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Post by Dawn on Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:05 am

Here will be the biography section of the Group Home minor RP. Please don't comment or post here, PM me (Abaddon) your joining forms and I'll put them here. Thanks!


Name; Abigail Dawn Yonega

Nicknames; Her nickname is Dawn, she refuses Abigail as a name.

Age; 16 and a half.

How did you get in the home; Mother overdosed on heroin. Never met her father.

How long have you been in the home; Since just before her eighth birthday.

Physical description; Dawn could be described simply as a black and white movie. She moves slowly, she has rather grey, dull eyes, her hair is black, and her skin is very, very white. She has relatively long black hair, it's quite straight, and she has bangs that change sides often. She's extremely thin, so thin that people start rumours of her having an eating disorder, but it's not quite true, at least not to Dawn. She more often than not wears long sleeved shirts, and always wears long pants. She never wears a shirt that reveals her stomach and will never go swimming or show her body off in any way. This is because of the thick scars that cover her body, they range from white to pink to purple and they are swollen and indented. There's hardly a space between them, but nobody knows because she keeps them hidden. She has delicate lips and (as any movie girl) perfect eyebrows. Her eyelashes are long and curved in all the right ways, and she has round, soft eyes. You'd never catch her dead without headphones or earbuds and music. It is her saviour. Even the parents know that.

Pribilsky Group Home Census 2vuzuw2
Pribilsky Group Home Census 1z31pna
Pribilsky Group Home Census 2uf3bkg

Personality; She is a very quiet, closed off girl. She won't show a temper until she's given a reason to, such as somebody prodding at her about things she's said to leave alone, or if the kids in the group home are being bullied. She's up to help anybody who hasn't pissed her off, but only wants to if they're twelve or under. She doesn't like to share her feelings with people, and this is why: Dawn is extremely depressed with suicidal tendencies. This is due to her mother's drug use when she was pregnant with Dawn. It's a rare affect that heroin can have on children before birth and it happened to hit Dawn, hard. She has been self harming since the age of 12, and has concluded that happiness is not something to aspire for, instead, it is a fault in human evolution. On the other hand. When Dawn is faced with a challenge, she can get very defensive in many different ways. She has never felt a loving touch, merely the touch of a human. She craves to feel desired and needed. If somebody gives her a reason, she can be vicious or cruel, or completely desirable in a most terrible way.

History; Dawn was born October 14th 1998. She wasn't long into this world before her father took off and was never heard from or seen again, he was from a bad business and probably got murdered or something, but Dawn couldn't care less. When she was two, her mother, who had been addicted to heroin since 1987, overdosed, leaving Dawn alone in a small, unheated house in a shady neighbourhood. The neighbours eventually called the police about a noise complaint, and Dawn was found.
She was not in a census and the cops discovered her name when the neighbours told them. Nobody knew where Dawn was from, and no relatives could be found, so she was put in a group home in a small town in Montana. She was there until the age of eight, and it wasn't too bad. It wasn't crowded, but some kids got adopted to keep things under control. By the time Dawn was almost six, every child that had arrived there in the first three years that she was there had been adopted. That is when she began falling into the cold hands of depression.
Just before her sixth birthday, Dawn was changed to a different home, run by the Pribilsky family. It had just gotten it's permit and was eager to have a child in it's vicinities, so Dawn was the first there. On her sixth birthday, all was well, there was a cupcake and a candle and even a present from the parents.
When the other kids started coming, things changed. The parents got cranky, they got strict, they got violent with the older kids. Dawn knew how they worked, she could easily avoid them, hit them in their weak spots, but she never did. She took their beatings, she took their harsh words, she kept them in her mind, and she blamed herself. By her ninth birthday, she was giving herself scars. They would go deeper and wider and heal slower, but nobody ever knew because she wore clothes to hide them.
By the age of 13, Dawn began to take cigarettes from Mr. Pribilsky's sock drawer, he always had plenty to spare and didn't seem to notice when she took a few packs for herself. She would sit on the room ouside her bedroom at night and smoke them, slowly, one at a time, slowly becoming two a night, and then three, always going slowly up. Dawn is sixteen now, and this still goes on, only it's seven a night and she buys her own packs.
She would listen to her music late at night, and when the parents took her MP3, she would land in hospital. She's had the most, and the worst experience in foster care because it's the only care she's ever known and will ever know. To this day, Dawn is a part of the Pribilsky home, and she considers herself the one to care for most of the youngsters. Dawn has saved nearly all the money she needs to adopt a dog for herself, and she's in a stable job at the pet store after school and Saturdays. She volunteers every sunday afternoon at the animal adoption shelter in the central part of the town.

Family; Dawn's mother was named Abby. Her father remains nameless to her. That is the only family she's ever known through relation.

Likes; Euphoria, music, animals, the stars, the moon.

Dislikes; Thinking, the dark inside, loud noises, prying 'friends', the Pribilsky home.

Hobbies; Smoking, sketching, listening to music.

Sexual Orientation; Bisexual.

Relationship Status; Single.

Job; Pet Store, Pet Shelter.

Name; Takeru Hasu
Nicknames; He wants everyone to call him Shun, but the foster parents still call him Takeru.
Age; 16 years old
How did you get in the home; His mother was depressed and killed herself when he was a newborn, after she tried to drown him. His father was an alcoholic and beated and abused him and used him as his slave ever since, till the day they took him away.
How long have you been in the home; Since he was 11 years old.
Physical description; Shun is very tall for his age; he even stands above his foster parents. But even though Shun's tall, he doesn't appear clumsy or gawky; he has a few muscles and is rather strong, but he doesn't appear very broad in body build. He's rather thin, but still not thin enough to be gawky.
Shun has heterochromia; his eyes are an amber color, but his right eye is a lot lighter in color, appearing more honey golden. He has long black hair in a ponytail, ending around the upper side of his back. He has a healthy skin color, he doesn't look weak or sick, and his eyes are bright, not dull, even though he's been through so much. He's often seen wearing t-shirts and jackets, blue jeans and black sport shoes. But his clothes are always neat, washed and cleaned up, never a single hole to be found in them. Sometimes Shun wears black glasses which are very big, but he's more often seen without them, wearing lenses.

Pribilsky Group Home Census Qq7dde
(Okay sooo, I wanted to draw him as what he truly looks like in my imagination but my drawings are terrible so here’s a reference of Shun from Bakugan because he’s actually based of this Shun and omg I just don’t want to draw him. so I just took a screenies for Shun from Bakugan and edited the reference slightly. Please don’t hate me for this! XD)

Personality; Shun has three types of people to who he displays different types of personality:
Quiet and lonely; Shun isn't much of a talker and hates crowded places. He will only talk when someone asks him something and he's often sitting on his own, a few feet away from the group. He's shy and never really knows what to say, but everyone knows that he deeply cares for his friends. He feels like he doesn't deserve friends and that's why he keeps himself aside from the conversations going on, but if his friends are hurt or in danger, they can count on him. Shun will not hesitate to fight for his friends if needed, even though he hates violence. He's protective and caring, hugging and cuddling his friends when they feel sad and need some attention. Shun isn't an attention seeker at all around anyone, caring for others while always keeping his own problems to himself.
He has often thought about suicide and often harms himself, punching himself till he has black spots everywhere; it's the only thing that keeps him sane, he often tells himself, because ever since his birth he blames himself for the death of his mother or the reason for his father to have abused and beaten him in the first place. But cutting himself and actually trying suicide; no, that's a big no. Shun doesn't have the guts to do it because he's afraid of death, and of sharp things. But Shun doesn't always punch himself till he's black and blue, only when he thinks he truly deserves it; when he fails to take care of the younger children or his love, and when he fails taking orders from the foster parents.
But even though Shun harms himself and is often depressed, quiet and lonely, he's truly kind to his friends, but only when he has the guts to show them his true self, because Shun is very insecure about himself.

Caring and fatherly; Shun cares for all children in the house, whether they are older or younger than him. He will be there for them and use his own made money to care for them, secretly buying better food, and toys for the younger children. All his savings are for the others; the only thing he bought for himself to use is his laptop which he uses for drawing, writing and homework, and a bamboo tablet and pen for drawing. Shun could be called the father in the house; as said before he cares for everyone. He's one that will protect his family and take the beating meant for others, as he's used to physical pain. When someone has done something wrong, he will protect them and take the blame. He's rather serious though and barely smiles; he feels like he's the responsible one to take care of everyone, considering them all as his siblings, and that's why he acts like everyone's father. He's the father most never had, helping the older ones with homework, cooking dinner and often the one to clean the house to please their foster parents, the one to buy toys and play with the younger ones. This is mostly the only moment he smiles and has fun, showing weird faces at younger kids to make them smile.
He's a very emotional boy and always wants to do the right things, feeling horrible and harming himself when that goes wrong, but he doesn't care what his siblings think of him. As long as they're happy and healthy Shun is happy, too.
A very sweet and caring boy, often serious but he truly has a good aura, a pure soul, a heart of gold and a warm caring touch.
But, he's afraid he will become like his father or mother one day; beating his children and cheating on his love or become so depressed that he ends up killing himself. That's also why he's like a father to the other children; he's afraid that one day he might lose it and become like one of his parents, and hurt his own children. His goal is to become a better father than his own.

Love interest
Loyal and faithful; Shun will take care of his love and protect them with his life. The one person he can truly be himself with, talking more and more often and making him laugh. Shun is happy when his love his happy, when his love isn't he will always try his best and do everything to cheer them up, sometimes even joking around. He will never do anything his love doesn't want to do; he would never want to hurt them in his life, not in any way ever, even though deep inside he's afraid he will hurt them after all due his past and home situation, that's why he always tries his best to do things right.
Does he do something wrong by accident, he will panic and cry, apologizing like crazy before locking himself into his room for hours or even days. He will never want to break up with his love; he doesn't want to hurt them or break their heart, make them feel bad. It's always his love that ends the relationship. And when his love ends it, Shun will cry for hours nonstop and feel horrible; he will act like a girl, a broken person, till his broken heart has healed.
He's a big teddy bear who loves to hug and make his love feel great, only caring about them and never himself.
But he's also afraid that he will hurt them, and he's really insecure.

History; On the 14th of July in 1998 The Mistake was born. But Takeru wasn't the only mistake; his parents were the biggest mistakes that lived before him.
His mother Kaya was a rude and big mouthed sixteen years old girl, one that always went shopping with her friends and stole money from her father to do so. She was a carefree person and this always got her in trouble. Whenever her father grounded her she would climb through her window and sneak off. She always came home too late and with the wrong boys and smoked a lot. She was one to skip classes and sometimes never end up at school at all. She was a troublesome girl, never listening to her father and always doing the things she wanted to do. A girl that loved life and wanted to stay young forever.
One night she was grounded again but like always she sneaked off, going to the city with a friend who was much like her. At a cafe Kaya met a twenty two years old man called Esan, who took care of the bar and served the drinks; a very flirtatious man.
Kaya ended up flirting with Esan, causing her friend to feel ignored and go home without her, but Kaya could care less. That same night she ended up having some fun with Esan in the men's toilet, and after that she went home with him and stayed there for the night.
Arriving back home Kaya didn't tell her father about her night with Esan, but soon enough they discovered she was pregnant with his child; children, to be more exact.
Esan stayed with her and took care of her and soon at the age of seventeen, Kaya gave birth to an identical twin; a girl and a boy. Esan wanted a girl and was glad, but didn't care about his son.
Shanya, Takeru's sister, died soon after birth because of a flue, and because Kaya hadn't taken care of her body or eaten healthy during her pregnancy, keeping on with smoking and drinking alcohol now and then.
Even though Takeru was the smallest and weakest of the two, the runt, he managed to survive. Esan hated the fact that his daughter had died and that he now had a son he didn't want, and Kaya ended up in a deep depression after birth, caring for Takeru but not feeling any motherly affections towards him.
A few days after birth Kaya wanted to share a house with Esan, feeling like he was the one for her. Her father refused and they argued, after which Kaya took her belongings, clothes and child with her and left her father's house, never speaking to her father again.
She and Esan started to live together in Esan's small house and Esan found a new job so he could care for Kaya and Takeru. But the loss of his daughter, the sudden moving of Kaya into his house and Takeru's cries at night changed him; Esan stayed away from home more and more often and even ended up cheating on Kaya with different girls, and Kaya knew about this but didn't say a thing. And this only happened in one week time, too quick for the new young couple, way too quick.
When Takeru was two weeks old his father was once again at work and partying with other women. That's when Kaya's depression made her snap. She took Takeru to the bathroom and filled the bathtub, after which she tried to drown the little boy. But his muffled cries under water made her pull him back up and she looked at him. She began to cry, holding her child close to her; she didn't love him, but she still couldn't kill her own son. He didn't deserve it.
Feeling like a terrible mother Kaya dressed her son in warm dry clothes and brought him to bed. After that she went to the bathroom and slit her wrists with scissors, dying in the bathtub of blood loss.
That same night Esan came home and found Kaya dead. He felt so guilty for his actions and so sick with grief that he began to blame his son for Kaya's dead, instead of blaming himself. Esan went into a true rage.
Whenever Takeru cried Esan beat him till the baby was silent. He took care of the boy but never showed him any affection. He even started to drink a lot and went to party almost every night, leaving poor little Takeru alone in the dark house, crying for food or attention. His diapers got changed once a week, he got food once three days; Takeru grew thin and even more weak,  but still he managed to survive.
When he reached the age in which he was able to walk and talk, his father started to avoid him and ignore him more often. Takeru was forced to take care of himself at a very young age, already learning how to cook for himself at the age of five.
Every day his father would drink and ask Takeru to get him more, and if Takeru would refuse Esan would beat the shniz out of him. Takeru was beaten, abused and used as slave by his father to do the dirty jobs.
Takeru was too scared to call for help, afraid his father would kill him if he did, so he always did what his father wanted him to do, never questioning him.
It was at the age of eleven that Takeru started to fight back. He would sometimes refuse to do something and end up getting beaten, but he punched back. He was sick of the abuse and wanted nothing more than to get out of the house, away from his father.
But as soon as Takeru fought back the punishments got harsher. Longer nights of terrible pain and more fists in his face.
One day Takeru came home from school, but on his way home he had bought a knife from the money he had stolen from his father. Coming home his father slammed him against the wall for being late and Takeru used the knife, he sliced Esan's hand with it and ran towards the kitchen to find anything better to hurt his father with. Esan however came after him, more pissed than ever, and had him cornered. Before Takeru could do anything Esan grabbed a chair and started beating him with it, till he bled. Takeru laid there on the ground, crying. He had never dared to call for help before and always suffered silently, but this time Takeru yelled and screamed for help, he cried out loud and let his tears flow.
The next day police stood at the door; there had been a worried call from a neighbor about violence at the house next to him. And when the police saw Takeru's wounds and black spots, they knew for sure they were at the right house.
Esan was arrested for abuse and brought to jail, while Takeru was taken out of the house and brought to a foster home, two parents with a few more adopted children already.
Life wasn't great there and many children complained in secret about the strict rules, but Takeru didn't really care; he was glad to be away from his father. All he wanted to do now was the right things, he wanted to take care of the smaller children. But he would always be insecure about himself and blame himself for his mother's death and his father's abuse even though he had nothing to blame himself about.
After arriving at this new house he went to a psychologist to take care of his mental wounds; the abuse that bothered him and made him feel depressed. After five years of mental treatment he has learned to forget, and now he can finally truly focus himself on growing up and helping the smaller and younger ones, as well as the older ones when needed.

Family; His mother was called Kaya and his father is called Esan. He could have had a twin sister called Shanya, but she deceased not long after birth.
Likes; Drawing, writing, listening to music (especially music artists Feint, Ludovico Einaudi and Roberto Cacciapaglia), being in his room, sleeping, relaxing, cooking, pleasing his foster parents and caring for others, helping others with their problems and their homework, animals, his 'siblings'.
Dislikes; Violence, beating, rape and abuse, drugs, alcohol, smoking, murder, seeing others in pain or danger, talking about his own problems, bullies, animal abuse, death, small spaces, crowded places, elevators, being locked up.
Hobbies; Shun likes to write and draw, especially wolves, dogs and manga. And of course he loves to paint a detailed landscape. He always has a note book with him in which he draws and sketches things.
Sexual Orientation; Bisexual. He prefers girls but also likes boys that are younger than he is. However, his sexuality is a secret at his home because he's insecure and afraid they will judge him for it.
Relationship Status; Taken but might soon break up because his girlfriend can't take his situation...
Job; He works at a cafe, serving drinks and meals and cleaning the plates after work. He uses the money he earns to take care of the younger children, to make their stay at the house a bit more pleasant.
Extras; Shun's a vegetarian, and really wants a dog as pet, but he doesn't have the money for it because all his savings get spend on the younger children.

Name; Lumineux Flamboyant Enfer

Nicknames; Lum, Lumi

Age; 16

How did you get in the home; no family

How long have you been in the home; new

Physical description; 5' 3" in height and only weighing 105 lbs. quite small for her age. She isn't flat chested but isn't big at all. She has brown hair and green eyes. Her skin is a bit pale but not so pale that it causes her to burn easy.

Pribilsky Group Home Census A295z6

Personality; Lumineux is usually a happy person but has a tendency to get mad or upset about things easily.

History; Lumineux was born February 14th. Her parents Nichole and Johnathan named her Lumineux Flamboyant Enfer meaning Bright Flaming Hell. They called her such a thing because they saw her as a nuisance. Her family took care of her for a few years though it wasn't very good. Then they decided it would be best to put her in the foster/ adoption system. She was bullied for being the girl that didn't have parents, but she always shrugged it off and ignored them. Then the news came. Finally, age 16 after being rid of by her family when she was 8, she was going to stay with a group of people almost like her.

Family; mother- Nichole father- Johnathan

Likes; Scary things, happy people, music, animals

Dislikes; people being upset or mad especially if she feels its her fault, being alone or abandoned, bullying

Hobbies; singing, being outside, video games

Sexual Orientation; straight

Relationship Status; none

Job; none

Name: Kalissa Abigail Scott
Nickname: Kali, Abi
Age: Six years old

How did you get in the home: Both her parents died in a car accident and she has no living relatives.
How long have you been in the home: Just arrived.

Physical Description: Kalissa is an average-sized six-year-old, just about the height she should be for her age. Normally she's a little chubby since she loves food, but she's lost weight after her parent's died. She has the beginnings of a runner's build now, slim, lean with long legs. Her hair is raven black and her eyes are a light, sky blue.
Pribilsky Group Home Census 2z6gld0
Personality: Before her parents death: Kalissa is very brave and she will help those who need it. She doesn't like bullies and she will stand up to them even if they are bigger than herself. However, she is also very reckless and will throw caution to the wind most of the time. She has very little self control at her current age and she loves food.

After her parents death: After she lost her parents Kalissa became withdrawn. She stopped speaking altogether and barely eats. Social workers and doctors tried to get her to start talking but every attempt has failed. She spends most of her time alone and on the rare occasions she decides to try to communicate, she does it through her drawings. Sometimes she will write things out, but not often.

History: Kalissa never had a bad family or childhood. No neglect, no abuse. In fact, she was a very happy child. She was born on December 16th in a small Alaskan town and raised there til she was four and her parents moved out to Montana. Her parents were kind and loved her, she was even a little spoiled. That is, until she turned five and tragedy struck. Her mother and father, while headed out to dinner, were struck by a drunk driver and killed. Since there was no immediate family apparent she was sent into foster care while the state searched for any of her family. None were found and it wasn't long til she was sent to the Pribilsky's.

Family: Elsa and David Scott (( Deceased ))
Likes: Playing in the snow, watching the stars, music, food, drawing and sour things(candy, lemons).
Dislikes: Hot weather, too much sun, being cooped up inside, bullies, talking and silence.

Hobbies: She draws. A lot.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: None
Job: None
Personal Belongings: A few sets of clothes and two stuffed animals: one, a swan with her name embroidered under one wing and the other, a red husky.

Name; Andrew Taylor

Nicknames; Scout

Age; 17

How did you get in the home; My parents were killed in a car crash.

How long have you been in the home: Im brand new.

Physical description; 6 feet tall. Spiky Brown hair brown eyes. Muscular but not overly ripped.  

Pribilsky Group Home Census Cute-anime-boys-with-brown-hair

Personality; Andrew is very protective and headstrong. He wont hesitate to fight for what he thinks is right but that can get him in trouble. He is sometimes quiet but is good with words. He is not a flirt, and is very straight forward, although if he is in a relationship he will flirt. The rest you will figure out in RP.

Andrew was born into a poor family, his parents spent all there money on liquor and drugs. His father beat him and his mother until one day Andrew got to old, and hence beat his father. Andrew took to the streets. He learned how to street fight but he always had self morals. He never stole or any fighting he did was fair. He was a good fighter, he didn't use just brute force but cunning and skill, which made him win. He got cocky and soon no one like him. His parents found out what he was doing and they sent him to be a ranch hand on a friends a ranch. Boy did he straighten Andrew up. Andrew from then on was never cocky, he knew there was always someone smarter, better, at everything. He lived a lot of his free time in the woods, where he hunted and learned really how to survive in it. He also learned how to build well. One day his parents sent for him to come home. Andrew did not want to leave but he had to. His parents told him to get a job there because they had no jobs and had no money for liquor and drugs. He became a framer using the skill he had learned at the farm. He was a changed boy and his parents could tell. But then the tragedy happened. He was Working when he got a call, that his parents were killed driving drunk on the free way. Andrew was not yet old enough to live on his own, so he was sent to the home.

Family; Deceased

Likes; He loves to work with his hand and spent time in the woods. He likes working with animals. He likes people who dont beat around the bush. He also likes to do some sparring now and then, and is much better at it than  he was before.

Dislikes; He hates people who are deceitful, ad lie. He would never work in a office unless that was the only way to survive.

Hobbies; Spending time in the woods or around animals.

Sexual Orientation; Straight.

Relationship Status; Single.

Job; Framer.

NAME:: Laura ´Izzi´ Schneider
AGE:: Roughly 17
HOW DID YOU GET IN THE HOME?:: Criminal activity, parents gave her away.
HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE HOME?:: For a few weeks, though she lost count.
PHYSIQUE:: Unlike other girls at her age, Izzi is a lean but still well muscled female. She meisures 1,78 m in height and weighs around 130 pounds. Since anger, training and the life as a homeboy were the only things she was used to, she is sure as hell not someone to mess up with. Her skin is naturally sun-tanned and her irises are pigmented in an ocean blue coloring, turquoise splattening around her irises. Dyed redd-ish, long hair is her usual mark, something what makes her conspicuous other than her feisty temper. An usual skinny jeans and a tanktop is her way to go out, walk through gutters and always search for a good fight. One will always find her bloody the day after she took a stroll.
Pribilsky Group Home Census Women_10

TEMPER:: Impatient, assertive, cold-hearted, unsociable and primarily hostile are the perfect adjectives to describe this rather tall girl. She is always teasing, especially men, though due to her being Pansexual, she wouldn´t mind having her fun with same gendered people, too. Izzi is very brutal during a fight, she always adores a bloody combat and to get some red on her hands. Backing off is surely not her style and there were even times where she simply overacted and clearly crossed the boundaries by using butterfly knives and even actual guns.
However, during her stay at the home group together with her foster parents, they do controll her if she carries any weapons with her and not only that; Izzi has a passion to drink/smoke. So she´ll often try to get her regular dosis, one way or another. She can´t stand stupidy and will beat the shit out of someone when pissed off.

NARRATION:: 06.09.1997. That was the day when a blonde haired girl was born in a lovely and caring family. It was Laura, Laura Schneider, daughter of Hannah Schneider and Niklas Schneider. She had everything she was in need of; attentive parents, a big house and tons of toys. Niklas and Hannah were great parents and Laura their only child, therefore she was their most precious treasure. No one would ever harm their beautiful daughter, they´d make sure of it.
However, the older Laura got, the more she rebelled against her parent´s rules, not because they were unfair, no, because she loved to see their reaction. One day though, Niklas completely lost control over himself and it happened; he beat her. That night, Laura lost her last faith in her parents and completely shut them out. She would come and go whenever she pleased, do and drink whatever she wanted. She was only fifteen but already drank until one had to call an ambulance, fought and beat the shit out of others who were simply pissing her off and even tried a few time ecstasy. Her parents, who has enough of her misbehavior, finally made their point clear by saying that either she was going to change things in her life or they´d give her away. As always the girl who earned the nickname Izzi by her friends, rebelled against her parents words and eventually left them for good, living on the street for a few months by the age of almost seventeen. Earning money by either pickpocketing or simply getting it from her homeboys, she could survive on street, even if life was harsh, she was doing good on her own. Gunfights, parties, alcohol, cigarettes and fights defined her life, but Izzi, to be honest, was perfectly happy with the life she was having. She forgot everything of her past, her parents, her peaceful life and even dyed her hair in a redd-ish tone to complete her new self.
However, it appeared that her parents simply couldn´t let her go. Police found the girl under a bridge and forced her to come with them. Niklas and Laura decided that Izzi should be given to the foster family Pribilsky where she should finally learn how to behave herself. Only being there for a week, Izzi already had enough of them, tried to flee but everytime she tried, they got her back and the punishment grew stricter and stricter each time, eventually she stopped and simply accepted that she´d have to live there. However, that wouldn´t stop her from doing her regular things...

FAMILY:: Worthless. Laura Schneider and Niklas Schneider, both alive.
PREFERENCES:: A good fight||Teasing||Flirting||Being free/freedom||Night strolls||Being alone||Silence||Music [often german music]||Starting a fight||Crossing clear setted boundaries||Violence||All animals
DETESTATIONS:: Rules||Loud noises||Being locked up||Being yelled at||Her foster parents||Mistreatment||Her parents||Company
HOBBIES:: Drinking||Smoking||Walking through the city, often at nights||Starting fights||Training||Parties [sometimes]||Flirting/Teasing man/woman||Stealing things from people she meets outside
SEXUAL ORIENTATION:: Pansexual [attracted to both gender]
RELATIONSHIP STATUS:: None, she doesn´t like the feeling of being bonded.
OCCUPATION:: None, she is earning her money by selling things she ´found´.

EXTRA:: Izzi will hide it perfectly, though it could happen that one can see her outside with one of her butterfly knives/probably even guns. Izzi has an alcohol problem as well did she already consume drugs, though she is trying to at least stop with drugs. Smoking and drinking are simply a part of her life.

Name: Kain Alastair Reaper    

Nickname: KAR

Age: Almost 17

Gender: Male

Sexual origination: He's open to both genders, but he prefers girls.

How you got into the home: His father killed his mother In a drunken rage and is now in prison

How long you've been in the home: Since he was thirteen

Physical makeup: Kain is and even 6 feet tall with a solid build from working out off and on along with green eyes and brown hair, however he's dyed his hair within the last 2 years since since he tends to hang out with a local gang sometimes.

Personality: Kain can be a little eager to fight sometimes and likes to make himself look like a real bad ass by smoking, drinking, dressing in black and listening to metal music so he can come across as a bad person when you first meet him. However deep down he's really a nice guy and there's little he wouldn't do for the other kids in the home. More than once he's stood up for them even knowing he'd be punished and simply says to them after words “Don't get the wrong idea I didn't do that for you I just had a score to settle with them anyways.” Since he believes he as an image to keep up also he likes hot girls, especially those with an attitude he also has a fascination for knives and is quite skilled with them and he does tend to drink when he's feeling down.

History: Kain 's was the only child born into the home of a loving and caring mother along with a drunken abusive father. From the age of four Kain can remember being beaten and cussed out by his father as well, seeing his mother being treated worse for trying to shield from his father.
Kain had little growing up since his father spent most of their money on alcohol so he only had his school books and a few decent sets of clothes along with a few other things his mother could afford to buy him. By the age of 10 Kain had gotten tired of watching his father hurt his mother and would step in the try and help her however this only made things worse for the both of them and by the age of eleven he learned the best thing to do was to shut up and take what came his way while not watching what his father did to his mother.
Because of this in school when he saw other kids getting bullied, he would stand up for them often getting into fights for he almost always threw the first punch if the bullies didn't back down, but even though he stood up for the other kids would stand by him for fear that they would be bullied even more.     Kain ended up changing schools twice because of getting expelled for fighting, for he had grown to hate seeing abused like he was.
Later, when Kain was thirteen he came home one day to the police outside his home leading his father in handcuffs and into a car Kain then approached one of the officers wanting know what had happened
and was told that his father had shot his mother when she'd tried to leave him.
From then on he lived in Home since he had no other family to turn to and stuck to himself mostly for the first year only getting involved to defend the other kids when they were being mistreated.
Over the next 2 years he started running with a local gang to make quick cash for himself and to help pay for things for the other kids this gave him enough money over time to buy himself a dirt bike, but also got him into some bad habits such as smoking and drinking. But He has started working at a coffee shop on the weekends within the last 6 month's to help make even more money to help out with. So all and all he's still a good guy at heart but has just lost his way a bit for now.  

Job: He works at coffee shop on the weekends from the morning to the afternoon. He also does along quick cash job's still with his the gang friends sometimes.
Family: Frank Alastair, father alive and in prison, Karen Alastair, mother dead shot his father for trying to leave him

Hobbies:  Fighting, Smoking, Drinking, Training, Collecting knives, Riding his dirt bike and listening music mostly metal with the odd love song and parties

Pribilsky Group Home Census Th?&id=HN.608055537116971045&w=300&h=300&c=0&pid=1
Pribilsky Group Home Census Th?&id=HN.607996674585396426&w=300&h=300&c=0&pid=1

Pribilsky Group Home Census Verine10

Name; Verine.

Nicknames; Veri, Gem. ;3

Age; Seventeen.

How did you get in the home; A coward of a mother left before a picture could be painted. Left alone, her father turned into an abusive rapist; Most would leave that situation.

How long have you been in the home; Eleven years.

Physical description; Verine is a slim, lean female with a lithe, muscular body. Graced with a dancers build and a curvaceous form, Veri has no trouble flaunting off her looks, though they are often hidden under layers of clothing. Taller than most females, Veri is nose to nose with the average male, though her face is much sharper, and slender. High cheekbones and an angled jawline give her features an intense look about them, but with a small button nose, a smooth chin, and thin pink lips concealing an even white smile, it all softens out into a very feminine look with much appeal. Large almond eyes are framed by thick black eyelashes, the pupil surrounded by a sea of dark blue twisted together with accents of yellow the closer you come to the edge of the iris. Verine always wears her contacts. Raven black hair flows down like a waterfall of ink, stopping just above the small of her back. Her bangs fall down just a bit lower in the middle, brushing against the bridge of her nose in a gentle dance. Dark as the hair is, it seems to fade into a bluish tint in the moonlight. Pale skin is laced with raised, pink scars that trickle down her legs and the insides of her wrists, and a small tattoo rests under her hairline with the quote 'What defines us, is how well we rise after we fall…’ in skinny black cursive writing. Other than those and the splotchy burn scar on her right leg, her skin is completely blemish free. Generally, Veri will wear bluish, or darker colored tops with jeans, yoga pants, or sweats. Strip off her sweaters and outer layers, and you will find her in lacy undergarments… ;3

Reference; Pribilsky Group Home Census Verine10

Personality; There’s a reason nobody messes with quiet people, and there’s a reason nobody messes with Verine. Shy as she comes off as, Verine can and will be violent towards people, though she really yearns for intelligent conversations that she can become a part of, and passionate debates about every subject imaginable. As much as she wishes to be a part of such things, she seldom starts conversations with people. She’d prefer that one would come up to her, so she can throw herself in and keep the conversation going for as long as possible. She’ll openly talk about her highly intelligent thoughts and feelings about anyone and everything, but she’s sheltered about her past and won’t offer up much information about it. Though generally quiet, Verine is loaded with confidence and shamelessness. She admires anyone and everyone; physically, mentally, and emotionally she will boldly note your assets. But, she can also be over-confident, and will cross all of the social boundaries that have been set in place by her peers. While she does have an issue with that, she is extremely respectful of all peers and elders and seldom does she hold a prejudice against one.

History; A single child. A single disappointment. A single burden.
Born in late March, Verines mother only stayed for so long before she was gone forever, dropping the sole child she had birthed into the hands of a listless and detached father.
It didn't take long though, for her frustrated and pent up father to start blaming Verine for the absence of his wife; He began taking a liking to laying a hand on her, and shoving a cock between her legs.
Had he been gentle, he probably could've convinced her everything was fine--That incest was normal, not taboo. But, the various bottles of hard liquor and the violent behavior of it all created a fear in her mind, summoning basic instinct and bringing it to the surface.
It was instinct that told her to run away.
In the six years she had spent with her father, Verine quickly became independent. Escaping the one-room, rundown apartment called home was like riding a bike--Hard at first, then easy as breathing.
It was blissful, being without her father. The pangs of hunger went completely unnoticed as she wandered around, able to do whatever she wanted. As time went on though, Verine started to steal food from the stores, shoplifting like a pro.
Trying to steal a box of cereal, and stuffing it under shirts against a flat chest isn't the greatest method though.
Verine was caught by the elderly women of the family-fun store, and taken to the police. They kept her in custody for about two weeks, before they caught word of Pribilsky Group Home; new and growing. In other words, something to take a kid off their hands.
As expected, Verine was immediately skittish of the parents, as of the two other kids there--One was a girl, one a boy. Abaddon was the only one she bothered to learn the name of, though she never dared approach the ghostly girl, not on purpose.
Verine kept to herself, watching kids come and go without bothering to learn their names or learn their inner workings.
Around the time she turned eleven, the realization of what her father had done to her hit her like a brick wall, driving her to lash out at nobody but herself; she turned to self harm, first interrupting the healing process of normal, everyday wounds. Progressively she turned to bruising, and soon after she landed on cutting--Her all time favorite.
It was her savior, the blood. But, because she was finally finding some sort of emotion other than solitude, she grew slightly bolder.
Thus, drawing the attention of The Parents.
Yes, the notorious parents. So sweet, so affectionate on the outside. They rescued all these kids! What beautiful people!
Bullshit. Ask any kid at the home, and you'll hear a different story. Ask Verine, and you'll be witness to the hauntings that really do exist in Pribilsky.
Taking these beatings was nothing, especially when she thought of the younger kids. Verine was a young kid, but nothing compared to the innocent sparks of life that stumbled through the threshold.
Transforming into a teen held little events worth mentioning--Verine fell into the same routine; Wake up, cut. Eat, cut. Protect the younger ones, cut. Cut cut cut.
Mr. Pribilsky paid slightly more attention to her, due to her now curvaceous body and submissive attitude. But, he never crossed the boundaries more than any other abusive parent would; Never crossed the boundaries as her so-called father would.
Thirteen years old, and Verine began taking her kickboxing lessons. Her boxing lessons. Krav Maga. Sprinting. Swimming. Everything. Anything that would build her up into a strong, lithe teenage that nobody would touch.
Nobody would touch Verine once she left.
Once she grew enough balls to approach the Pribilsky parents with a request, Verine did so, confident as she asked for her own room.
Smacked down. Literally. In front of the entire home dinner.
That night, Verine ran away again, though she wasn't gone for long. The Pribilsky parents informed local authorities, and she was dragged back. However, in order to keep her quiet when the police questioned her about her disappearing act, they offered her a private room upstairs, in the attic. It was small, cramped, dusty, and far from ideal, but it had some sort of bathroom, with a claw-foot tub and a grimy shower. It had a mattress. Dresser.
It even had a small window looking out to the trees outside, of which she could open her eyes each morning to see the sun rise.
To this day, Verine feels guilty about accepting the bribe. But, shes thankful.
Solitude is an irreplaceable gift.

Family; Dogs count, right?

Likes; Rain, nighttime, solitude, candles, tea, razors, scars, mist, dew, forests, hoodies, showering, animals, fruit, fighting, various kinds of rock music, writing, reading, sleeping, homeschooling.

Dislikes; Pribilsky Group Home, drawing, flip-flops, FEET, Pribilsky Group Home, Pribilsky Group Home, oh, and Pribilsky Group Home.

Hobbies; Running till she vomits, Challenging Herself, Anything That Will Cause a Rush of Adrenaline, Reading, Writing, Song Writing, Creating Poetry, Various Kinds of Gaming, and all of her workouts. Photography is her soul.

Sexual Orientation; Pansexual.

Relationship Status; Hardly worth talking about, really.

Job; Verine has now become a staff member at the gym, and gives various lessons ranging from Yoga to weight-training to kickboxing. She also spends a lot of time at the library, and gets money from that. The bulk of her cash comes from the gym though, where she has a free membership. Recently, shes taken a liking to volunteering at the Pet Shelter.

Pets; Verine adopted Rebel when she was just growing out of her puppy years, and she's had her for almost twelve months now. She's extremely obedient, however dreadfully wary of anyone other than Verine; She can and will get violent if Verine allows her to. She quiet, and a beautiful model for Veris photography.
Pribilsky Group Home Census Milita10

Pribilsky Group Home Census 25qdw07
Name; Sasha Leah Clarke
Nicknames; Kanaya;she was nicknamed this by her friends because she was a motherly nature, just like the homestuck troll!
Age; She's 15 years old-turns 16 on the 12th of April.
How did you get in the home; After her father died in a house fire and her relatives off the world map, it was decided that the teenager was to be sent to a group house for somewhat parent-less children such as herself.
How long have you been in the home; Sasha has just been dropped off;so little time.
Physical description; Sasha is a small girl, only standing 5'4. She has a lithe, small, body structure which makes it seem as if she hadn't eaten in months and this makes her seem almost frail and unable to properly take care of herself. Her hair falls down just nearly past her collarbone and is a fair wheat color;she usually brings it up into a bun to keep it out of her way. Sasha has a milky complexion which sets off her dull moss green eyes and her lips are a soft peach color;along with the rest of her family, Sasha was a roman nose that fits her features.

Personality; Sasha is a very complicated child;she loves everyone and everything endlessly and that gets her into trouble;because she falls in love, either romantically or not, with everyone. And is devoted entirely to those people. Honestly, she's just the type of girl where you can slaughter her family and she'd still think you'd be the cutest thing. Slit her throat and she'd use her last breath to apologize for bleeding all over your shirt. But she's too sensitive. It's too easy to break her heart and hurt her feelings. She's too kind, gentle and motherly like. But that's what makes her a good friend;she'll love you till the very end.
History; On the brightest day of April, a woman held her crying red-faced new born and smiled. Her husband, Nick, sat on a red chair beside the hospital bed and smiled too, through his tears. He always thought his wife was the prettiest woman in the world, and knew their daughter would be too. Annie turned to Nick and watched as he raised a large hand to brush away some strands of her wild and untamed yellow locks. "You did great, darling~." He murmured, and together the couple turned to stare lovingly at the baby who was wrapped in a bright pink blanket. "Sasha."

But Annie grew sick;terribly sick. In fact, it was just before they took their daughter home;Annie began to bleed. Doctors rushed her back into the hospital room and left Nick alone while his child was once more being weighed;they wanted to make sure little Sasha was alright, as well. But Annie died that day;there were unseen complications in the birthing of Sasha, and Nick was alone without his lover with a child that resembled his one true love.

True enough, Sasha grew to look just like Annie. And Nick tried not to resent the child for it;as she grew, Nick put her in ballet classes to keep her away from the house as much as he could, because he just couldn't live with himself. He didn't want to hate Sasha, but he did. The more she grew, the more she reminded him of Annie, and a knew feeling, one of lust, settled deep within him.

On Sasha's 14th birthday, it happened. Nick snapped. Sasha had been taking a shower after coming home from a small party with her friends from school whom wanted to do something special for Sasha. Nick couldn't control himself;he flung the bathroom door open, startling Sasha, and yanked back the curtain and allowed himself at her;Nick took his own daughter's innocence in a horrible way and ignored her distraught cries.

Months past; Sasha was humiliated. She felt weak and disgusting-but she had forgiven her father. She tried to talk to him, tell him that she knew he was sorry, but every time she got close, Nick would smack the girl;he'd beat her. Just to get her away from him. So she gave up hope;her father was a lost soul and he had dragged the dancing angel to hell with him. And then there was the fire;Sasha had been at her dance studio when her teacher, Mrs.Ackerman, came rushing in with tears in her eyes and told Sasha that there had been an accident;a fire. It was said that her father set himself aflame in his room and everything burned;everything she once loved was gone.

Pribilsky Group Home Census 15rdtax
Annie Clarke;mother;deceased
Nick Clarke;father; deceased
Others;unknown whereabouts
Likes; She adores music and dancing;she loves to dance. And loves to sing. She likes children and people, in general. She likes taking care of others and being nurturing.
Dislikes; She doesn't entirely like fire, because it remind her of her father, and doesn't like to speak about her past. She's afraid of spiders and small dogs, and doesn't entirely like rude people.
Hobbies;She dances and sings; a lot. She loves to read and draw but you'll mostly catch her reading if not drawing.

Sexual Orientation; Bisexual-Sasha has never been able to make up her mind about which gender she prefers and doesn't entirely care.

Relationship Status; Single~!

Job; She used to work at Starbucks but has no job as of now.

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Pribilsky Group Home Census Empty Re: Pribilsky Group Home Census

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Guys.. The message was too long to add to.. I'm gonna have to double post I'm so sorry :c

[quote="Erol"]Title:: Calvin Eresta
Sobriquets:: Cal || “Snow White” || “Powder”
Age:: Seventeen
How did you get in the home?:: Given away by parents.
How long have you been in the home?:: Nearly arrived.
Physique:: Calvin is a tall boy, meisuring almost 6'3. However, being tall, he has not a well muscled body as other boys would have, being lean and skinny is the best way to describe him. He is not a real weakling but during a fight he would be the one, getting the short straw. The only thing, muscular on him is his stomach. He has a slight six pack and a beautiful V-line. However, looking at his chest, his ribcages are clearly seen. Calvin is an albino, his skin is an awful white, almost looking bleached and entirely pale. There is nothing on him with a color except of blonde or white. Short, curly hair, in a natural blonde coloring, plucked, blonde eyebrows and surprisingly long, as always, blonde eyelashes are his highlights on his face. Both of his irises are a pale blue, green and brown-ish pigments splattered around his pupils. Calvin´s nose is huge, broad and slightly buckled during it´s way toward his forehead. Just between his eyes, on the left side of his nose is a histoid like knot, letting him look as if his eye is swollen. Calvin has several scars on his inner leg and a few on his upper part. Some by cutting, some by drugs.
Pribilsky Group Home Census 237626-500w

Personality:: Being bullied and having to deal with much discrimination during his entire life, Calvin is mostly silent, almost coming off as shy, even though he isn´t. The boy will mostly stay isolated from the other´s and do his own things, afraid of the other´s turning on him or discriminate him for his skin coloration. He hates it. Not his exterior, no. He hates humanity for being so intolerant.
Calvin is a sweet boy once you get to know him. He is very caring for those who deserved his respect and kindness and will do everything to make them smile. Protecting other´s is one thing he´d always do, even if it means to get beaten himself. He is well aware of his lack of strength...
During times he is around unknown strangers, Calvin will try to reveal as less as possible of himself. He wouldn´t even answer to your questions, even if you directed them at him. That´s mostly the reason for him being disliked by other´s.
However, there´s another side of this male, too. He can go from calm to rage modus in less than one second. He just hates when other´s do mistakes, vent their frustration on him or simply go on his nerves. It´s something he pretty much dislikes and sometimes even looses control over himself by yelling at other´s or saying inappropriate things. Another reason for him to get beaten by other´s.
Narration:: Born May 10th, 1997 in a hospital, life already showed Calvin how it´d deal with him; he was given away. His mother, never turned around, never wasted one thought about keeping him; after all, she was sixteen herself and got better things to do than caring for an albino child. The pale baby was given to a foster family, who gave him away while he was eight. And so it´d continue.
Given to foster parents.
Given away to other foster parents.
Given away to other foster parents.
No love, no affection, no attention, no nothing. It was all the same with everyone. They´d act as if they loved him but during time it became clear that they only were in it because of the money. When school started for young Calvin, he entirely entered hell; bullied by other´s due to his white skin and weird look. Being called “Powder” and “Snow-white” doesn´t help one to evolve a strong personality. It only brought insecurity and hate. He´d loose control and attack children during his young days, though he wasn´t muscular so he was the one being beaten actually. But he´d never care and continue isolating himself from other´s. By the age of fifteen he started cutting himself. He liked the feeling when blood splashed out of him, draining his energy and taking away all the pain. It was an incredible feeling, therefore he continued and continued, only cutting the inner part of his legs so none would be able to see his scars.
However, the older Calvin grew, the confident he became. He was no longer submitting to other´s, he´d stand his ground and show other´s the other side of him. A side he didn´t knew he had. Fists. That was everything he got by other´s for his confidence. It didn´t take long until he started to do drugs, heroin mostly. It made him even more nervous. Cocaine, weed and LSD followed due to him having the wrong friends. They´d make him go to parties, do things he didn´t want to do, things he´d regret after time.
And now he is here, letting the cycle repeat once again. Entering another hell.
Preferences:: Drugs, cutting, being alone, being isolated, night walks, alcohol, parties, freedom, his job.
Detestations:: Being yelled at, his wrong friends, his foster parents, the sun, the light.
Hobbies:: Hurting himself, going out [mostly visiting parties], smoking, drinking, doing drugs, listening to music, photo modelling.
Sexual Orientation:: Pansexual.
Relationship Status:: Single.
Occupation:: Photo modelling, though he mostly has to wait for an assignment.


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Pribilsky Group Home Census Empty Re: Pribilsky Group Home Census

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Name; Yukiteru Jason Reed
Nicknames; Yuki, Yu
Age; 14 years old
How did you get in the home; Mother died after fatal car crash when he was only five years old and his father threw him out of the house after months of beating because Yuki told him the truth about his sexuality, and his father disliked homosexuals.
How long have you been in the home; He just arrived~
Physical description; Yukiteru is rather small for his age, and looks rather young as well; he has this cute/adorable look to his face. He’s fourteen years old but can easily be mistaken for a 12-years old child. He has short black hair which is rather thick, almost appearing like a fluffy cloud around his head. In a dark room his hair can appear as black as a star- and moonless night, while it can appear rather dark greyish while standing in the bright sunlight. His eyes are a bright blue and often seem to sparkle when he feels happy, but can easily turn into a dullish blue-grey when feeling sad or shy. He often wears long-sleeved shirts, mostly brown or a dark red/bordeaux color. He also sometimes wears a black jacket with short sleeves, letting the long sleeves of his shirt appear underneath it. He’s always seen in black or blue jeans and often wears white dark red or black colored sport shoes. Sometimes his jeans appear rather shaggy and have holes in them, other times he looks neatly and nice.

Pribilsky Group Home Census Vqh06d

Personality; At first when you meet him Yuki can appear rather careless and silent, always in thought or daydreaming. He will only think, and only speak when he needs to, like when someone asks him something. He’s a very emotional boy and rather scared of how others will think of him, so that’s why he keeps himself hidden in the shadows, and he won’t come to you unless you’ve come to him first. When he speaks his words are rather blunt, often speaking with not more than one to three words, and barely a full sentence. He’s shy and careful and likes to think things through first before acting. Don’t think of him as too careful though, because he will tell you about his sexuality straight away; it’s his defensive mode, because this way he’s able to see your reaction. If your reaction is bad, he will have no liking towards you, and will probably ignore you just to make sure he won’t get mentally hurt again.
However, when you get to meet him a bit better, you will get to see Yukiteru is rather smart and sensitive, sweet and caring; he loves to play games and to act, and he will always help you when you need him. He will still be shy and hide in the shadows, but he will sometimes smile weakly at you and actually greet you or ask how you’re doing, even if you’re not the one addressing him first. He will be a bit more open to you, but still he will prefer to stay on his own, because he’s afraid that if he will trust someone too much, that trust might be crushed.
But finally winning his trust, you will have a friend for a lifetime. Yukiteru will care for you and help you, even when that help isn’t really needed. He will make jokes and laugh, and try to make you feel better when you’re sad or feeling down. And he will love to play even more games with you. Win his trust and he will become an open book to you, to you and you only, unless there are more people who have won his trust just like you did. He will laugh and sometimes even giggle like a little school girl, and act like way younger his age. He’s fourteen, but sometimes he might act like a ten-years-old or twelve-years-old, making fun like he should actually do. He’s also obsessed with cats; give him a cat or show you like cats too and he will be all over you and fangirl with you about cats, together. He’s often seen hugging, cuddling and kissing cats, and often feeds stray cats and their young when walking across the street. A real sweetheart with a heart of gold, but afraid and insecure.

History; Yukiteru was born on the 1st of January, right after the beginning of the New Year. He was born during a cold stormy winter night, the water frozen so the taps couldn’t be used. His father had wanted a girl but his mother was happy to have him either way. But because his father preferred a girl he was named Yukiteru, for short Yuki, which was a unisex name meaning snow. Because he preferred a girl, and because Yuki was born during a terrible snowstorm. Yuki wasn’t considered very normal, being born into a cult who worshipped God and saw the government and others without the same faith as enemies and betrayers.
Yukiteru was raised in this cult and taught that God was life and everything they had wished for. If he would worship God, he would find eternal happiness. However, Yukiteru didn’t feel like he belonged there, he didn’t feel like he belonged anywhere. His cult hated ‘difference’ and kidnapped people who were ‘different’ from them, for example homosexuals and people with a different faith, and sometimes even sacrificed them to their god.
And outside the cult, going to school and everything else, Yukiteru didn’t feel at home with the ‘normal’ people, either; they knew he came from a cult, and so they treated him and laughed at him, bullied him and beat him. Yukiteru didn’t belong anywhere, he felt like a useless rat trapped in an endless maze full of troubles and pains.
When he was five years old, only a week after the birth of his younger brother Jesse, his mother died in a car crash, after she had left a party at a friend’s house and had gone home, driving drunk. That was the day his father turned even more cold towards him. He and his father never really had shared a bond and now that his wife was dead and his father turned depressed, it only seemed to become worse for him. Jesse was the second born son and even though he was a boy as well, their father loved him more than he loved Yukiteru, which was rather strange. But Yukiteru had learned to accept it, because he knew that he had been different from everyone else from the start; he guessed his father could feel he was different, as well.
The moment Yukiteru found out he was different was when he went to a school’s party when he was thirteen. He had never had any friends and was hated by everyone, but he still wanted to go because he didn’t want to miss out on important things, whatever those would be. That’s when he met a boy called Brandon, and his life changed forever since; he found out he liked boys, that he loved boys, and didn’t feel a single feeling towards girls. It was a total shock to him because he knew he was ‘different’, and his cult didn’t accept ‘difference’. If he would tell his family, his church, they might end up sacrificing him, hurting him and killing him, like they did with all the other ‘different’ people. So he decided to keep his homosexuality a secret.
After months of keeping his sexuality a secret, he finally snapped under the pressure of his father disliking him and loving his younger brother more. One night he knocked on his father’s door and was let into the man’s room. Yukiteru cried that night, he cried because he was afraid, he cried because he had kept a terrible secret, and he cried because his father didn’t accept him anymore; he was gay, he was different, he had betrayed his own father, family and church by being different; he had betrayed their god. And who betrayed God was a demon and part of the Devil’s army himself.
His father was ashamed, his father was furious, he hated his oldest son and would do anything to make his life miserable; he hit the kid, beat him every day, almost every hour of the day. He would curse at him, call him the Devil’s son and pray to his god to make Yukiteru ‘normal’ again, but praying didn’t work, and it never would. After being beaten and living in fear in his own house for two months, his father decided it was enough; Yukiteru had betrayed him, he had dishonored his own father, and he had to pay. But because his father couldn’t kill him for his betrayal, he forced the kid out of the house, abandoning him. Yukiteru lived in the street for several months until a woman took him in and cared for him; it was Brandon’s mother, the boy he liked.
He found the courage to tell Brandon his feelings for him, but in the end it only made things worse; Brandon started to ignore him and once again his trust in people faded. Brandon’s mother felt the tension between the two boys and decided to take her son’s side, sending Yukiteru to a group home at the age of fourteen, The Pribilsky Group Home.

Family; His mother Sakura, his father Jake and his little brother Jesse.
Likes; Hot baths, romantic movies, anime, ice cream, cookies, food in general, hot chocolate milk, acting, writing, drawing, animals (especially cats), cosplaying, Shakespeare, makeup, brushing someone else's hair, shopping cleaning, warm weather, fun fair parks (the Ferris wheel and other ‘careful’ attractions only).
Dislikes; Cold weather, snow, swimming, horror movies, hentai and yaoi stuff, rude people, mean people, cursing, crowded places, small spaces, elevators, being stuck, being locked up, mazes, his father, his younger brother Jesse, attractions like roller coasters and water rides.
Hobbies; Acting, writing (poems/haiku), drawing, cosplaying as a cat/neko, listening to music.
Sexual Orientation; Homosexual
Relationship Status; Roki's boyfriend~ <3
Job; None
Extra; - Yukiteru can’t swim and is this way afraid of deep waters. He’s also afraid of fire because he once burned himself when he was young. He doesn’t even like fire from fireplaces.
- Yukiteru sometimes cosplays as a neko, walking through the house with a cat's ears and tail; he's a rather insane being.
- He also completely gave up on his faith, believing there is no god and that you have to make your own decisions. He still accepts other's faiths, though.

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Pribilsky Group Home Census Empty Re: Pribilsky Group Home Census

Post by Dawn on Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:26 am

Name; Caleb Kenneth McCartney

Nicknames; Cal, Cally

Age; 17

How did you get in the home; Caleb beat his stepbrother nearly to death, before being sent to the group home.

How long have you been in the home; Recently arrived.

Physical description; Caleb is fairly tall, standing at 6’1”. He has a thick mess of black hair, and shockingly pale blue eyes. His skin is pale and fair, but far from delicate. His hands are rough and calloused, and his knuckles are riddled with scars. He’s a pretty muscular guy, not quite at the body-builder level, but nowhere near skinny and frail.

Reference; Pribilsky Group Home Census Cv-zdfvxm-facebook-37560476-292-313

Personality; Caleb likes to keep to himself most of the time. He’s not a fan of talking to others, nor is he a fan of making friends. Well… actually, it’s not that he doesn’t like making friends, it’s just that it’s hard for him. He’s easily angered and tends to push people’s buttons, even when he doesn’t mean to. He’s aloof, and whenever he finds himself getting close to another person, he’ll be quick to pull himself away. A common misconception is that he’s cold to the core, but that couldn’t be more wrong. He can be quite the sweetheart when the need arises.

History; Caleb’s father—named Tobias—was extremely wealthy, had two sons, and a loving wife. His job was secure, he had the mansion of his dreams, owned around six or seven cars. And he was damn proud of his life, and was intent on keeping his wealth and status. But, as you could imagine, things didn’t go the way as planned.
It was supposed to be a little fling. It was supposed to be a bit of fooling around, never to be found out by his wife or kids. He’s done it before, countless of times with a variety of different housemaids. Never once was there a consequence. At least, not until now. Not until he noticed the maid’s stomach starting to swell, not until the maid confronted him with information he never wanted to hear.
She was pregnant.
The maid was pregnant, and no matter how much he denied it, Tobias knew it was his. His life came crashing down around him. His reputation would be tarnished, his wife would leave him—likely with the kids—and he’d be stuck with this unwanted child. He’d lose his job. His friends. Maybe even his house. He couldn’t do this, he couldn’t let the child destroy his life. And so, he fired the maid. He fired her, and banned her from the premises. There. Problem solved. No maid, no kid.
And so, he continued on happily with his life for nearly a year… until one faithful night. A rainy night, he was cuddled up with his wife watching a romantic movie, enjoying a glass of bourbon. He was happy. He was carefree.
Then one of the housemaids came to him, a wide-eyed look on her face.
“Sir...” she had said, beckoning him up and out of his comfortable couch to a secluded corner in the house, out of earshot.
“Sir, there’s a child on the front porch. There’s also a letter, and it’s addressed to you.”
With those words, Tobias’ blood went cold. What the hell? A child? On his front porch?
“Give me the note,” was all he said. The maid nodded and disappeared into the kitchen, coming out a moment after with a sealed letter in hand. Hands trembling, Tobias took the letter and opened it up. The paper wrote,

’Mr. McCartney,

This child is your responsibility. You forced yourself upon me, and you gave me a child I wasn’t prepared for. I’m not taking him. He’s yours. I've named him Caleb, and I’d love for you to keep the name.

There’s no backing out now, you son of a bitch.


Tobias crushed the letter in his hand, and threw it over his shoulder. He stormed into the kitchen and, just as he had expected, one of the maids had a baby cradled in her arms. Luckily, it wasn’t crying. In fact, it appeared to be sleeping. Kind of odd; normally, if an infant is outside on a cold, rainy night, he’d be screaming to high heavens. But not this child. No, this child was calm, and quiet. Different, if you will.
But Tobias’ blood still boiled at the mere sight of him. However, the best plan of action now was to keep him. He had to keep him. Sending him off for adoption, at this point, was out of the question. As cruel a man he was, Tobias still had some morals.
And so, Caleb stayed in the household. No, Tobias’ wife—named Alice—didn’t pack her bags and leave the moment she saw the child, but she wasn’t thrilled to keep him either. And Caleb’s stepbrothers—Michael and Gabriel—were the worst.
Tobias felt crushing guilt and hatred whenever he looked at Caleb. Alice seethed whenever she saw Caleb around the house. Gabriel and Michael would always gang up on the poor kid, and often times, he wouldn’t leave without a bruise or two. Caleb wasn’t sent to school like Gabriel and Michael were, no. He was homeschooled. He wasn’t allowed to make friends, and he wasn’t allowed to leave the house without either Alice or Tobias. Caleb felt ashamed of his existence. He felt like a mistake.
One day, however, Tobias couldn’t take it anymore. Caleb was nine when it happened. Tobias had a heated argument with Alice. Caleb couldn’t hear the whole thing; from his room, everything was muffled, but he finally understood what was happening when his dad screamed for the first time in Caleb’s life.
“I hate the kid! I have never wanted him, and I want to vomit every time I see him! He’s not my son. He’s not anyone’s son. He’s a god-damned burden!
Caleb never saw or heard of his father again, after that night. Just like he promised, Tobias left, and no one could track him down.
From then on, Caleb was in a downward spiral. He didn’t care anymore. He didn’t try to win over anyone’s affections, he didn’t try to “obey the rules”. He started smoking when he was thirteen. His mother screamed at him, and beat him whenever he did smoke, but that didn’t stop him. At the age of fifteen, he started sneaking out of the house. He started drinking, stealing, doing whatever the hell he wanted. Because he didn’t care. He was a mistake, he wasn’t meant to be alive. So what did it matter? Who cares if he stole stuff, or drank a little too much, or smoked a little too often? Not his so-called ‘family’, that was for sure.
Speaking of his family, the way they treated him only got worse as time progressed. His mother didn’t even bother looking him in the eye anymore, and his brothers? They beat him up, and degraded him whenever they had the chance.
Originally, Caleb was able to take it. Caleb was able to stay silent, and wouldn’t complain when they beat him up so bad he could barely walk the next day. But, along with his self-destructive behavior came a mighty temper. And one day, he snapped.
Michael shoved him up against the wall, a dark grin on his face. “Y’know, Cal, you’ve really been getting on my nerves lately. It’s getting annoying. I think you forgot something,” he said. With that statement, he balled his fist, drew it back, and socked him square on the jaw. He let Caleb fall with a laugh.
“You’re not supposed to get in my way when I’m walking, remember? Jeez, it’s like you never learn. You shouldn’t even be living here.”
Yep. That was the thing that pushed him over the edge. Caleb pushed himself up off the ground, fury in his eyes. He made sure to make eye contact with Michael before punching his cheek with as much force as Caleb could muster. Michael toppled to the ground, screaming and cupping his face. Blood was starting to ooze out between his fingers.
But Caleb didn’t care. Instead, he kicked him repeatedly in the side, until he felt and heard a satisfying crunch. He didn’t stop there. He continued to kick him until he was sure the majority of his ribs were crushed, then plopped down onto his stomach, ripped his hands away from his face and punched him repeatedly. Blood flew out of Michael’s mouth, along with a couple of teeth. It wasn’t until Michael was unconscious that someone had finally come upstairs.
Caleb had to be pulled off of Michael before he finally stopped. And then he realized what he had done. Michael was lying there, unconscious, his face already starting to swell and three gaps where his teeth should be. And there was so much blood. It was practically dripping off his hands, and it made him feel like a monster.
Caleb didn’t object to being sent to a group home. He knew it was for the better. He didn’t think he’d be able to survive another year in that house.
And now, he’s here.

Tobias| Biological Father
Lisanna| Biological Mother
Alice| Adoptive Mother
Michael| Stepbrother
Gabriel| Stepbrother

Likes; Listening to music, hamburgers, sketching, cold days, being outside.

Dislikes; Talking about his feelings, being cooped up inside, hot days, heights.

Hobbies; Sketching, hiking, kickboxing.

Sexual Orientation; Pansexual.

Relationship Status; Single.

Job; Unemployed.

Name: Roki.

Nicknames: Ru.

Age: 12.

How did you get in the home: Came as a dying wish from a wonderful friend and to avoid being caught by his family.

How long have you been in the home: Just arrived.

Physical description: He has deep ocean blue eyes that he places golden colored contexts over to hide them. He has a fairly medium build with a quite a bit of strength behind it. He has dark tan-colored hair with faint red highlights where he died his hair. He often wears black colored article's of clothing with chains and spikes. He has a tongue parsing which is a tiny gold colored dragon.

Reference: Pribilsky Group Home Census Catboy10

Personality: At first sight Roki is an evil minded and trouble causing boy. Underneath all that he is actually a emotional, sensitive, and caring boy. He does like to play trick which can be pretty ingenuous to get payback on other people even though sometimes he carries it a bit to far. He often stands up for smaller children and people who can't really defend themselves. Loves animals surprisingly enough and gets pissed off when people mistreat or talk about mistreating them. Didn't like to get to close to boy and prefers to hang out with girls so nobody will find out his loves other men. When he does hang out with boys he makes sure not to say anything that can be taken the wrong way.

History: Roki was born two months early into a family who had never really worked. The boys in the family made the money they used by selling drugs. They grew all kinds and tried them before selling. Since he was 13 months old and could walk steadily his father took him to the plant house and let him help out with the work. By the time he was 3 years old he could count money and bags almost as fast as his older brother. Whenever he got something right he was praised for his hard work. When he got something wrong however he was punished and made to do twice as much. He was always a little small for his age and took a lot longer to grow due to the stuff he was around.
After turning 6 years old he was placed into a public school. Since he was so smart for his age and even knew about fractions, thought he couldn't do them, he was picked on by the teachers and the students. Since he hated school most of the time he skipped it and ran off with his cousins and older brother. His father told him how proud he was for his hard work and his ability to know school was for sissies. However he loved to read. Anything he could get a hold of. He read books at the age of 8 that people would only expect to see a adult read. Because of this he was very mature for his age most of the time. He never really had a chance to be a child and was forced to skip that stage in his life. After turning 9 his father found his in his room with stuffed animals and cats ears and tails. He was asked why he possessed such things and Roki panicked and claimed he was holding all the stuff for a friend. His father caught onto his love however and pulled him down the stairs with his things. He forced Roki to burn everything and made him watch. Roki being innocent and sweethearted cried feeling as if he could hear his plushies cry out for help.
After turning 10 he was forced into his brothers high school since every middle school he went to told his father and mother that they had nothing to teach him.
He was given a pair of cat ears and a matching tail by a boy who Roki cared deeply for. His brother saw this and forced him into the boys bathroom tackling him to the ground and ripping his clothes from his body. They placed the ears and tail on him and dragged him into the hall quickly finding the other boy. His brother told him that Roki was different and that he loved him and the boy smiled telling Roki he felt the same way.
Soon after a teacher caught Roki and called his father who picked him up from school with a cover. On the way home Roki's brother filled his dad in about everything. His father questioned Roki who tried to deny the feelings for the boy but finally told him yes. His father flew into a rage and beat him to a living pulp in their backyard. He finally stopped when Roki cried out on final time and fell unconscious.
His mom rushed him to the hospital staying there with him for several days due to the police stepping in. After he was released however the beatings continued. His mother ignored them feeling like her son should just become normal again. A few weeks later Roki was asked again by his father why he was a shame to the family name and business. His father had had a lot to drink and smoke so Roki tried everything he could think of the get his father to leave him alone. But his father soon told him he would make Roki pay for his feelings. That was the first time Roki was ever raped by his father.
It continued for almost a year until Roki turned 11 and turned on his father one night having grabbed his sword. He left his father a bloody but still breathing mess as he ran from his home. His brother stopped him and Roki panicked and pushed him out the window. He jumped down after him and held his sword at the ready until his brother pulled out a gun. Before his brother could shoot him however a truck slammed into him. He cried as he ran from the scene to their car and jumped into it before starting it up.
Now he couldn't drive very well but he managed to go almost two hours before finally hitting to many things and destroying the car. He forced the door open and rushed up to the first house he saw. His soon to be friend/mother opened up and grabbed him as he collapsed into her arms. He was bleeding from all over his body and only had a cloak covering him. He held two stuffed animals in his arms and a small sketch book in a bag over his shoulder.
She took him under her wing and brought him up for about a year buying him several stuffed animals and a pair of cat ears and tail. He blushed deeply when he found she had bought them and at first won't accept them. She finally convicted him to take them on his 12th birthday and bought him several different kinds. He was always quiet around her and wouldn't let her see them once he was given them. He carried his plushies and ears with him everywhere in his side bag covering them with a sketch book and art set. He left one day from school after several boys picked on him and he bit one. He reached the home just in time to see it ablaze. He forced his way past the cops and onto the burning building. He found his friend half dead holding the newest plushies for him. He pulled her out but she still died at the scene. He later was told it had been a home invasion and she had fought back before having her legs broken and the house set on fire. He held up the paper she had give him that morning after telling him about a group home for kids his age. She had told him about it often and he finally decided to go and hopes that at least one person in the home would be happy to see him. He walked off towards the home that wasn't to far from his friend's home. It took him two days to get there and he was very hungry and scared when he finally reached the home.

Family: Saiai (Mother), Rida (Father), And Toru (Brother).

Likes: Anime, Any thing sweet, Animals, Reading, Sketching, Swimming, Playing Tricks, Theme Parks, Music of any kind, Hot springs and baths, Walking in the rain, Training with different weapons, Stuffed animals, Dressing as a animal, and Snuggling under fluffy covers.

Dislikes: His family, Loud noises, Cold weather, And people being mean to others.

Hobbies: Likes cooking even though he is bad at it. Usually has a bag over his shoulder for books he reads and a sketch pad for drawing pictures. Loves music and has ear buds in 90% of his day. Standing out in the rain when it is only sprinkling. Wearing animal ears and tail as well as collecting them and stores them in his bag that he carries with him.

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual.

Relationship Status: Single.

Job: None

Name; Galen Grav Smith

Nicknames; Gale, Alen, Smitty

Age;  Just turned 14

How did you get in the home; After multiple attempts of his father trying to kill him, he simply gave him away.

How long have you been in the home; He's new

Physical description; Galen's hair is so blond that in some places it's almost white, but it is tipped with grey that used to be black. His eyes are a golden brown that seem to be magnified by his ghostly pale complexion. He's rather small and very scrawny with sharp features. You hardly ever see him without a pair of dark jeans and some kind of jacket or coat. He either wears a worn out pair of running shoes or combat boots depending on what he plans on doing. His hair is normally sticking everywhere but straight, and he normally skips most places he goes. His right hand has little to no nerves on the palm anymore, making him ambidextrous, he also always wears gloves to hide scars from burns.


Pribilsky Group Home Census Screen30

Personality; If you're Galen's friend, he can be very fun to hang out with. However if you are not, he can be very annoying and rude. He tends to tell people exactly what he feels about them and nothing else until you completely avoid him or he considers you a friend. He's extremely afraid of heights and has claustrophobia to some extent as well. He prefers it outside, there's no way anyone could keep him inside at night, no matter the weather he will go on a walk. In the daytime however, he absolutely despises going outside, it hurts his eyes and he's always extremely tired and moody. Galen would never talk behind someones back, he prefers to insult people to their faces. He doesn't flinch and can take multiple hits before actually caring. Insults seem to slide off of him like water on glass.

History; Galen's mother died when he was two weeks old. She had became sick just before she had him and hadn't been able to pull through it all. Galen's father  turned to alcohol for comfort. He had been going to a clinic and support groups before Elizabeth died, then he decided that alcohol was his only friend. And to this day the smell of alcohol make Galen feel sick, and cigarette smoke burns his eyes. Galen's father, Dave, started abusing Galen when he turned three years old. A nanny had mostly been taking care of him until then. Dave began putting out cigarettes on Galen's hands, it only hurt the first few times. When Galen did something bad, his father would press his right hand against the top of the stove until he stopped screaming. If he had a bad enough burn his father would take him to the hospital, but blame it on his son being an idiot and sticking his hand on the stove. No one really believed the story, but Galen was forced to keep quiet.  Eventually his father began making subtle attempts to kill him. Giving him poisonous plants and making him play beside the road. Just more of high risk situations than anything. It couldn't look like it was on purpose. At the age of seven Galen all but lost all use for his right hand. It became incredibly stiff and hard to move. He couldn't feel pain the that hand any more. Eventually Galen fell into depression, after all he was constantly blamed for his mother's death and hated by his only living relative. It was at the age of twelve when something inside him snapped, he started fighting back. He threw insults at the bullies, and punches at his father. He wasn't going to take the pain anymore.  Insults no longer effected him, and he stopped trying to fit in. He did what made himself happy. His fathers attempts started getting more obvious, but Galen was smart. Eventually his father gave up and just sent him to a group home.

Family; Galen's father was named Dave, and his mother's was Elizabeth

Likes;  Rain, Snow, nighttime, walks

Dislikes; Daylight, heights, closed spaces

Hobbies; Reading, drawing, annoying people on purpose

Sexual Orientation; Bisexual

Relationship Status; Single

Job;  nope

Name; Ukari Azimaki

Nicknames; Ukari, Uka

Age; 15 and a half

How did you get in the home; Parents sent Ukari to this home just to get me off there backs (Mean parents).

How long have you been in the home; 0 seconds

Physical description; Ukari is tall and skinny with nothing much else and his physical abilities are average and he's blonde

References; Pribilsky Group Home Census 2n87h2p
Pribilsky Group Home Census 30u4ob8

Personality; Ukari's personality is a timid one, He tries to generally stay away from crowds as he has Agoraphobia.Ukari, aside from being timid, is someone who cares for others and is normally calm but, he's a quiet person.Ukari doesn't speak that much, but when he does, he is quite relieved that he can.

History; I really don't have anything for here.

Likes; Science, maths, nature, puzzles and more

Dislikes; Crowds, his phobia, and much, much more

Hobbies; Being alone, Standing alone, sleeping.

Sexual Orientation; Straight.

Relationship Status; Nothing

Job; Ukari does not have a job yet.[/color]


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Pribilsky Group Home Census Empty Re: Pribilsky Group Home Census

Post by Hikaru on Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:15 pm

Name; Hikaru

Nicknames; Ruru, His fathers pet name for him that just about everyone he know calls him. As long as they don't use it to try and sound mean he will answer.

Age; 16 ½

How did you get in the home; His parents decided his plays around to much and does no work so they gave him up saying they might come back for him so day, but he suspects that's a lie to try and make him feel like they had to send he off.

How long have you been in the home; Just arrived.

Physical Description; Hikaru is pretty tall and thin for his age. He is very strong and has a sleek build that is mostly muscle, but still thin enough to not look it. He has medium length Auburn hair that stops at his shoulders and is always getting him is face with annoys him. Even though he trys to keep his hair fixed he it always ends up going every which way after about 15 minutes so he sometime looks like he just woke up even though he brushed it about 20 minutes ago.
Hikaru has a dark tan skin since he was always was in the sun when he preformed. He still likes to stand around in the sun and will sometimes go outside in just his blue jeans to lay in the grass and read.

Pribilsky Group Home Census Hikaru10

Personality; There is really two sides of Hikaru. One he lets people he doesn’t know very well see, and one who is really himself just buried inside his heart so that people will not knew the real him unless he opens up to them.
Outside ~ What most people see
Hikaru often at work and school will act totally different then he does alone or among people he knows. He puts up a very good fake front for others and appears as a happy normal playful boy. He is quick to help and very mature always doing what is asked of him without question. He sometimes can get very playful with others when he is around people his own age. He does have these little digs that he will do to people he likes or even has a crush on.
Some might considerate him to have a dirty mind too. Whenever he is around boys and the word love comes up he is quick to react saying that he is normal and very into girls. This is usually followed by a remark about a girls body stating how much he loves it or how hot it looks. Even though he has never had an official girl-friend he has been seen flirting and holding hands with girls as to appear normal.

Inside ~ The real him
Hikaru is nothing like the front he puts up. He his very childish and positive of items or people in his life. He will get jealous or upset over some of the smallest things and this usually results in his running away to hide when he is confronted. He trys to act very tough and in control of things even though he really depends on others a lot. Since he had everything handed to him as a child he doesn't know how to cope with the world since he was forcefully shoved out into it by his family.
If something or someone is his friend or lover at the time he will get very upset if anything is said to upset or taken them from him if he was with them first. He starts screaming and throwing things almost having a mini fit until he is calmed down or confronted. Once confronted he will always get very quiet and tear up before yelling that no one could ever understand what he has been though. When he runs off he usually locks himself away somewhere or if he is in pubic will purposely get himself lost so that he can't go back without help. However when offered help he will reject it and just quietly follow along behind the person talking them to lead.

Sakura was the daughter of two wealthy parents who shared a home with her grandfather in his small mansion. She was placed into music courses and school at the age of 8 once they found out of her angelic voice and amazing talent with almost any instrument. After a year she was asked by her grandfather to preform with him on stage at one of his concerts and her parents forced her to go even though she didn't want to. Once people saw her preform she was dragged by her parents and grandfather to go from concert to concert so that people could see her talent.
Her grandfather always told her how proud he was that she was just like him. That she had music running through her veins and that the other kids in their family didn't so she was spacial. She longed to go play just like the others but was never aloud to do anything but practice music. Her parents hardly ever saw her and were always on trips enjoying the money she pulled in from shows that she never really saw.
One night at the age of 12 she was told her parents died in a plane wreck which left her grandfather in custody of her. She found out really soon about his drinking and drug problems that he had hidden very well from her and her parents. He said he need it to deal with stress and that he had to have it. Often times Sakura never left the house once she was pulled in by her grandfather except to preform. She hated every minute of it sometimes getting into fight about how she wished she was a normal girl. These fight always ended with him hitting and beating her until she begged him to stop. He would then leave her in the floor crying and scream about how much the family name need her. How the world need their talent and how she was never aloud to have a life besides this one. On the night of her 13th birthday her grandfather forced himself onto her saying that she needed to bare his child so that their talent would be carried on after they passed away. She ended up pregnant with several of his child miss carrying them each time from his beating and her young age.
Finally she gave birth to a very tiny and fragile baby at the age of 14 but this cost her her life. Her small body gave out after bringing him into the world from all the beatings and cuts and drugs to get her pregnant and stay pregnant.
The grandfather took cosutay of the small child naming him 'Hikaru'. The baby was consistently sick though and his grandfather was disgusted by his weak body. He would leave poor Hikaru in a dark bedroom screaming for hours in need of attention while he went to shows and bars.
Finally at the age of 2 Hikaru was forced to sit thru music lessons as he was watched to see if he had the same talents that his mother and father had before him. He never really showed any and took a very long time to learn anything so his grandfather would starve and beat him before locking him into his room. He never placed Hikaru in school and forced people to come by to teach him the basics before sending them away. Hikaru started to hate his grandfather and fight back at the age of 10. This just caused the beating and cuts and abuse to get worse. Almost every night Hikaru was shoved into his dark room alone in a bleeding pile begging for food and a why out.
When he was 11 his grandfather finally found what he had been searching for in his useless weak grandchild. He had musical talent. Not with instruments but with his voice. His voice was very deep and mature for a boy his age and he was forced just like his mother to preform on stage and see how the audience liked him. They loved him. They loved his voice and calm quiet nature as well as his sweet carefree shield he started to put up.
Even though he was finally what his grandfather wanted the beating and staring continued. He was consistently told to get better become stronger and preform more then he did. He sometime was forced to preform one show after the next back to back as his grandfather told him that the world had to know who was the best.
Hikaru was placed into a very elite private music school for adult at the age of 14. He hardly ever had time to eat or sleep anymore as he was either at school or working. Being a very sickly child he fell ill very quickly and it lasted for months. His grandfather never took him to the hospital and constantly was in his face yelling at him to get better. He broke Hikaru's arm and ribs several time before dragging a doctor in to fix him claiming he fell down the stair or off a ladder. Soon the doctors began to have their doubts but Hikaru stuck to the story not wanting to know what would happen if he spoke out.
After almost a year he was finally well enough to preform again and everything went right back to the way it was before he had fallen ill.
One day at school when some of the boys were joking around with him he found out thru several talks and question that he was gay. That he never really looked at girls the same way that the other boys did. He hid it very well at first for more then two years until he finally felt like he needed to tell someone. He was tired of faking it all and wanted to let himself out. He walked up to the one boy he had always liked and poured his heart out to him. This ended with rejection and the boy soon made sure the entire school knew within 24 hours.
Once Hikaru's grandfather found out he was appalled. He dragged him by his hair into their house and tried to force himself on Hikaru saying that he was going to show him the error of his ways. Hikaru fought back biting his grandfather before running from the house in his boxers. He rushed down the streets of his city screaming for someone to help him. After taking everything for 16 years he could no longer take it. He finally came across a group of 3 male police officers and rushed over to them. He stood panting and shaking from the cold of the night. They listen with gentle smiles and words before helping him into their car. He fell asleep during the ride exhausted from lack of food and sleep.
Once he woke up he found that they were in the woods and looked around in confusion. Hikaru asked were they were going realizing that they didn't know where he lived. He hadn't told them and forgot. They just smiled and told him all would be well before pulling the car to a stop. Hikaru was forced from the car against his will.
That was one night that Hikaru will never forget. The thing he was forced to enure because of who he was like and who he was related to. He begged them several times to shoot him. To end his life. He never asked to be in the world and really didn't like it at all. He was left for dead on the ground in the forest. He was found by a man about two hours later in a bleeding and broken pile.
Hikaru was admitted into the hospital and stayed there for a few weeks while he healed. After a while he was told that his grandfather was arrested for a whole lot of different crimes over the years but the main one was him. He just chuckled and shrugged it off before packing his things and leaving the hospital with several people from social services. The told him they were going to bring him the a group home.
Hikaru was brought home and told to grab up his things. He grabbed very few and made sure to get his money card that his grandfather always kept hidden from him. Payback now. He was going to blow the last bit of money he had left on others at the home as well as a few items for himself. He was taken to an office and papers were filled out before he was loaded up again. He spoke very little on the ride over mad that he had been told he couldn't be on his own but he guessed it was for the best. He really hadn't been out in the world by himself and didn't know what to expect.
Hikaru had to force himself not to cry as he replayed the only things he knew in life. Abandonment. Pain. Fear. Hurt. He stared out the window and wondered if he the new job he had would help with getting a girl. Before falling asleep he smiled to himself. No. He didn't want a girl. Not really. He was going to find another boy. One that was just like him. One that wanted to be with him and never hurt him like everyone else in his life. He wasn't going to be able to find one easily since he didn't know how to go about quietly telling someone that he was gay. That he liked other boys and only other boys. Just before he drifted off he smiled and decided he would take it one day at a time. If he couldn't speak his mind then he would show the next person he fell for that he loved him. Even if it was just with tiny little digs and acts at first.

Great Grandfather- In jail
Mother- deceased
Grandfather- deceased
Grandmother- deceased

Likes; Reading manga, writing short stories and songs, listening to his Ipod, watching anime, standing out in the warm sun, swimming, playing his guitar, being on his laptop, and being alone in his room.

Dislikes; Seeing others hurt, yelling, bullies, drugs and/or achaol, people ignoring him, his parents, dirt and mud, and thunder and lighting (He has a phobia against it so he's terrified of storms)

Hobbies; Downloading Anime on his computer and phone to watch, practicing drawing manga even though he is not that good, walking around outside listening to his music, and day dreaming of the beach.

Sexual Orientation; Homosexual

Relationship Status; Single like a Pringle~

Job; Just got his first Job a few days ago at a small Cafe.

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Pribilsky Group Home Census Empty Re: Pribilsky Group Home Census

Post by Keane on Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:21 pm

(I know I should send you my application love, but I didn't want to bother you with anything else. If theres a problem, dont hesitate to tell me lovely. Seriously. I may be alpha, but you run this thread bb<3)

Pribilsky Group Home Census Keane_11
Meet Mr. Sunshine

Keane Aio Vadim

Nicknames; Kee, Ann, Annie, Anna, Shrimp, Shorty, Mr. Sunshine,Fun-Size, Leprechaun. (Do not use these.)

Age; Seventeen.

How did you get in the home; Threatening to beat up a kid with an unseen disorder and then proceeding to do so.

How long have you been in the home; Newly arrived.

Physical description; Keane is much, much shorter than all guys, and most girls. He makes up for it with his asshole appearance; generally a pack of cigarettes can be found on him, but he never actually smokes them. Stubble naturally takes residence on his face, and despite him shaving every morning, he’s got that tasteful graze upon a sharp jawline and cheekbones two hours later. A runner, Keane is clearly lean and lithe, and a dangerous aura rides over him at all times. His thighs are bulky, and his calves are muscularly toned to the point of stretching out his jeans slightly, and these long legs lead up to a sculpted ass that seems to have appeared without his notice. An ass that is both round and firm divides his shorter torso in comparison to his long legs. He’s very self conscious about his little nipples, because they look more like dark spots on rounded pectorals than how real nipples should look—to him at least. His raven-black hair is either worn down, or up with the help of product, and his thick square eyebrows perch over golden-green eyes that resemble a cats gaze. He’s got the classic shape of a teenage boy, with broad shoulders slowly traveling down to a slender and straight waist, meaning he has little to no curves from the front or back, but when you see that ass from the side, its apparent he’s got something more. Tastefully tan year round, Keane doesn’t grow black in the summer, instead retaining a faded Native look. Besides all this, Keane has impeccable taste in clothing, and is always clean--he only time you’ll catch him sweat is after a good run, workout, or when he’s caught in sexual tension. Daily showers leave him with an overpowering floral scent, like a meadow after a good thunderstorm growing over the damp dirt. His natural perfume is borderline feminine, but fairly attractive regardless. Keane will only wear dark jeans, paired with a variety of darker toned t-shirts and Henley’s, a band shirt here and there, and some tasteful jackets scattered throughout. Occasionally, he’ll wear dark flannels. Keane has countless pairs of shoes, and just clothes in general; He’d never openly admit it, but he is quite the fashionista.

Reference; Up Above.

Personality; Arrogant, rude, withdrawn, and just overly abrasive, Keane is not the kind of guy anyone just falls for. People avoid him, and for good reason considering all he does is complain and bitch about things. That is, however, only if someone approaches him though. Should he be left alone, Keane remains quiet and makes small comments to himself about the stupidity of others, before going out for a smoke. He only lights up though, never takes a drag because he doesn’t want to corrode his lungs and sour his lips any further than his words already do. Completely serious at all times, Keane doesn’t laugh or join in with the foolishness of his peers, but he is sarcastic as hell. Beneath all his hatred for the rest of the human populace though, Keane is really sweet. Considerate, with a strong desire to be affectionate to others. He’s thoughtful, and will do things in order to favor others without seeming to do so, if only to make someones day better. A quick one to lie, Keane will disguise all his feelings with something else until they don’t seem to exist anymore. He is completely mad, and anger consistently clouds his judgments. He is reactive, and while introversive he blows up at people all the time. He watches people obsessively, romantic interactions specifically, and has been on the verge of taking notes a few thousand times. He is a huge romantic, gooey and tender under his exoskeleton, and knows all the right things to say until the time comes to say it, which is when he frustrates himself and says all the wrong things instead. He’s sweet, and longs to cuddle with someone just for the sake of cuddling, but he’s a total virgin and wouldn’t know what to do in any sort of situation like that. He hates himself more than anyone else, and always will despite his constant criticisms of everyone.

History; A drunk father is a good role model, right?
Since first grade, Keane has been known as the angry kid, and the withdrawn one. A constant scowl sat on his face while he pulled the grass out of the ground and braided the strands in secret. In elementary school, he was mostly left alone, but when middle school rolled around, the bullies and the teasers began to target him. They picked on him for his height, more than anything, and his chubby face. Already dealing with similar shit at home, and trash talking from his father, Keane was quick to deter his bullies.
His first meeting with the police was during the third week of seventh grade, after he shoved a kid through a window and the boy broke his arm.
From there, things only got worse. Rather than face physical confrontation and bullies approaching him, his peers began to talk behind his back. They created this persona of a bad boy, and while Keane hated it at first, he began to relish the solitude. He began to live up to it, tailoring his appearance to a T, in order to up live his public personality.
Mid freshmen year, Keane was jumped by the football jocks for outshining them in gym class, without trying to.
He kicked all three of their asses, and while he was pretty beat up too, he was the one that walked away. Since it didn’t happen on school grounds, Keane wasn’t expelled, but he was moved to separate classes. After the switch, his grades improved dramatically and he was transferred—free of charge—to a school for the arts, considering he did so well in his Creative Writing, Photography, and English classes. Keane could sing too, and play a bit of guitar when needed. The boarder school took him in right away, glad to have such a talented sophomore join their ranks.
However, things changed once more after Keane met Ettore. Small, skinny, blonde haired and blue eyed, the kid was weird and a little too shifty emotionally for most people to tolerate, but Keane kind of liked the younger boy.
He didn’t realize he had Bipolar disorder. Ettore always meant well, really, but Keane is a natural born asshole, and so when Ettore took things a little too far, Keane made things a little too physical.
Ettore was hospitalized, but lived.
The school, forgiving as they are, still allow Keane to attend. However, he’s no longer allowed to board there, and that is why he’s been moved into the Group Home, since his father doesn’t want him back with his new and improved family.

• Biological Mother—Trista
• Biological Father—Asa
• Step Mother—Kelsey
• Step Brother--Bay

Likes; Tea and coffee, reading, writing, running, guitar, photography, all-nighters, health food as well as junk food, observing relationships, cats, inappropriate jokes, occasionally attention but mostly solitude.

Dislikes; Most everything else. Feet especially.

Hobbies; Writing, photography, long distance running.

Sexual Orientation; Keane is a tense ball of sexual frustration, and doesn’t know which gender he prefers, if any.

Relationship Status; Single for the entire totality of his life.

Job; Busses tables at the local Mexican joint.


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Pribilsky Group Home Census Empty Re: Pribilsky Group Home Census

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