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Post by Rovva on Sun Sep 27, 2015 1:02 am


Three years


Ethiopian Wolf



Rovva does not strive for anything more than what she has. However, she would not turn down a promotion if one was offered to her.

Rovva is slim and lithe. She's built more for speed with a small body and long legs. Her ears are tall and pointed, her snout is small with a petite, sensitive nose and her tail is slightly longer than normal.

A lovely reddish brown with white paws and inside of her legs.


She has a few scars scattered over her body but the fur has regrown over them so they aren't visible.

Rovva likes shiny things.

Due to the harsh treatment inflicted on her by and because of Norfik, Rovva has a hard time seeing beauty in the world. What was once beautiful is now seems like a lie. She copes with this feeling by gathering anything she thinks is pretty and keeping it close. These things are rare and usually rather humble; things as simple as a smooth, shiny or colorful rock, a feather or perhaps even a smooth piece of bone or antler. Her trinkets are her most treasured possesions and she'll try and find a safe place to keep them. That place is usually her 'den'; a hollowed out log or a niche underneath a tree trunk.

Rovva is gentle.

She has always been kind but able to wield a firm hand when needed. Now, that firm hand shows itself far less often. Despite this she doesn't tolerate bullies and she will punish any pup that bullies another. On rare occasions she will speak out against an adult but the one being bullied would have to be extremely submissive and really need help for her to interfere. Instead of using force she will use her words, that she has no problem with. Still, she'd rather not have to confront anyone.

Rovva is loyal.

Trust isn't easy for Rovva anymore. Now she sees everything others do and say as a lie in order to protect herself. She doesn't lie herself, ever. Honesty is important to her, even more so since Norfik. It will take a lot of time and effort to get her to open up enough to trust but if you do manage it, you'll gain a very loyal ally. She may not be able to fight but if she feels you are worth it, she would be willing to give her life for you.

Rovva is delicate.

Not physically, but emotionally. Trust is hard for her; she's learned to keep to herself in order to survive. At this point in her life it wouldn't take much to break what she's managed to salvage. If she gives it and is betrayed it would shatter her and she might not be able to pick up all the pieces if it happens again. She doesn't believe she'll ever find anyone she truly trusts anymore. Perhaps one day she'll meet someone who'll change that. Only time will tell.

Rovva is regal.

She's not pompous or stuck-up or anything like that. From a young age she was taught how to rule so she learned to be elegant and graceful. Her posture is impecable and she walks with her head high, despite how she feels inside. You'll never catch Rovva walking with her head down unless she's absolutely terrified. She was also taught to keep her emotions to herself and her time with Norfik reinforeced that so she's usually not easy to read. Only severe emotions will break through whatever mask she decided to wear.

Rovva likes to help.

Rovva enjoys being helpful. As she was trained as an alpha offspring she learned from the leads of all the ranks so she is capable of doing just about any job. She prefers working with pups but she is a proficient healer and she has a highly sensitive nose so she'd so well at tracking prey. She's always happy to lend a hand if anyone needs it, if asked and it's within her power. She's an excellent listener so she's good to come to if someone needs to vent. She'll also offer any advice she can if it's wanted.

Peace, snow, kindness, night, long walks and running.

Strife, violence, hot days, lies, sharp, dry grass and theives.

Rovva is fast.

Rovva was born with a runners body. Long legs and a thin and slim body makes her aerodynamic and she glides through the air. During her training they focused on this since it came so naturally to her. She learned how to fight using her speed as an advantage since the wasn't as strong as some of the others. She ofted raced the other wolves in her pack and none of them had ever been able to beat her. Her speed used to be a point of pride with her. Now she still runs on occasion but she doesn't boast or race anymore.

Rovva has high endurance.

Due to her smaller body type and lack of muscle mass, Rovva has a higher endurance than normal. When most wolves get tired and have to stop Rovva is just getting winded. During the races with her pack they would also do cross country races and she'd often leave the rest of the pack in the dust. This is highly useful if she needs to outrun a predator or an enemy. However, it's not perfect and if her enemy knows of this beforehand they can get the advantage by quickly blocking any escape routes. That was one of the reasons she was stuck with Norfik for so long.

Rovva can't fight.

Rovva isn't the strongest wolf but she had always been able to hold her own during her training. However, since her pack was obliterated and her time as Norfik's prisoner Rovva hasn't been able to hurt or kill any living creature. Not only is she unwilling but she is physically incapable now. Any attempts made to attack something causes her legs to lock up and she is unable to move. This reaction lasts at least an hour and she's sore and exhausted afterwards. Now she doesn't even try.

Rovva is flighty.

Rovva is terrified that Norfik will find her again. Her plan was to keep on the move and hopefully avoid him but she's also terrified of being alone. So, despite planning on joining a pack, she doesn't really feel safe and still has the urge to run. Sneaking up on her will make her jump out of her skin. She hates being so afraid all the time and she tries to keep that urge locked up. Time in a pack, in a safe enviornment, might eventually rid her entirely of this urge but it would be a long process.

Rovva doesn't know much about her biological family. She knows nothing, really. What she knows is what her adopted parents, Gale and Navi, told her. Which is pretty much, 'We found you as a newborn, alone in the woods.' She doesn't know her parents names or if she has any siblings or why she was alone so young. Gale mused once that the most likely explanation is that Rovva's birth parents were caught by hunters. It would explain the lack of blood and how a newborn pup could have been overlooked. A predator would not have passed up such an easy meal. Of course, as Gale and Navi discussed amongst themselves, it was entirely possible that Rovva was abondoned on purpouse, but Navi forbade Gale from mentioning that to the young pup. Navi wanted to protect Rovva and she didn't want her to think that she was unwanted.

So Rovva grew up under the care of Gale and Navi, the leaders of their pack, along with their own son who was several months old when they found Rovva. She was a happy pup for the most part. She played with the other pups, got in trouble every now and then and she didn't often think that she didn't belong. She was different, of course, the only Eithiopian wolf among a pack of Greys but that didn't bother her as much as it would some. She liked being different. Her friends would comment on her pretty red fur and her bright eyes; these things made her noticable.

The only one in the pack that didn't really care for Rovva was Norfik, Gale and Navi's son. As the son of the leaders of the pack, he felt entitled. He hated that Rovva got so much attention; attention that should have been his. But he kept it to himself knowing that voicing those thoughts would not go over well with anyone. Instead he waited. One day he would be leader and then he could put Rovva in her place.

When Rovva turned six months old she was put into training with Norfik, who had started two months before. Norfik was furious. How dare they train the outsider when they have their own son! was a thought that ran through his mind many times over the coming year and a half. When confronted about it by Norfik, Gale and Navi said that Rovva was their daughter just as much as he was their son and she would be treated as such. They explained to him that any child of theirs would be put through the same training. These answers did nothing but infuriate him more but he had no choice but to pretend to be okay with it.

As Norfik reached his second year of life he quickly became happier. Any day now his parents would announce him as the heir to take thier place when they decided to retire. Weeks dragged by and Gale and Navi made no plans or even mentioned it at all. Finally Norfik couldn't take it any longer and he confronted his parents, demanding to know why they hadn't declared him hier yet. They told him to be patient; they wanted the declaration to be special and they weren't ready to name the heir yet. Fuming, Norfik stormed away.

It wasn't until nearly a month and a half later they announced the date of the declaration. By now Rovva was two years old and an adult. The whole pack gathered together in front of the den. Gale and Navi stood atop the flat roof of the den, towering above the rest, while Norfik and Rovva positioned themselves in front of the entrance, facing the rest of the pack. Gale and Navi each gave a speech defining the qualities they looked for in an heir. With each passing moment Norfik's excitement grew and he puffed himself up, trying to look as regal and royal as he saw himself. And finally it was time for the announcement.

We declare Rovva as our heir.

A gasp of surprise rippled through the gathered pack and was quickly followed by dead silence. Everyone had expected Norfik to be declared heir as he was the leader's biological son. Both Rovva and Norfik were stunned and neither moved while Gale and Navi dismissed the pack. The two quickly approached their parents once the pack had gone; Rovva was confused, nervous but still a bit thrilled while Norfik was ready to explode with fury. Norfik reached them first and immediately demanded that they take it back and name him as heir. Navi looked sad and Gale, stern, as they informed him that their desicion was final. Their son demanded to know why.

"Why had they chosen the outsider instead of their own son?
What made her so special?
How could they betray him like that?

Norfik fired all these questions at his parents at once. They waited patiently for him to fall silent before they answered. They had been watching the two all their lives, judging their qualities and determining if they had what it took to lead the pack. At first they were ready to go with their son. He was older and by the time he was ready to be chosen he should have been mature and wise enough to be able to handle the responsibility. Instead they saw their son grow up to be cruel and immature, always demanding to be waited on and expecting everything to be handed to him. During training he ignored the subjects that bored him; caring for pups, healing, scouting, and focused on what he found interesting and entertaining; fighting and hunting. He enjoyed hurting and killing things far more and that made Gale and Navi nervous. Rovva, on the other hand, put all her effort into learning everything there was to learn. She enjoyed learning everything. Rovva was kind and strong, both gentle and firm and above all she was calm and was willing to work to get what she wanted.

Norfik raged for days.

He took out his frustrations during training, as it was to continue until the leaders were ready to retire. Finally, after he nearly killed one of the warriors in a practice fight, Gale dragged his son away and told him he was no longer allowed to train or fight with the other pack members. From now on he was only allowed to hunt. He was no longer trusted with anything important. This was the final straw for Norfik and he stormed off. He stayed gone most of the day and only returned at night. This became his new pattern. No one knew where he went and for the most part, no one really cared as long as he was out of the way.

Unfortunately his wanderings took him far enough he stumbled upon a waring clan. These wolves were strong and viscious and he fit in extremely well with them. He approached them and it wasn't long until he was accepted as one of them. He still returned home every night but it was grudgingly. As he became more comfortable with his new pack he began to vent to them. About his parents, the pack and about Rovva. The clan saw this hatred in him and decided to use him. They didn't really care about territory or anything, they just loved to fight. So they discussed their plan with him. How they could wrest control from Gale and Navi and hand the pack over to him. Norfik was pleased. He finally found a clan that understood him and were willing to help him get what he deserved.

So they plotted. They insisted that he return home every night to not draw undo suspicion on them and Norfik agreed. They planned for a month. They told Norfik that they couldn't garantee the lives of any of the pack members; if they resisted they would be killed. Norfik agreed that they could kill anyone they pleased ... except Rovva. That was his one condition. He wanted Rovva alive to do what he would with her.

Their month passed and they were ready to take on the pack. Norfik led the clan himself. They marched down at midday and met the assembled pack. Their scouts had seen the clan approaching so they were forewarned. The two met; Gale, Navi and Rovva at the front of their pack and Norfik and the leader of the clan ahead of thier warriors. Gale demanded to know what they were doing tresspassing on thier land while Navi and Rovva looked sadly at Norfik. Was he really so petty that he'd fight his family over a title? It appeared so. Norfik explained that he was tired of being treated less than an outsider and offered them their lives in exchange for their surrender. He didn't want to kill his family; who else would he rule over? As expected, Gale refused to surrender. Norfik's clan all grinned wickedly at the answer; it was exactally what they had been hoping for. Soon, the two groups clashed.

The fight was terrible. Many were lost, but none as many as Rovva's pack. By the time the last wolf fell two days had passed. Rovva was the last survivor and she was pinned down by one of the larger clan members. She struggled against him but it was useless; she was exhausted and injured and he was far stronger than she. The remaining clan gathered around her as the brute let her up. Norfik approached and grinned menacingly at her. It was an expression that chilled her to the bone.

Aren't you going to kill me?

No, dear sister. Not kill you.

Those six words terrified her and she wasn't one to scare easily. Norfik had decided to stay with the clan since his pack was dead and he had nowhere else to go. The clan leader assigned her a guard and Norfik warned them not to give her any chance to escape. He warned them of her speed, that if she got loose then she was gone for good. And so Rovva was kept under twenty-four hour guard. Never once was she left alone.

They travelled all around Colorado before heading west. Eight months they travelled with Rovva as their prisoner. Eight months Norfik and the clan had their way with her. Norfik had offered to let the rest of them do whatever they wished with her as long as they didn't kill her. He wanted her to suffer. And suffer she did. The clan did awful things to her. Unspeakable things. To Rovva, it seemed to last forever.

Until one day her guard let their guard down. Eight months and she hadn't tried to escape so one of the guard wolves left to get a snack. They thought they had broken her; wll, they weren't wrong but she had just enough left in her to dash at the first opening. She ran and ran and ran; passing through every river she came across, hoping the clan would lose her. She ran until she couldn't run any longer, until she collapsed from exhaustion. When she awoke again she didn't hesitate. She took off, though at a slower pace. Still passing through every body of water she could find she headed north. She had no idea where she was going or what she planned to do. All she knew was she had to get away; far, far away from Norfik and the clan.

Unknown // Biological

Gale and Navi // Adopted




Sasha Pieterse

Rovva smells like African Honey with an earthen hint.

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Re: Rovva

Post by Lupa on Sun Sep 27, 2015 4:55 am

Love the Bio! It looks amazing!
Welcome <3
Can't wait to Roleplay with you.



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Re: Rovva

Post by Maverick on Sun Sep 27, 2015 10:51 am

Lovely bio! I enjoyed reading through her past c:


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Re: Rovva

Post by Verine on Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:01 pm

Ahh, Rovva is so beautiful<3
I thoroughly enjoyed her history; It's a new twist on pasts that I don't really ever remember reading about. The captive thing is super cool--Sad, but cool.

Welcome back to the pack! ^^


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Re: Rovva

Post by Rovva on Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:13 pm

Thank you. =3


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Re: Rovva

Post by Cassiel on Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:51 pm

This is late since I only JUST checked back on the site after days of disappearing.

But I love her. Sosososo much.

I'm glad you're back<3
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Re: Rovva

Post by Sirius on Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:43 am

I enjoyed Rovva's story. I want her to be my old ball of fur's adoptive daughter! XD
No doubt that Sirius will enjoy her company as much as puppies do ^3^


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Re: Rovva

Post by Niko on Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:16 am

Incredible Bio!!! Can't wait to see her in RP ;)


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Re: Rovva

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