castor did something no one should have to do. He buried his mate, and three young pups. He buried the large white she-wolf, the small black and white, the black, then the white one. Naming them all soon after. "My love, Escape. My little girls, Willow, River, and Essence." Tears rolled as he spoke their names, a mournful howl came from him, then decided it was best to travel on forward.
Castor was two and three months, and would not come in contact with another wolf for 9 months...
L I K E S : || Star Gazing || Cloud Watching || Howling late at night || Hunting || Protecting || Respect || Kindness || Pups || Nature || Loyalty || Being Alone || Helping || Learning more || All seasons, especially Autumn and Spring || Teaching || Night || Guarding || Leadership || Devotion || Simple things in life || Thunderstorms ||
D I S L I K E S :
|| Disrespect || Fighting for no reason || Killing with out purpose || Cocky Wolves || Wolves who don't do their part in  the pack || Threats to his pack || Mistreatment|| Lying || Being crowded by strangers || Feeling useless ||

S I R E : Kalos- Deceased
D A M E : Vigilance - Alive
S I B L I N G S : Echo - Alive
Soleil - Alive

C R U S H : N/A
M A T E : N/A
F O R M E R - M A T E : Escape - Deceased
O F F S P R I N G : Willow - Stillborn
River - Stillborn
Essence - Stillborn

S C E N T : Castor smells of his home land - heavy rainfall in a large forest, like damp soil and faint wild flowers covered with dew. He's like your own personal scent of spring air all year round.
V O I C E : Cast's voice is deep, though not coarse. It smoothly rolls from him tongue as he speaks, though many deep voice are intimidating- Castor's voice is subtly soothing and calm. Making him easy to talk to and many enjoy listening to his tone when in some sort of bad state. Being able to calm wolves down when mad or upset. His howl is loud and powerful, it ringers thunderously, though still has that calm, smooth flow to it.
A T T R A C T I O N S : Though physical attraction is needed, Cast has no preferred pelt nor iris shade. He's attracted to confidence, devotion, respect, kindness, teasing, intelligence,  and one who shares his common interests. He would prefer a female whom loves pups, or at least would want to have one or two of their own one day. Castor wishes that his potential mate would be loyal to him, and slightly forward, not making him second guess about her feelings for him. He doesn't wish to see his female of interest lurking about with other males of the pack. A soft voice, and shy personality always catches his eye though. This male enjoys knowing he can be a protector of someone. And his mate would need to deal with his jealousy, over protection, corny romance gestures, and his full attention. Though there is no one who could ever replace his first love. Escape will always be in Castor's heart, making him slightly believe that love may never find him again.
F U L L - B O D Y - R E F :
. : || C A S T O R || : . Zzzzzz19

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Post by Maverick on Wed May 20, 2015 6:55 pm

Ohh the poor thing... he's had it rough
But I love him! Welcome to the pack, Castor ^^

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